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Fabricated Steel Case May Build Up USMCA Risks

The U.S. government will proceed with an investigation into alleged dumping of structural steel from China, Canada and Mexico. The case may prove controversial in the context of attempts to ratify the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement given attempts by Canada and Mexico to remove the U.S. section 2... Read more →


Canada’s Export Slowdown Completes Global Downturn Picture

Canada’s international trade growth slowed to just 0.7% year over year in December, largely as the result of a 3.6% slide in exports to the U.S. When combined with a rise in imports from China that resulted in the widest trade deficit since at least 1997. The export decline seen in Canada over... Read more →


23-Year Low in U.S. Oil Imports May Prove Fleeting

U.S. crude oil imports hit their lowest since 1996 in the week to Feb. 23. While remarkable it is worth noting the context of February being a seasonal low for the year and the rolling three month average was down by just 6.0% year over year. The drop in shipments is due to seaborne imports fr... Read more →


Canada’s Congestion Continues With Vancouver Facing Squeeze

Congestion at ports in northwest North America appears to be getting worse with waiting times at Vancouver’s seaport reaching seven to 15 days. Similar challenges, in part relating to a shortage of warehousing, have been seen in southern California too. A surge in traffic to Vancouver re... Read more →


USMCA Watch: Canada Delivers Steel Tariff Cuts for Mexico

The Canadian government has cut duties on a variety of Mexican steel exports as part of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) ratification process. That’s a marked contrast to the U.S. which has continued to apply duties. Canada has represented a small but growing part of Mexican stee... Read more →


Vancouver’s Vanishing Growth Could Be a Congestion Issue

Increasing congestion issues at the Port of Vancouver may be due to slow capacity additions by railroad operators. That shouldn’t be a surprise though given total container handling at the port saw a slowdown to growth of just 0.5% year over year in December from 8.8% in the prior three months... Read more →


Canadian Comeback Sees SeaTac Best Its Peer Ports

Container handling through U.S. seaports climbed 5.8% year over year in January, despite a slowdown in shipments from China. The fastest growing port was Seattle-Tacoma which saw a 23.2% surge in inbound volumes. That was followed by Savannah and Houston which grew by 19.5% and 16.5% respectiv... Read more →

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