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Guyanese Manufacturers

Here are the 1,675 suppliers from Guyana. Panjiva helps you find manufacturers and suppliers you can trust. Click on the name of the supplier below to see more detail, or better yet, use the powerful Panjiva Supplier Search Engine to find the suppliers from Guyana that best meet your needs.

0044 Sc Bn Co B Expedition
24 7 Customer Inc.
316 Mining Inc.
316 Mining Inc. Jerusalem Mining Llc
3 Step It
4 Oconnell Gardens
71 Vintage
Abco Imp. & Exp. .
Abdool Hakh And Sons
Abdool Hakh & Sons
A. Cayume Hakh & Sons
A. Cayume Hakh & Sons
A. Cayume Hakh & Sons Rice Mill
Access Asia Now
Ace Cargo Logistics
Ace Tradings
Ac Jade Trading Ltd.
Ac J Exp. Inc.
A C & J Exp. Inc.
Acme Analytical Labaratories
Acorn Antiques
Acquisitions Industries Corp.
Action Quest
Active Bio Tech Ltd.
Adamantium Holdings
Adams Aviation Mercury
Ad Boom International Co., Ltd.
Adhavan Exp. Llp
Adisamode Accessories
Advanced Digital Broadcast SA
Advance Furniture
Adventist Book Center
Adventure Mfg. Co.
A E Freight Logistics S.A
Aes Ocean Cay
A.Forrester Lumber Yard
Ages Casting Unnaryd Ab
Ages Metallgjuteri Ab
Agm Group Ltd.
Agm Inc.
Agrorganica SA
Agroselprom Ltd.
Agru America Inc.
Ags Toulouse
A.Hakh & Sons
A.Hakh & Sons
Ahaura Plains Moss Ltd.
Ahrenkiel Ship Management GmbH
Ah SpA Res
Aic S.A.
Airlift Container Line
Airlift Container Line 102 Kailas
Air Liquide Electronics Materials
Air Liquide SpA Tial Guyane
Air Liquide SpA Tial Guyane
Air Nz Gas Turbine
Air Services Ltd.
Akela Trading
Albatrans SARL
Albatrans SpA
Alcoa Australia
Alert International Timber Dealers
Alfa Laval
Ali's Tropical Timber Products
Alliance Contract Mfg.
Al Modee A Trading Co.
Alnico Prime Management Services
Alpha Estate
Alpha Process
Al Quresh Fabrics
Alrimal Altaiba Factory
Als Guayana Inc.
Alshimaa For Garment And Embroidery
Amaco Inc.
Amatuli Fine Art
Amazon Caribbean Guyana Ltd.
Amazon Caribbean Guyana Ltd.
Ambertrade Anterprise (Ra0003247 M)
Ambertrade Enterprise
Ambertrade Enterprise (Ra0003247 M)
Amcor Flexibles
Amcor Flexibles Albany
American Bridge Bahamas Ltd.
American Bridge Company
American Embassy
American Embassy Annemette Lavery
American Embassy Brandon H Lee
American Embassy Cdc Amy Dubois
American Embassy Christi Murray
American Embassy David Robinson
American Embassy Dr. Maxia Dong
American Embassy Dr San San Min
American Embassy Gabriel Hons Olive
American Embassy Guyana
American Embassy Guyana Jordan S.Pl
American Embassy James F Holmberg
American Embassy Jennifer M. Nois
American Embassy Jose C Dominguez
American Embassy Kathryn
American Embassy Keith B.Ellis
American Embassy Lt Oliver Pao
American Embassy Matthew Nims
American Embassy Mr. Franklin
American Embassy Niles Cole
American Embassy Nyda Budig
American Embassy Peter Hubbard Usai
American Embassy Richard Bakewell
American Embassy Rolf A. Olson
American Embassy Ryan L. Brooks
American Embassy Steve White
American Embassy Usaid Dr. Fenton
American Embassy Veronica Hons Ol
Am Sun Trading Co., Ltd.
Anchor Seafood
Anixter Australia
Anixter Components
Ansa Mcal Trading (Guyana) Ltd.
Ansa Mcal Trading Ltd.
Apen Pumps Ltd.
Apex Caribbean (Guyana) Ltd.
Apex Container Line (M) Sdn Bhd
Apl Logistics
Apparel Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
Aqua Designs
Aqualine Seafoods Ltd. 205 7560 A
Arc Music Productions Ltd.
Area Plus Ltd.
Arianespace Guiana SpA Ce Center
Arm Tec Division Aps
Aroaima Forest & Agricultural
Arshs Rugs
Arts Energy
Ascension Island Government
Ascension Island Government
Ase Air Sea Express Ltd.
Asian Pottery (Penang) Sdn Bhd
Asi Solutions
Asociacion De Productores De Renaci
Associated Industries
Astha International
Astha International (Guyana)
Atan Technology Corp.
Atlantic Natural Oils Inc.
Atlantic Pharmaceuticals
Atlantic Seafood
Atlantic Seafood
Atlantic Southern Trades
Atomic Surf
Aurora Antique Pavilion
Automotive Art
Autostyle Ltd. Inc.
Avinash Scrap Metal Dealers
Avinash Scrap Metal Inc.
A & Z Timber Products
Bahamas Electricity Corp.
Bahamas Hot Mix
Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism
Bahamas Power And Light
Bahamas Processing And Trading
Bailey Cycle Service Limted
Bailey Cycle Service Ltd.
Baishanlin International Forest
Bakers Bay
Baker's Bay Golf
Ballet Makers. Inc.
Bally Australia
Bank Dih
Banks Dih Guyana
Banks Dih Ltd.
Banks Dih Ltd.
Banks Fdih Ltd.
Baotek Industries Materials Ltd.
Barakat Timbers & Trading Co., Ltd.
Barama Co. Limtied
Barama Company Limited
Bauxite Co. Of Guyana Inc.
Bauxite Co. Of Guyana Inc.
Bauxtrade Ltd.
