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Miele may have Whirlpool in a spin as washer review resumes

The U.S. government received fewer trade policy infraction complaints in August than in July with five cases covering three intellectual property issues, a COVID-19 related fact finding request and a petition to revisit safeguards for washing machines. The safeguard request was submitted by Wh... Read more →


Trump picks a new trade fight to harvest fruit farmers’ votes

The Trump administration is taking a number of trade policy actions in the seasonal fruit industry. The first is a safeguarding, anti-dumping review of imports of blueberries. The review probably won’t be completed before year end but may eventually help producers in battleground election stat... Read more →


Canada-U.S. wood dispute lumbers on through broken WTO process

The WTO has sided with Canada in part of a dispute with the U.S. over the latter’s tariffs on softwood lumber imports from Canada. The next step is for the U.S. to appeal, though a solution is unlikely in the remainder of 2020 given the voting structure for the WTO’s dispute settlement process... Read more →

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