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Ericsson, Samsung may have trade policy edge over Nokia in 5G

Samsung Electronics has beaten Nokia to sign a $6.6 billion 5G telecoms network contract with Verizon. Aside from cost and performance there are trade policy aspects to 5G contracts to consider given the escalating technology conflict between the U.S. and China. Trump administration policy has... Read more →


TiVo’s triumph comes as U.S. set-top boxes head into decline

TiVo has made progress in a patent case regarding programming guides in television set-top boxes against Comcast. That’s come as U.S. imports of set-top boxes fell by 9.0% year over year in 2019 to 26.2 million units. The decline may reflect the importance of integrated smart TVs. The downturn... Read more →


Sumitomo gains as Hankook demand skids

Hankook Tire reported a 22% drop in earnings and 2.7% slide in revenues year over year in 2019, citing weak demand and uncertainties about the trade war. North American revenues fell by 4.5% year over year in Q4 and come alongside a 36.3% year over year drop in U.S. seaborne shipments linked t... Read more →


2020 Outlook: New Year, New Frenemies – U.S. Trade Policy

The Trump administration has already brought tumultuous change to U.S. trade policy since 2017. There’s likely to be little let up in 2020 with nine major issues to consider. First, the November elections may shine a spotlight on trade. There’s been a 0.4% drop in exports to China in the 12 mo... Read more →


Adidas, Sumitomo May Face Disruption From Jakarta Floods

Rebuilding has started in the aftermath of the tragic flooding in Jakarta, with damages estimated at $1.15 billion dollars as business begin to count the cost on their supply chains. The largest export lines from the area 50km around Jakarta to the U.S. include tires, printers and footwear. Al... Read more →

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