Bayfield Energy
Bazi Garments
Bb Innovation & Co Ab
B.Braun Medical AG
Bde Recycling
Bdp International NV
Beaulieu Fabrics NV
Behr Engine Cooling
Bell Thunder Fabrics
Beluga Group
Bemtat Gida Ve Yatirim Endustrileri
Benq Corp.
Benq Corp. 16 Jihu Road
Berchell Amsterdam
Best Auto Parts
Best Corp.
Best Crop
Best Home Supplies Co., Ltd.
Best Made Toys
Best Scrap
Best Scrap
Beyel Brothers
Bhenas Footwear
Bhs Inc.
Bibby Transmissions
Bill Tec Korea
Binkley & Hurst Lp
Bis Lighting
Blue Anchor Line
Blue Anchor Line Kuehne And Nagel P
Blue Berry Hill Forest Producers
Blue Sky Communication Ltd.
Bm Enterprise Inc.
B M Enterprise Inc.
B.M. Enterprise Inc.
B.M. Enterprise Inc. Gfl Wharf
Bm Enterprise Inc. Houston
Bo Bi
Boc Gases Margam Asu
Bookham Autos
Bosai Minerals
Bosai Minerals Group
Bosai Minerals Group
Bosai Minerals Group (Guayana) Inc.
Bosai Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc.
Bosai Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc.
Bosai Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc.
Bosai Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc.
Bosai Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc. On Behalf Of Primary Resources Inc.
Boskalis Guyana Inc.
Boskalis International BV
Botra SARL
Bounty Farm Ltd.
Boxy SpA Via Alcide De Gasperi
Bp Trinidad And Tobago
Bradford Grand Bahamas
Brainstormproducts Llc
Brantwood Trading Inc.
Brazilian Embassy
Brazilian Express Trading
Breez Speciaality
Bremol As Agent For
B R Exp.
Bring Frigo Ab
Bros Trading Inc.
Bucc International Forestry Inc.
Bu Kyung International
Bulkan Timber Works Inc.
Bulkan Timber Works Inc.
Bulkhaul Ltd.
Caelygirl Fujian Co., Ltd.
Caesar Enterprise
Caesar Enter Prise (Caleb Caesar)
Calderys Nordic Ab
Caledon Laboratories Ltd.
Call Surf Business Centre
Calvin Peters Imp. Exp.
Canadian High Commission
Canadian Medical Mission Society
Cane Line A S
Canonbah Bridge
Canon Global Industries
Can Sports Shoes
Capital Recycling
Capital Recycling Inc.
Caragh Precision
Caribbean Avaition Maintenance Serv
Caribbean Community
Caribbean Community Secretariat
Caribbean Community Secretariat
Caribbean Container Inc.
Caribbean Containers Inc.
Caribbean Growers
Caribbean International Trading
Caribbean International Trading Co.
Caribbean Resources
Carib Foods Dist.
Carib Foods Distributors Inc.
Caricom Rice Mills Ltd.
Caricom Secretariat
Carlos A.D. Gonzales And Sons
Carlos A.D. Gonzales And Sons
Carlos & Sons Inc.
Carpenter Powder Products Ab
Case New Holland SpA Res
Cat Cat Yacht Club
Cell Star Guy Inc.
Central Pacificco.
Century Distribution System Inc.
Century Distribution Systems Ltd.
Century Distributon Systems
Ceva Logistics
Cevons Waste Management Inc.
C.F. Maier Europlast
Cgm Ab
Chateau D Ax SpA
Chateau De Montfrin
Chateau Jonqueyres
Chateau L'ermitage
Chaucer Foods Sas
Chau Giang Co., Ltd.
Chc Waste Management
Chevron Bahamas
Chevron West Indies Ltd.
Chia Cheng World Industries Co.
China Harbour Engineering
China Harbour Engineering Co. (Guy) Inc.
China Jiahao Corp. Inc.
Chin S Mfg. Industries Ltd.
Ch Metal Inc.
Choo's Tropical Products
C.H. Robinson Czech Republic S.R.O.
Chroma Ate Inc.
Chroma Chemical Corp.
Chu's Mfg. Industries
Cida Programme Support Unit
Citoh Commodities Co.
Civil Defence Commission
Cj Korea Express Corp.
Cj Logistics Corp.
Clo Uk
Cma Cgm Guyana Inc.
Cma Ships Ho Seals
Cna Metals Ltd.
Coast SpA S Mfg. Inc.
Coates Signco Pvt., Ltd.
Coca Cola Sample
Codec SA
Coim SpA
Comfort Sleep
Commet International
Commings Electtrical Co., Ltd.
Compania Sud Americana De Vapores
Connect Industries
Connection International Com.
Conservas Y
Contra Consolidations
Convaid Inc.
Corpboomeran S.A.
Costa Nursery Farms Inc.
Counter Balance Inc.
Courtney Benn Contracting Serv
Crafts Temple
Craft Top Guyana S.A
Cream Magazine
C & R Enterprise Ltd.
Cross Caribbean Services Ltd.
Crown Mining Supplies
Csm International
Cs Woodworking
Cs Woodworking Imp. & Exp.
Ctw Holdings Corp.
Ctw Logistics Corp.
Cummings Wood Products
Curry's Enterprise
Cuu Long Fish JSC
Cv Caribbean Shipping
C & V Caribbean Shipping Ltd.
C Way Commerce (Guyana) Inc.
Cytec Surface Specialties Germany
Daedong Eng
Daewoo International Corp.
D A Fraser Imp. Exp.
D A Fraser Imp. Exp.
Daharamchan & Sons Trading
Daimler AG
Damco Bahrain Spc
Damco China Ltd.
Damco China Ltd.
Dana Australia 301
Dandals Emerald Bay
Danmar Lines Ltd.
Danmar Lines Ltd.
Danyang Huayi Medical Supply
Dap Trading
D.A.P. Trading
Dave West Indian Inc.
David Abromowitz & Associates
David Persaud Investments Ltd.
Day Break Production Ltd.
D. Bissoon & Family Seafoods
D & D Sukhdeo
Deanysh Timber Timbers Products
Deep Water Cay Club Corp.
Defense Procurement Agency
Delamode Plc
Delmur Co., Ltd.
