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Chips Chip Away At South Korea’s Export Performance in March

South Korea’s trade downturn entered a fourth month in March after bilateral trade in goods fell 7.5% year over year in March. Exports fell 8.2% compared to 8.7% in the first two months of the year while imports fell 6.6%. The electronics sector has been the main driver of South Korea’s trade ... Read more →


Vietnam May Be Winning the U.S.-China Trade War

Continued uncertainties about the outcome to the U.S.-China trade war may be leading companies to accelerate changes in their supply chains to include sourcing from other countries. Vietnam has been one beneficiary of that process over the longer-term. Vietnam’s export development has be... Read more →


Japan’s Trade Downturn Confirms Asia Electronics Problems

Japan’s international trade fell for a third consecutive month in February with a 3.9% year over year decline. That was led by a 6.7% slump in imports driven by lower shipments of raw materials, chemicals and fuel. The electronics industry has struggled too with semiconductor imports down 6.0%... Read more →


Blame Consumers and Holidays for China’s Export Downturn

China’s worse-than-expected 20.7% year over year drop in exports in February can be explained in large part by the timing of the lunar new year, which fell 10 days earlier than in 2018. In 2014 and 2016 when there was a similar shift there was an 18.1% and 28.2% year over year drop respectivel... Read more →

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