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Mahle, Valeo may see additional costs from aluminium foil ruling

The U.S. International Trade Commission recently ruled that imports of aluminum foil from Armenia, Brazil, Oman, Russia and Turkey “materially” injure U.S. industry. The injury is caused by sales at less than fair value, also known as dumping, as determined by a prior decision by the Departmen... Read more →


Presidential power affirmed as Turkey loses steel tariff appeal

The U.S. Court of Appeals has overturned an earlier court decision that ruled against President Trump’s action to double section 232 (national security) tariffs on imports from Turkey. That reaffirms the President’s discretionary power with regards to tariffs. It’s unlikely that the Biden admi... Read more →


Pause for effect as Biden adds leverage for global tax talks

The Biden administration has completed its review of digital services taxes imposed by six countries and has put in place retaliatory import duties that will come into effect in six months’ time. The impose-and-suspend approach is linked to the administration’s wider negotiations at the OECD a... Read more →


Kao Corp, Natura face digital tax retaliation tariff makeover

The U.S. Trade Representative has proposed retaliatory duties against imports from six countries that have put digital services taxes into place, as part of an action initiated by the Trump administration. The consultation, covering imports from the U.K., Turkey, India and three EU states, are... Read more →


Firearms shelves empty despite weapon, ammunition import surge

U.S. firearms retailers are running low on stocks after a surge in demand for weapons and ammunition during the pandemic and ahead of the general elections. FBI background checks reached a record high in December of 3.94 million applications after rising by 34.1% year over year. U.S. imports o... Read more →


Life after the elections: Trump leaves Turkey arms test for Biden

The U.S. State Department has withdrawn export approvals for sales to Turkey’s state arms buyer SSB after the latter’s purchase of Russia’s S-400 missile system. That continues trade-policy based pressure applied by the Trump administration against Turkey. The continuance or otherwise of those... Read more →

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