Delta Air Lines Inc.
Demerara Destillers Ltd.
Demerara Dist
Demerara Distillers Ltd.
Demerara Distillers Ltd.
Demerara Distillers Ltd.
Demerara Lumber Supplies
Demerara Oxygen Co., Ltd.
Demerara Shipping Co., Ltd.
Demerara Timbers Ltd.
Demerara Tobacco Co., Ltd.
Denmor Garments (Manufacturers) Inc.
Den's Tarding
Den's Trading
Den S Trading
Den's Trading Valfor Tarding
Den's Trading Valfor Trading Ltd.
Densu Ventures Inc.
De Tech Auto Parts Mfg. Ltd.
Dgl International
Dhl Express Beverley Phillips
Dhl Global Forwarding
Dhl Guayana
Dhl Guyana
Dhl Isc
Dhl Isc Ltd. (HK)
Dhl Isc Ltd. (HK)
Dhl Logisics Cambodia.
Diageo Ireland
Diamond Chain Ltd.
Didco Trading Co., Ltd.
Diehl Aerospace Tolouse
Digicel Antilles Francaises Guyane
Digital Stream Technology Inc.
Din Han Enterprise
Director General
Disney Cruise Line
Disney Cruise Lines
Dixie Imp. & Exp.
D & J Shiping Services
D & J Shipping Serv
Dj Shipping Services
D & J Shipping Services
D & J Shipping Services
D & J Shipping Services
D J Shippinh Services
Doe Lasic Project
Doma Inc. Wcinbach
Domaine Chapelle
Domaine Weinach
Domani Ltd. (HK)
Dometic Zrt.
Dongguan Audai Electric Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Zhisheng Furniture Co. Lt
Dora Designs Ltd.
Dow Olefine
Dpworld Posorja SA
Dragon Eye Holdings Co., Ltd.
Dr.Balwant Singh's Hospital Inc.
Dream Maker SpA S
Dsv SpA
Duncan Shipping
Durable Hardwoods Establishment
Durable Wood Products Enterpises
Durable Wood Products Enterprises
Eagle Co., Ltd.
Eagle Logging Concession
Eagle Logging Concession
Easco International Ltd.
Easi Bind Ltd.
Eboraboenterprises Inc.
Eborabo Enterprises Inc.
Echo Guyana Tech
Ecophon Ab
Eco Woods
Ecu Worldwide
Edako Auto Recycling Inc.
Edf French Guyana
Edgeng Pvt., Ltd. Lot No 28
Edward B Beharry And Co. Limted
Edward B. Beharry & Co.
E Edwards
Efco Canada Co.
Egy 4 Marble
Egyptian International
Electrolux Filter Ab
El Helal For Knitting
El Helal For Knitting Dying
Emball Iso
Embassy Cargo SpA
Embassy Cargo SpA Prato Italia
Embassy Cargo SpA Prato Italy
Embassy Of The United State Of
Embassy Of The United States Of
Embassy Of The United States Of Ame
Emco Wheaton
Emeral Bay Sandals
Emerald Forest Inc.
Emerson Climate Technologies
Energy Freight Panama S.A.
Enter Tire Co., Ltd.
Entire Tire Co., Ltd.
Enviropoducts Ltd.
Envirotainer Ab
Envirotec Recycling Enterprises
Equatioral Woods Inc.
Equatorial Woods Inc.
Equipment Sales
Esabem Resources Ltd.
Esr Woodwoorking Imp. & Exp.
Esr Woodwoorking Imp. & Exp.
Ess Food As
Esso Exploration And
Esso Exploration & Production Guyan
Estee Lauder Companies Australia
Esteem Trade Enterprise
Eternity Investment
Eternity Investment
Eternity Investment (Guyana)
E.T.K Inc.
Euroka Electrical Mfg. Co.
Euromar Plus Ltd.
European Delegation For Benedkit Ma
Euro Sp.Z O.O
Eurpoean Union
Eventstar Structures
Everest Metals
Everlite Industries
Everwood Trading
Evonik Degussa Antwerpen NV
Exim Logistics Co., Ltd.
Exotic Lumber
Expolanka Freight Phils Inc.
Exportadora Serafino C Por A
Exxon Mobil Corp.
F2 Bpaclog
Faa Facility
Faa US Army
Faber Chuck
Fairfield Rice Inc.
Fairfield Rice Inc.
Falcon Logistics And Management Services
Falco SpA
Fantasy Trading Co., Ltd.
Farfan & Mendes Ltd.
Fedex Trade Networks
Fenix Airways
Fiber Roofing Cc
Fine Woods Marketing Inc.
Fintec Crushing Screening Ltd.
Flexco SA
Flexitank Torginol Paints
Flextronics Ab
F Metals Incorportaed
Fomento Cultural Banamex A.C. C/O Falcon Express Cargo Booth 31004 Nyigf 2013
Fomento Cultural Banamex A.C. Ny Now / Booth 33014 Telar Maya C/O Falcon Express Cargo
Food Processors International
Ford Motor Co. Dagenham
Forestry And Technical Consulting
Forestwood Exp.
Fortumar Ecuador S.A.
Fortune Metals
Fortune Plastic Packaging (Huizhou)
Fracht France
Freedomsat S A
Freightlink Express
Fridric Blauel & Co., Ltd.
Friedrich Blauel & Co., Ltd.
Friendship Oxygen Ltd.
Friendship Oxygen Ltd.
Fruit Valley
F Schenker Ocean Ltd.
Fuda Development Co., Ltd.
Fu Lai Trading Co.Room 1520 Cheval
Full Tech A And C
Furniture Design International Inc.
Future Shine Ltd.
Fxb Guyana
Gafsons Industries Ltd.
Gafsons Industries Ltd.
Galaxy Metal Fzc
Galleon International
Ganesh Singh And Brothers Logging C
Ganshyam Mashase And Mahase Lumber
Gaoyou Huaxing Petroleum
Gayour Trading Co Llc
Gem And Co Korea
General Magnaplate Corporation
General Services Ltd.
Geodis Wilson Korea Ltd.
