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2018 Review: 12 Events That Shaped Global Supply Chains

A year of turmoil in global trade policy, the logistics sector and industrial supply chains provided fodder for over 1,600 Panjiva research articles in 2018. Boiling those down to one per month based on readership revealed 12 significant events in 5 broad themes. (1) The most significant was t... Read more →


20 Most Read Panjiva Research Articles in June 2017

Trade policy remained a favorite with our readers in June, with putative sanctions against Venezuela and our preview of a long summer of trade policy events being the most read items. The Trump administration remained busy in terms of meetings – with summits with India and South Korea a ... Read more →


20 Most Read Panjiva Research Articles in May 2017

May was a busy month for U.S. trade policy, our readers’ interests show, with President Trump finally starting NAFTA renegotiations and the announcement of a 10 point plan for developments with China (worth $2.4 billion) signed. The president’s overseas trip ended in a spat with Germany, thoug... Read more →


20 Most Read Panjiva Research Articles in April 2017

Trade policy activity in the U.S. was a major focus for our readers in April, accounting for 11 of the top 20 most read articles. The most read was our outlook for President Donald Trump’s next 100 days, and trade tasks to be dealt with. Meanwhile the machinations of NAFTA, national security r... Read more →


25 Most Read Panjiva Research Articles in March 2017

The agonizingly slow grind towards the start of NAFTA negotiations formed the focus of much of our readers’ interest this month – the most-read article was a deep dive into Mexico-U.S. agricultural trade relations. China’s position on new trade deals, whether at the NPC, the Pacific Alli... Read more →


20 Most Read Panjiva Research Articles in February 2017

The first meetings between President Trump and his trade ‘partners’ were the focus of our readers’ attention in February. The top article was our deep-dive analysis of the interplay between the NAFTA countries’ exports. Our preview of Trump’s meeting with Prime Minister Abe predicted the... Read more →

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