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Supply Chain Edge: Consumer slowdown is slowing down

US seaborne imports of containerized freight fell for the ninth straight month in April, led by a 24% slide in consumer goods shipments. However, the rate of decline is slowing. Destocking, which may have gone too far for some apparel firms, and slower sales are likely drivers. Seasonal patter... Read more →


Supply Chain Edge: The new Vietnam

Thailand might be the next computer supply chain hub, although there will be a fight to displace mainland China as the main exporter and beat Mexico and Vietnam as rapidly expanding centers. We published new research this week looking at downturn-era supply chain strategies among the global to... Read more →


Supply Chain Edge: Furniture flattened, apparel folded

Supply chain activity and retail sales data indicate that the furniture and apparel sectors are in a state of decline, dragging total US seaborne imports down 20% year over year in February. Evidence from memory-chip makers indicates that the tech sector is still in a downturn, although a head... Read more →


Supply Chain Edge: Vietnamese sneakers slip

Key findings this week: Layoffs at a major footwear supplier in Vietnam raise questions about the state of supply chains in the apparel industry — a downturn has already begun. The Home Depot’s cautious outlook is borne out by rapidly softening trade flows in hand and power tools. Europe’s ene... Read more →


Ever Forward stops short

The Ever Forward has run around in the Chesapeake bay, potentially leaving the vessel stuck in the mud for the foreseeable future. The vessel, which had visited Baltimore prior to the incident, was likely in route to Norfolk, and marks the second time a high-profile Evergreen vessel has ended ... Read more →


Hyundai, digital forwarders top February

U.S. import growth by volume increased to 6.9% year over year in February, overcoming the downward pressure created by the Lunar New Year holiday. Asian routes drove that growth, with imports originating ports other than China up by 17.2% year over year. Chinese ports followed, increasing impo... Read more →


Zim, Amazon lead carrier, forwarder January growth

The growth in U.S. imports is declining as year over year numbers start to use the never-ending peak season of 2021 as their denominator. This can help explain why imports to the U.S. in January fell by 1.2% year over year – every comparison from now on will have to exceed last year’s records ... Read more →


Expeditors may feel impact of ONE container loss

The boxship MV Madrid Bridge, operated by ONE, suffered a container collapse and loss in the Atlantic on its way to New York, Port Technology reports, rerouting to Charleston for repairs and to offload remaining damaged containers. The ship, which departed from Singapore and transited the Suez... Read more →


Matson, Amazon forwarding lead December imports; rates inch up

Shipping rates continue to increase out of China, up 1.7% week to week as of the 14th. This was driven by increases in China to Europe rates, up 4.1% week to week and up 126.0% since the end of 2020. Carriers are likely enjoying these increased rates, posting increased profitability at the top... Read more →

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