Georgetown Investment Management
George Union's Pipe & Tank
Getinge Ltd.
Ge Trading
G E Trading
Ge Trading (Guyana)
Geum Bi Textile
G&G Guana Cay
G & G Shipping
G & G Shipping
Ghc Agent Natasha Johnson
Gk Inc.
G & L Construction
Gl Inc.
G L Inc.
G L Inc.
Global Imaging And Cancer
Global Imaging & Cancer Institute O
Global Trading Development Inc.
Global Walk Inc.
Globe Manufactruing
Globe Mfg.
Globe Mfg. & Drug Co.
Glovis America. Inc.
G Mahase & Mahase Lumber Supplier
Gmv Guyana Resources Inc.
Go In
Go Invest
Golden Legion Automative Corp.
Golden Rock Granites Pvt., Ltd.
Gold Field Inc.
Gold Field Inc.
Gold Port Guyana Inc.
Gold Port Resources Ltd.
Gold Prot Resources
Good Men Associates Inc.
Goodyear Colombia S.A.
Gopie Investments Inc.
Gordon's Agencies
Grand Bahama Food Ltd.
Grand Bonanza Enterprise Inc.
Grand Hall Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Grand Hall Holding Ltd.
Grand Isle Resort & SpA
Great Fruit SpA
Great Hill Business Group Inc.
Greenfield Rice Investment Inc.
Green Global Corp.
Greyco Imp. Exp.
Greyslot Logistics
Grow'n Up Ltd.
Grytgols Bruk Ab
G S Forest Resources
Gs Forest Resources Inc.
Gsm Trading
Gs Pescador Seatrading Corp.
Gt Construction & Concrete Ltd.
Guangzhou Deksu Supply Chain Co. Lt
Guangzhou Master Leatherware Co.
Guangzhou Tinci Materials
Guanomad SA
Gulf For Imp. & Exp. .
Gulf Rubber Australia
Guyana Bearings
Guyana Energy Agency
Guyana Energy Support Services
Guyana Forest Investments Inc.
Guyana Freight Services Inc.
Guyana Furniture Manufacting
Guyana Furniture Mfg. Ltd.
Guyana Geology & Mines Commission
Guyana Industries Minerals Inc.
Guyana Mat Co. Inc.
Guyana Metal Inc.
Guyana Motor Racing Car & Sports
Guyana National Shipping Corp.
Guyana Oils And Grains Inc.
Guyana Overseas Traders
Guyana Power Light Inc.
Guyana Quality Seafood Inc.
Guyana Quality Seafoods
Guyana Quartz Sand Inc.
Guyana Responsible Parenthood Assoc
Guyana Rice Development Board
Guyana Sawmills Inc.
Guyana Shield & Forestresources
Guyana Small Business Center
Guyana Stockfeeds Inc.
Guyana Sugar Corp. Inc.
Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc.
Guyana Sugar Corportation Inc.
Guyana Telephone And Telegraph
Guyana Timber Products Inc.
Guyana Times
Guyana Tractor & Equipment
Guyana Water Inc.
Guyco Inc.
Guy Star Food Products & Exp. Enterprises
Guzman Technologies Llc
Gy Imp.
Gym Operaciones Internacionales Sac
Hacetron Corp.
Hacienda La Esmeralda S.A.
Hadco Farms
Hadco Farms And Sawmill
Hags Aneby Ab
Haimorakabra Logging Co. Inc.
Haimorakabra Logging Co. Inc.
Halliburton Atlantic Ltd.
Haltermann Carless Deutschland Gm
Hansung Floral Tape Co.
Hanwha Advanced Materials Corp.
Hardt Australia (Pty) ) Ltd.
Harrow Green
Harrow Green Unit Q1 Qed
Hartnett Products
Hasbro S.A.
Hastens Sangar Ab
H & C Shipping Agency
Hebei Fulangsi Metal Wire Mesh
Hebei Jiuyuan Textile Co., Ltd.
Hecny Transportation (Vietnam) Ltd.
Heeralall Sukdeo & Sons Fishing
Heinz Glas USA Inc.
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
H & H Glass Inc.
High Commission Of Canada
Highland Products Corp.
Hillbrick Bicycles
Homestar Products Ltd.
Honda Trading Phils Corp.
Honda Trading Phils.Ecozone Corp.
Hong Feng Timber Logs
Honghu Business Trade Co., Ltd.
Hot Carz
Hoyer Global Transport BV
Htc Corp.
Hulke Construction Co. Llc
Hummingbird Cay
Hururu Amerindian Village Council
Hururu Village Council
Hyco International Ltd.
Hydraul Syd Ab
Hymo Ab
Hyundai Mobis
Ian J SpA Nn
Ibe Trade Corp.
Icon Carriers Ltd.
Icon Lng Guyana Inc.
Idexx Laboratories
Ilinko Ltd.
Ilshin Chemical Co., Ltd.
Imam Bacchus & Sons Ltd.
Immunodiagnostic Systems
Imodal Asia Pte., Ltd.
Imperial Entertainment
Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean
Industries Medicare Ltd.
Industries Resinera Bahr S.A.
Innopac Korea Inc.
Innovative Mining
Innovative Mining Inc.
Inter American Development Bank
Inter American Development Bank C/O
Interbahia Investment S.A
Interbahia Investment S.A.
Interblue Air & Sea Co., Ltd.
Intercoastal Marine Inc.
Interior Forest Industries Ltd.
Inter Sped
Intl Freight
Intl Freight Forwarders
Intl Greetings USA
Intl Hair Cosmetics Ltd.
Intl Packaging
Intl Procurement Of Commod
Intl Rental
Intl Seafood
Inversiones Y Alimentos
Irish Mfg. Services
Island Builders
Island Cargo Systems Llc.
Island Gases 1992 Ldt
Island Water World Offshore Inc.
Itochu Plastics Inc.
Ituni Small Loggers & Chainsaw
Iwokrama Timber Inc.
Jabil Circuit S B
Jacuzzi Uk Group
Jaling Forest Industries Inc.
