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Supply Chain Edge: Strike hits, green Apple, boring supply chains

• In new research this week we find that the United Auto Workers strike in the US has the potential to cut GDP by 0.39 percentage point in the third quarter of 2023 and cause upheaval across global autos supply chains. The EU may apply higher import duties on mainland China’s electric vehicle ... Read more →


Time for phase two: Mexico as a supply chain reshoring center

• Mexico has been at the forefront of supply chain reshoring since the enactment of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. The electrification of the automotive industry, rivalry between the US and mainland China and post-pandemic resilience investments raise the question as ... Read more →


Supply Chain Edge: Judging calm, recycling rags, striking potash

• In new research this week, we have reviewed 2023 so far through the lens of 10 key data points and found that supply chains are mostly back to normal, but there are key areas of concern. Our deep dive into new export restrictions in mainland China finds that the threat to critical mineral su... Read more →


Supply Chain Edge: Seasonal clock ticking for labor settlement

Labor action at US west coast ports raises the specter of logistics disruptions ahead of the peak shipping season. Consumer discretionary products, particularly back-to-school items including children’s apparel, are particularly exposed from a seasonal perspective if a labor deal is not reache... Read more →


Supply Chain Edge: Athleisure close to achieving balance

Athleisure is typical of the apparel industry in still trying to achieve balance between inventory and sales, but Lululemon appears to have found a successful formula as supply chains normalize. The personal computer sector is stuck in a period of inventory normalization in the face of sliding... Read more →


Supply Chain Edge: A light in the semiconductor tunnel

Demand for semiconductors remains depressed while a recovery will take until later in the year, based on a review of the forward-looking comments from eight firms including Apple Inc. The latter’s supply chain remains in flux, with one supplier leaving India and another setting up in Vietnam. ... Read more →

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