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Norsk Hydro Hack Might Cut Into Aluminum Supply Chains

Aluminum producer Norsk Hydro has seen disruption to its production due to a ransomware cyber intrusion. The LockerGoga virus, which had targeted Altran Technologies earlier in 2019, is a reminder of cyber-security risks for supply chains flagged in Panjiva’s 2019 Outlook. Ransomware att... Read more →


Nissan Proves to Not Have Infiniti Patience for U.K. Production

Nissan will terminate production of its Infiniti range in the U.K. following disappointing sales of the brand in Europe. That comes amidst a wider decline in U.K. automotive exports to the EU that saw a 6.7% year over year drop in shipments in the 12 months to Nov. 30. At the powertrain level ... Read more →

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