Jas Ocean
Jb Metals
J&D Jewelry
Jetto Lumber Yard
Jettoo Lumber Yard & Saw Mill
Jettos Lumber Yard & Sawmill
Jfb Ltd.
Jf Hillebrand
Jf Hillebrand
Jf Hillebrand
Jiangsu Sanhe Shoes And
Jiangsu World Plant
Jiangsu Yuyue Medical
Jiangxi Beauty Leatherwear Co .
Jiaxing Md
Jim SpA Taro
John Crane Sealing Systems India Inc.
John Fernades Ltd.
John Fernandes Ltd.
John Fernandes Ltd. For Triton C
Jomino Enterprise
Jop Developers Inc.
Jop Developers Inc.
Jop Developers Inc.
Joyen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Joy Mining
J&P Plumber Yard & Building
Junlian Industries International (HK)
Just Play Ltd. (HK)
Kaizen Trading
Kamaz Foreign Trade Co.
K And G Products Co., Ltd.
Kapci Coatings Egypt Port
Kapow Distribution Inc.
Karl West Indies Imp. & Exp.
Kat Cha Fire
Katcha Fire Guyana Inc.
Katch Fire Guy Inc.
Kayman Sankar & Co., Ltd.
Kb Investments
Keishar's Gift Shoppe & Variety Sto
Kenfreight U Ltd.
Keng Yew Dental Suppliers
Key Knife Inc.
Kin Ab
Kingsmart Logistics Inc.
K. Lall & S. Tan
K.M. Scrap Metal
Knit House
Kolon Fashion Material Inc.
Kolor Trendz Decor
Kolos Sea & Air Co., Ltd.
Ko Mats Inc.
Korea Tofu Institute. Co.
Ko Toe Aung Ma Moe Moe Thu
K.P. Seepersaud
K.P. Seepersaud Ents
Kriz International Resources
Kuehne & Nagel
Kuehne Nagel Ltd.
Kurunduni Logging & Development
Kwakwani Natural Resources
K & Y International
K & Y International
K & Y International
K & Y International Inc.
K & Y International Inc.
Kyocera Solar
Kyung Won Engineering
Lachenmeier Aps
Lam Trading Enterprise
Lantides Estate
Laparkan Freight Forwarding For
Laparkan Shipping Georgia
Laparkan Trading (Guy) Co., Ltd.
Laparkan Trading Ltd.
Laparkan Trading Ltd. For Linden Electricity Inc.
Laparkan Tropical Shippin
La Party Corp.
Leader International Group Ltd.
Lear Automotive
Lear Automotive Engineering
Lee & Sons Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Leoco (USA) Corp.
Lg Chem Ltd.
Lg Chem Ltd. Ncc Division
Liana Cane Interiors Ltd.
Lianyungang Gaohua
Lianyungang Gaohua Arts & Crafts
Lidanco Ltd.
Linde AG
Linde Gas Dominicana Srl
Linden Lumber Llc.
Linear Woods Inc.
Liner Woods Inc.
Linie Designs
Little Creek International Llc
Logistical Procurement
L & T Seafood
Lund International
Luther Zentrum
Lvmh Fragrances And Cosmetics
Lycon Cosmetics
M2 Group
Mac Enterprises
Machinery Coporation Of Guyana Ltd.
Machinery Corp.
Machinery Corp. Of Guyana Ltd.
Mackbe Sawmills
Madeireira Ideal Industries
Madeireira Jacare Grande
Maersk Drilling
Maersk Logistics
Maersk Logistics
Magiclean Corp.
Magiclean Corporations
Magnalube Inc.
Magnussen Home Furnishings Inc.
Mahaicony Rice Ltd.
Mahle Behr South Africa (Pty) ) Ltd.
Maison Jean Claude Boisset
Mallali Amerindian Village Council
Mandap Bazar
Manildra Group
Manufaktur Jorg
Mapcargo International Ltd.
Mariabo Investments Inc.
Marine Tech
Martcom Computer Solutions
Marui Ltd.
Massy Gas Products (Guyana) Ltd.
Masterful Ltd.
Masters Harbour
Mathez Transports Internationaux
Ma Tradiing
Matrix International Trading
Maurice Ward Co SARL
Maxi Support Sdn Bhd
Mccorry (Guyana) Inc.
Mcvantage Of Guyana Inc.
Mc Vantage Of Guyana Inc.
Mcw Shipping Inc.
Meas France D 500346270
Mega Pacific
Mekdeci Machinery Construction In
Mel's Products
Memx Co., Ltd.
Merichem Co.
Mermaid Ridge
Metag Ab
Metallica Cc (Guyana) Inc.
Metallica Commodities Corp.
Methodist Church
Metro Movers
Meurens Natural SA Sipal
M I Alli
M. I. Alli & Sons Seafoods
M. I. Alli & Sons Seafoods
Micro Mist Irrigation
M.I.D (Esau) Shamshudin
Mid Land Movers Inc.
Mill Wright Llc
Mill Wright Llc
Minequip (Guyana) Inc.
Mings Products & Services Ltd.
Ministry Of Communities
Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
Ministry Of Housing & Water
Ministry Of Legal Affairs
Min. Of Works
Mission Director
Mitsui Co. Korea Ltd.
Mittapalli Agro Enterprises
Mk Ultra Productions
Ml Executives
M M Militzer Et Munch France
Mnn Imp. & Exp. .
M & O Decosta
Modern Industries Ltd.
Mohamed's Mfg. Enterprises
Mol Consolidation Service Ltd.
Molda AG
Mondial Marketing
Moneual Inc.
Mono Equipment
Mosel Wine
Movida International
Mr. Bar B Q Inc.
Mr. Bar B Q Inc.
Mr. Bar B Q Inc.C O Union Square
Mtmfreightco. Ltd.
Muneshwers Ltd.
Murals Logistics Agency
Murals Logistics Agency
Murals Logistics Agency
Muuto A S
Mv Overseas Cathy
M V Regulus
Mykonos Brewing Co.
N50431 US Navy Wtp
Nadira Imp. & Exp.
Naff Auto Parts Ltd.
Nagar Ltd.
Nagar Sawh Ltd.
