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Panjiva Insights: Old Age, Calm Waters – Economic Outlook

Panjiva took part in an Economic Outlook event in Washington DC on Nov 6. This report summarizes the points raised by Panjiva Research and S&P Global Ratings Economics during the event, as well as the result of two polls. On the topic of a U.S. recession, a degree of slow growth is natural giv... Read more →


USMCA Watch: Healthcare Hurdles Remain for 2019 Passage

The ratification of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) continues to struggle in Canada and the U.S. The start of the Canadian election season through October likely puts passage their on hold. Negotiations between the U.S. Trade Representative and Congressional Democrats in the U.S. cont... Read more →


Volkswagen, General Motors Drive Mexican Export Acceleration

Mexico’s international trade activity climbed 4.4% year over year in July, helped by an 8.6% gain in non-petroleum exports. The latter represented an acceleration from 6.0% in 2Q. The largest contributor to the expansion was the U.S., with exports that rose 10.7% due to a 16.0% jump in automot... Read more →


3Q 2019 Policy Outlook: Change is The Only Constant

The global trade policy landscape will continue to throw out risks for global supply chains throughout the rest of 2019. This report looks at 10 major events that could occur over the coming six months. The Trump administration will feature in five of the main events including: U.S.-China trad... Read more →


American Autos Light Up Mexican Trade While Energy Dims

Mexico’s international trade activity climbed 3.2% year over year in May, including a 6.7% surge in exports compared to a 2.7% increase in the prior three months. Exports to the U.S. rose 8.5%, led by a 19.8% surge in shipments of automotive products. The resulting increase in the Mexican trad... Read more →


USMCA Watch: Samsung, Sony Face 90 Day Migration Delivery Risk

President Donald Trump has “suspended indefinitely” proposed tariffs on Mexican exports in return for closer control over migration. Yet, State Department filings state the situation will be reviewed in 90 days. That lengthens supply chain planning uncertainties and may cause a further surge i... Read more →

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