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Nike may run out of Vietnamese sneakers as COVID-19 accelerates

Two of Nike’s suppliers in Vietnam have had to halt manufacturing due to a COVID-19 related shortage of staff. That repeats a pattern being seen in the apparel industry across south and south-east Asia. Vietnam accounted for 49.0% of Nike’s U.S. seaborne imports in Q2’21, led by footwear shipm... Read more →


Hankook, ATD move out ahead of tire duties

The U.S. government has determined that imports of passenger and light truck tires (PVLT) from South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand were dumped in the U.S. below cost. Additionally it determined that imports from Vietnam were subsidised via currency manipulation but not otherwise dumped below cos... Read more →


La-Z-Boy actively dealing with logistics, cost challenges

La-Z-Boy reported FQ4’21 (to April 24) results with revenues that expanded by 41.4% year over year, beating estimates by 4.2 percentage points. U.S. seaborne imports linked to the firm surged 71.0% higher year over year in the three months to April 30 and by 44.3% versus the same period of 201... Read more →


Lovesac adds on sources as activity springs ahead

Lovesac, a maker of couches, published FQ1’22 (to May 2) revenues which grew by 52.4% year over year and beat analysts’ estimates by 10.4%. The rapid rate of expansion can be seen in U.S. seaborne imports linked to the firm which rose by 109.4% in the three months to April 30. According to CEO... Read more →

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