Nagasar Sawh Lumber
National Milling Co.
National Milling Co. Of Guyana
Nato Schneider
Nature Cos
Nazir Tropical Timbers
Neilrajh Singh
Neilrajh Singh & Sons Seafoods
Netram & Sons Hardware General
Netram & Sons Hardware Gen Store
Netram & Sons Supermarket Hardware
New Century Industries (Myanmar)
New Fashion Jewelry
New Gpc Inc.
New Line Aqua Farm Inc.
New River Holdings
New River Holdings Inc.
New Sococo Enterprise
New World South American Timbers
N Exp.
Ngdong Great Family Multimedia
Ngk SpA Rk Plug Co., Ltd.
Nh Chemicals Ltd.
Nidera Guyana Ltd.
Nigerian National Petroleum
Nile Clothing Co Assiut Fast Road
Ningbo Bestt Electric Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Cofar Hose&Fitting
Ningbo Great Leisure Products Co. L
Ningbo Jinyu Electrical Appliance
Ningbo Morning Star
Ningbo Pasco
Ningbo Syloon Imp. & Exp. . Co., Ltd.
Nmc SA
Nm Services Ltd.
Nm Trucking & Auto Sales
Noble House Seafoods
Nordic Pharma Inc. As
North Atlantic Refining Ltd.
Norwegian Defence
Nour Al Fajr Chemical Co.
Ns Enterprise
N & S Enterprise
Nuplex Resins Gmbg
Nutrican S.A. Ruc 80036737 5
Nzn International (Pty) ) Ltd.
Ocean Cay Ltd.
Oceanfreight Cargo Lines S.A.
Odyssey Aviation
Oeg Offshore
Oeg Offshore
Og Shipping And Delivery Services
Oldendorf Carriers Guayana Inc.
Olivee Co. For Production
Omai Bauxite Mining
Omai Bauxite Mining Inc.
Omai Gold Mines Ltd.
Omai Transportation & Equipment
Omai Transportation Services Inc.
One Time P E & Hhg
One Time P E & Hhg
One Time P E & Hhg
One Time P E & Hhg Mr. D.C Barthwal
Oocl Logistics
Opbat Dea
Oped GmbH
Opilio As
Orbit Garant Drilling
Oriental Weavers Textiles
Orion Engineered Carbons
Orion Expedition Cruises
Oris Fahrzeugteile
Orlidion Distributing
Osborne Y Cia. (Bod.Montecillo)
Osstem Implant Co., Ltd.
Oss World Wide Movers (Vic) (Pty) ) Ltd.
Owl Pwl Wordlwide Logistics
Owl Pwl Wordlwide Logistics 28195 Bremen Germany
Oyster Magazine
Ozcats Exp.
Pacific Exim Inc.
Pack All
Pai Tai Trading Co., Ltd.
Pallets (Pty) ) Co. Inc.
Palm Bay Beach Club
Pan American Health Orginisation
Paper Magic Group (HK)
Paperscript Ltd. T A
Pa Products
Paradise Woods
Paramount Trades Inc.
Parapie Coomacka Forest
Parawin International Distributirs
Parika Sawmills Ltd.
Partners In Rural Development
Pas Cargo Guyana
Pasha International
Passerien At Abaco
Pavlou Winery
Pbs Investments Ltd.
Pc Shaklin Group
Pdvsa Petroleo S.A.
Pegasus Bay Wines
Pegasus Hotel Guyana
Pen Apparel Sdn Bhd
Perez Y Cia
Perez Y Cia Guyana Ltd.
Perez Y Cia (Guyana) Ltd. Agents Fo
Peters Imp. & Exp. .
Pet Product Co.
Petrobas International Finance Co. Pifco
Petrobras International Finance
Petroleum Co. Of T & T
Pga Tournament
Pg Trading Co.
Phocea Transit International
Pioneer Investment Inc.
Pioneer Investment Inc.
Plasticos Farallones SA
Plastrip Cc
Play Ac
P & N International
P & N International
Pomeroon Oil Mill Inc.
Pomeroon Oil Mill Inc.
Power Publications
Powerscreen SpA Res
Ppi Corpoartion P L
Praimroop Prasad Prasad & Sons
Precision Global Inc.
Precision Machinery
Precision Machining Workshop
Precision Woodworking Ltd.
Predators Pumps
Pre Fab Homes
Prestige Mfg. & Bottling
Primary Resources Inc.
Prime Imp. Of Guyana
Prime Imp. Of Guyana
Princess Cruises
Pritipaul Singh Investments Inc.
Procter Et Gamble
Pro Iroda Industries Inc.
Promix Solutions GmbH
Promix Solutions GmbH
Pro Nautus
PT Das Cargo
Pulink Industries Enterprise
Punto Fresco Seafoods
Puruni Wood Products Inc.
Pvt. Parts P L
Pwt Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd
Qimiao Shoes Factory
Q Pall
Q Q Food Inc.
Q Trex International
Quaker Chemicals Corp.
Quality Lumber Products
Quantum Tortola
Quanzhou Danbury Children
Quick Set
Qurtoba Co.
Raba Axle Ltd.
Radio Flyer Inc.
Rahamat Ally & Sons Sawmill
Rahl & Rahl
Rahmson's Logging & Woodworking Inc.
Rainforest Rice Trading
Rajiv Creations
Ram Aur Shiv Seafood
Ramlakhan & Sons Rice Mills
Ramps Logistics (Guyana) Inc.
Ramps Logistics Ltd. F
Rathbone Co Inc.
Rayard Wood Industries Co., Ltd.
Rc Bishop In Guyana
Ready Food International Co.
Ready's Food Enterprise
Real Shipper
Region # 10 Forest Producers
Repsol Exploration S A
Reyaby Taiwan Ltd.
R & H Jaisingh
Rich Resources Inc.
Ricks And Sari Agro Industries Ltd.
Ricks And Sari Agro Industries Ltd.
Rise A Corp.
