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Pause for effect as Biden adds leverage for global tax talks

The Biden administration has completed its review of digital services taxes imposed by six countries and has put in place retaliatory import duties that will come into effect in six months’ time. The impose-and-suspend approach is linked to the administration’s wider negotiations at the OECD a... Read more →


Trade recovery looks fragile as industries, countries diverge

The global recovery in merchandise activity appears widespread but may be fragile. U.S. exports for example climbed 50.4% higher year over year and by 6.3% compared to 2019 in the month of April. Yet, most of that recovery was down to food / agriculture and industrial supplies which climbed by... Read more →


Volkswagen, BMW face power component patent case

The U.S. International Trade Commission received just two petitions to investigate trade policy infractions in May, the lowest since Jan. 2019. Both were intellectual property infraction suits. One involved the energy drink Electrolit imported from Mexico where shipments fell by 42.0% year ove... Read more →


Aluminum supply chains about to get even more bureaucratic

The U.S. government has outlined the final rules for its Aluminum Import Monitoring and Analysis system which will allow for “timely monitoring of import surges”. While adding supply chain transparency the system, which comes online from June 28, comes on top of a complex process for requestin... Read more →


Yokohama, Toyo tire bounce shows limits of tariffs

The U.S. government has set tariffs of as much as 101.8% on imports of passenger vehicle and light truck (PVLT) tires from four countries including Vietnam. The case includes the first final tariff decision that has factored in currency manipulation as a subsidy, adding up to 7.9 percentage po... Read more →


Panjiva Insights: Resilience in vital supply chains

Panjiva Research took part in a webinar on May 19 that considered the causes of current supply chain disruptions including shortages and inflation across autos, semiconductors and commodities with Dr. Robert Handfield of North Carolina State College and Tom Linton of McKinsey & Co. Major chall... Read more →

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