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Panjiva Insights: The bow wave of recovery hopes

Panjiva Research held a webinar on Oct. 20 to discuss our Q4’20 Outlook for global supply chains. This report includes a recording of the event and addresses key questions asked. As with prior events we asked participants “When do you expect business to return to normal after COVID-19?”. None ... Read more →


5G rollout has yet to accelerate as equipment imports languish

Apple’s iPhone 12 features 5G capabilities and will rely on the rollout of new networks. The latter process has been complicated in the U.S. by a ban on imports of telecoms equipment linked to Huawei, which the forthcoming U.S. general elections are unlikely to change. U.S. imports of telecoms... Read more →


Q4 2020 Outlook: Endings and beginnings

2020 has been a tough year for global supply chain operators ranging from manufacturers and logistics firms to retailers and consumers. This report outlines four major topics to watch during Q4’20. First, COVID-19 has been the defining feature of global supply chain developments in 2020. There... Read more →


HP and Netgear router traffic may slow with IP case looming

The U.S. International Trade Commission received 10 petitions to investigate trade regulation infractions in September, including seven Intellectual Property cases, two antidumping cases in aluminum foil and wind turbine towers and a Trump administration request to review the import of blueber... Read more →


Ericsson, Samsung may have trade policy edge over Nokia in 5G

Samsung Electronics has beaten Nokia to sign a $6.6 billion 5G telecoms network contract with Verizon. Aside from cost and performance there are trade policy aspects to 5G contracts to consider given the escalating technology conflict between the U.S. and China. Trump administration policy has... Read more →

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