Ritschard SA
River Quest Mining
Rivigum Kft
Rj SpA Gnois
R J S Sawmill
Rkw Se
Rl. Sukhram & Sons Sawmill
R & M Shipping
R & M Shipping Agency
R. Netram Sons
Rob Hangar
Rocky S Shipping & International Trade
Rohlig Grindrod
Roland A Chisholm USA Inc.
Rolle's Heavy Equipment
Rolles Ready Mix
Roll Natursteine
Roma Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Rong An Inc.
Rosemount Tank Radar Ab
Rotalac Plastics
Royal Deluxe Accesories Llc
Rpi International Inc.
R & S Fishing Enterprise
R SpA Rkassh Associates
Rs Sailing
Rtdm Art Auctioneer
Rt Imp. & Exp.
R & T Imp. & Exp.
R T Imp. & Exp.
Rt Sourcing Asia Ltd.
Ruag Hungarian Ammote Inc.
Rubis Guyana Inc.
Rubis West Indies Ltd.
Ruger Chemical Co.
Ruia Global Fasteners
Ruimzeight Rice Processors Inc.
Running Creek Trailers
Running Creek Trailers
Russian Embassy
Sacre Coeur Guy. Inc.
Safcor Panalpina
Saft Bordeaux
Saft Nersac
Saiku Andrews Investments
Saint Gobain Ecophon Ab
Saint Jean Wheels As
Sajrice Group Inc.
Saj Rice Group Inc.
Saj Rice Group Inc.
Sa J Rice Group Inc.
Salvation Ar
Sambee P And P Co.
Sam Bee P And P Co.
Same As
Samsonicointl (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
Samui Corp.
Sancta Maria Coir Products Pvt., Ltd.
Sandals Emerald Bay
Sandals Emerald Reef Course
Sandals Emerald's Bay Reef Golf Clu
Sandals Photo Shoot
Sanmina Sci
Saravanos SA
S.A. Seafood Exp.
S.A Seafood & Fresh Harvest Exp.
Sasha International
S.A.S Tropical Development Inc.
Sca Hygiene Products Cuijk B.V.
Scary Peeper Inc.
Schenker Deutschland AG
Schenker N.V. Noorderlaan 147 2030 Antwerp Belgium
Schenker Singapore (Pte) Ltd. Schenkerocean Ltd. Yeo
Schlumberger Guyana
Scottish & Newcastle International
Sculpture Craft Guyana Inc.
Sdv Guyane
Seabird Aviation Australia Ltd.
Seacon Uk
Seacor Island Lines Llc
Seafreight Transport Guyana Ltd.
Seagold International Inc.
Searice Caribbean
Searice Guyana Inc.
Selva Co., Ltd.
Sem Ltd.
Seng Enterprise Seafood Supplier
Set Ehf
Sevenpower (Quanzhou) Garment Co., Ltd.
Seven Seas Water Corp.
Shachihata Inc.
Shakoor's Trading
Shanghai Supervast Outdoor Living
Shelmed Cattaged Treasures
Shin Dong Precision
Shinwoo Textiles Phils Corp.
Shipco Marogcan Line
Shipco Moroccan Line
Shipco Transport Sdn Bhd
Shunde Enterprise
Shun De Enterprise
Shunde Enterprse
Sia Fibral Ltd.
Sian Trading Co., Ltd.
Siegwerk France
Sika Design A S
Sika France
Single Seafood
Sintek International Ab
S & K Lumber Enterprise
Skycomtech Resources Guyana Inc.
Slim Jet
Smart City Solutions Inc.
Smg Imp. Inc.
Smiths Medical
Smp Imp. & Exp. Inc.
Sms Meer SpA
Sna Europe (Uk)
Socar Georgia Petroleum Ltd.
Sol Guyana
Soma Solu00 Es Magn0 Ticas Industries
Soundmoves Inc.
Source And Supply Logistics
South American Lumber
South American Woods Inc.
South Atlantic Seafoods
South Carib Metals Ltd.
Southern SpA S
Spartan Uk Ltd.
Specialist Car Products
Specialized Timber Service Inc.
Speedways Rubber Co.
Spider Point
Sports Illustrated
Spr Enterprises
Spx Flow Technology Singapore Pte L
Srey Kolean Furniture Shop
Sri Manikanta Granites
S. Seafood
Staedler Mars
Stainless Products Co., Ltd.
Standby Pacific Machine Products
Start Metal Trading Inc.
Statoil Asa
Stebro Plast Ab
Sterling Products Ltd.
Stolt Tank Containers B.V. By Stolt Nielsen USA Inc.
Stord Process As
Strachans Aviation
Stratagold Guyana Inc.
St Tubular Inc.
Success By Design Inc.
Suk12 A
Sumida Electrichk Co., Ltd.
Sun Chemical
Sunpower Manufacturer
Sun Power Mfg. Ltd.
Sun Princess
Sunshine Investment
Sunshine Timbers Co. Inc.
Sunshine Timbers Co. Inc.
Sunshine Timbers Co. Inc.
Sunshine Timbers Co. Inc.
Superior Shingles And Wood Products
Superior Shingles & Wood Products
Superior Woods
Supower Philippines Mfg Ltd.
Supra International
Supreme Clientele Trading
Surrey Paving&Aggregates&Bk
Susbsea 7 Uk
Sustainable Forest Products Inc.
Suzano Trading Ltd.
Swamee & Sons Sawmill
Swedish Canoe Federation
Sweetwater Aqua Farm Inc.
Swiftmode M Png Sb
Swire Shipping
S.W. Willsun
S.W. Willsun
S W Wilsun & Co (Guy) Ltd.
Sydney D Footwear Ltd.
Syngenta S.A. Calle 100
Systec GmbH
Tai Yong General Merchandise
Taizhou Huangyan Pufeng Arts And
Takata AG
Tameshwar Bovil Sawmill Inc.
Tandy's Mfg.
Taoglas Ltd.
Tarson Y Cia S A
Tatham Cutlery
Tawameta Tubing & Wiring
Tba (Germany)
Tba (Germany)
Teamco Apparel.
Teamtec As
Techincal Absorbents
Technetronix Inc.
Technipfmc Guyana Ltd.
