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Supply Chain Edge: Apple branches out, early peak evidence

• In new research this week, we look at how Apple Inc.’s supply chain has changed in the past year through its supplier and critical mineral reports. Elsewhere in tech, conditions in the electronics industry have improved but have yet to return to growth, as shown by the latest S&P Global Purc... Read more →


Supply Chain Edge: Shipping rates reverse, AI saves the day

• Logistics networks are continuing to adapt in the face of ongoing disruptions to shipping through the Red Sea, including reduced services for Indian exporters, a shift in timing of expected deliveries and container rates that are in decline. Consumer goods firms across apparel and home appli... Read more →


Danone, L’Oreal imports could submerge in U.S.-French tensions

France has recalled the ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia after a deal was announced for Australia to build submarines using U.S. nuclear technology instead of purchasing vessels from France. The French have called the move a “stab in the back” and if the disagreement continues it could ea... Read more →

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