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Stora Enso shipments slide as COVID-19 crumples paper demand

Paper producer Stora Enso has suffered a loss of demand due to office closures linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. The firm’s CEO, Annica Bresky, has stated the firm faces “an accelerated structural decline for paper” and has extended its cost cutting program to cope. The drop in demand over the ... Read more →


Evonik, Solvay Caught In The Latest China-U.S. Tariff Review

The Chinese government has initiated an antidumping review of U.S. propanol exports – a chemical used in packaging and printing. The review is notable in that the product already had tariffs applied as part of the wider trade war, though U.S. exports to China climbed 6.8% year over year in the... Read more →


Fine Words as WTO Fails to Progress Fine Paper Case

The WTO’s dispute panel has not been able to make progress on a U.S.-Canada paper case and India-U.S. poultry case due to a lack of resources. A meeting including the EU, Japan and 11 other countries has committed to reforming WTO rules on dispute settlement and improve enforcement of WTO stan... Read more →


NAFTA Watch: Chapter 19 In Focus After Paper Imports Ground Down

The Canadian government has filed a NAFTA dispute against America’s subsidy decision against Canada’s groundwood paper exports. That puts a spotlight on the Chapter 19 process just as it becomes a contentious point in ongoing negotiations and is arguably unnecessary given the U.S. ITC has alre... Read more →

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