Techno Chemicals
Tecnomills Guyana Inc.
Telestack Ltd.
Telos Arzt Und Krankenhausbedarf GmbH
Temis Cargo
Termcotank SA
Texila American University
Th Apex Pack Llc
Tharwat Group
The Aviation Maintenace Depot R O K
The Aviation Maintenance Depot R.O
The British Shop
The Church Of Jesus Christ Of
The Glam Bayong
The Guyana Oil Co., Ltd.
The Pyeongchang Organizing
The Real Car Co., Ltd.
Thomas Enterprise
Thyme S Selection Pte., Ltd.
Thyssenkupp Krause SA De Cv
Tian Ma Engineering And Trading Co.
Ti Automotive
Ti Automotive France
Tigerwoods Guyana Inc.
Timber Wood Products Inc.
Timber World (Guyana) Inc.
Tiruna S.L.
Tmt Industries
Toolise Persaud Ltd.
Toolsie Persaud
Tooltech Industries Sales
Topocean Consolidation Svc Sdn Bhd
Topopal Ltd.
Torginol Paints
Torginol Paints Inc.
Torica Ltd.
Total Air Cargo
Total Air Cargo Sales Handling
Total Exploration And Production
Total Logistic Inc.
Total Logistics
Total Maritime Logistics P L
Toy Investment Inc.
Toyota Motor Mfg.
Toyota Tsusho Korea Corp.
Tradel Inc.
Trade L Inc.
Trade L Inc.
Trans Amazon Exporters
Trans Amazon Exporters
Trans Amazon Trading
Trans Amazon Trading
Transfar International Corp.
Transline Air Cargo Services
Trans Pacific Motor SpA Res & Auto P
Transporte Bule
Transworld Line Inc. Linden Nj
Trikaby Ab
Trinity Line
Trinity Line
Triobike As
Tropical Flavours Inc.
Tropical Flora And Fauna
Tropical Flora And Fauna Inc.
Tropical Flora & Fauna
Tropical Flora & Fauna
Tropical Product (Guy) Ltd.
Tropical Rich Resources Inc.
Tropical Rich Resources Inc.
Tropical Timbers Inc.
Troy Resources Guyana
Truease Co., Ltd.
Ttk Prestige Ltd.
Tucker GmbH
Tunfei Mou S
Turtle And Hughes Inc.
Tur Woods Ltd.
Two 2 Brothers Rice
Uab Visagino Linija
Ude Corp.
Udohow Electronics Co., Ltd.
U&I Logistics Corp.
Ultrawoods Enterprise
Ultra Woods Enterprise
Ultra Woods Enterrpise
Ultra Woods Furniture
Umami Inc.
Umc Super Trading Sb
U Mobile Cellular Inc.
United Star Seafoods Inc.
Unitrans Freight Forwarding
Universalamericas Line
Unknown Customer
Upper Berbice Forest And
Ups Ocean Freight Services Inc.
Ups Scs
Ups Scs (China) Ltd.
Ups Scs (China) Ltd. Ningbo
Ups Scs China Ltd. Qingdao Branch
Ups Scs Korea Ltd.
US Army Maintenance Hanger
Usdot Faa
US Embassy
US Embassy
Uti Logistics Slovakia S R O
Vaitarna Holding Pvt.
Valtec Corp.
Value Source
Vanguard Security Engineering
Van Oord Bahamas Ltd.
Variety Woods & Greenheart Ltd.
Vedanta Inc.
Veggiefresh Invest Corp.
Veljaon Specialized Trading Co.
Ventana Serra SpA
Versa Drilling Inc.
Veuve Ambal
Vikomar As
Vinos Del Sur S A
Vitasoy (USA) Inc.
Vsh United USA
W4 Hu Greece
W91 Q8 V
Waipara West
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
Walligna Guyana Shingles Inc.
Watch Tower
Watch Tower Bible And Tract Society
Watch Tower Society Of Canada
Waterco Ltd.
Wazeer Hussein And Sons Rice
Wazeer Hussein & Sons Rice Milling Complex.
Wbb Llc
Well Universal Ltd.
Werner Roll Natursteine
Wessel Household
Westerwaelder Blumentopffabrik SpA N
Wikki Calcuni Village Council
Wild Cape Liqueurs
Wild Caught Fish Processing Plant
Willems Timber & Trading Co.
Willems Timber & Trading Co., Ltd.
Williams Shipping
Williams Shipping For Rui Jorge
Windmoller GmbH
Winston Baijnauth
Wiruni Amerindian Village
Wiruni Village Council
Wiv Wein International AG
Wlg Australia
Wood Associated Industries Co.
Wood Associated Industries Ltd.
Wood Associated Industries Ltd.
Woodlake Outdoor Products
Woodpecker Timbers
Woods Direct Inc.
Woods Direct Inc.
Woodtech Lumber Yard
World Main Ltd.
Worldwide Logistics (India) Pvt.
Wuhan Fine Trade Co., Ltd.
Y2 K Plastic Recycling
Yamway Ltd.
Y And P Garment Co., Ltd.
Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electro
Yangzhou Dingyue Plastic&Electronic
Yasco Seafoods
Ye Songshan
Yikun Sports
Yiwu Meidai Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Yiwu Weida Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
Yonder Holdings
Yongkang Best Road Car Tool
Yongkang Hualong Machiney
Yongkang Kejie
Yongkang Shuntai Industries
Yotrio Group Co., Ltd.
Yourlove Underwear Fty
Yoyo Xpress Aps
Yuan Da Electronics (Thailand) Co. L
Yumark Enterprises Corp.
Yuyao Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
Yuyao Hualun Imp. & Exp. . Co.
Yuyao Luto Plastic
Yuyao Municipal Commercial
Yuyao U Per Consumer .
Zen Imp.
Zhejiang Baili Shoes Industries Co. L
Zhejiang Sata Tools Mfg.
Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Weida Industries Investment
Zhejiang Wuyi Zhongmao Arts And
Zhejiang Yayi Metal Mfg.
Ziegler France
Zionstar Projects Inc.
Zschimmer & Schwarz

See Import and Export trends for Guyana.