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China’s Surprise Hides Disappointment For Phone, Chipmakers

China’s surge in exports in January was widespread across product categories. The most significant growth came in electronic circuits, where exports climbed 27.8% year over year, as well as a 9.5% rise in exports of computer systems. Phone-makers, led by Apple, likely did less well after a 19.... Read more →


Huawei Accelerates Equipment Imports As Investigation Looms

The U.S. Justice Department is reportedly investigating electronics manufacturer Huawei on intellectual property theft grounds. A finding against the firm could restrict Huawei’s operations in the U.S. So far these have been minimal. The firm’s U.S. seaborne imports to the U.S. hav... Read more →


Blame Apple, and Tariffs, for China’s Export Woes

China’s 4.4% year over year drop in exports in December was only partly due to the trade war with the U.S. – exports to Japan and Taiwan have also fallen. Indeed, at the product level a large part of the blame can be laid at the feet of the telecoms sector. Exports of handsets and compon... Read more →


Tariff Quote Watch: Apple’s Crunch Shouldn’t Be a Surprise

Apple has cut its revenue guidance for the most recent fiscal quarter by 5.6% to 9.6% from its earlier guidance. CEO Tim Cook has cited “rising trade tensions with the U.S.” as one reason. A tariff-inspired slowdown in China’s trade with the U.S. has been evident since mid December... Read more →


Trump Needs “Great Deal” to Avert All-In China Tariff Move

American duties on Chinese exports may be extended to cover all imports. An announcement could arrive in early December should President Donald Trump’s forthcoming summit meeting with President Xi Jinping not yield the “great deal with China” that President Trump wants. Tariffs already in plac... Read more →

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