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Big Boats Keep Suez and Panama Growing As Trade Threats Loom

Shipping activity through the Suez Canal increased by 7.9% year over year in January, driven by a 16.0% rise in tanker crossings after energy prices recovered. While the number of container ships fell there was a 7.2% rise in average vessel size which ensured the tonnage crossing the canal imp... Read more →


Sluggish Suez Shipping Suggests Slower Global Trade

The number of vessels using the Suez Canal rose by just 0.5% year over year in December. The followed a 0.4% decline in November and was the result of a 5.1% drop in containerized freight. The latter indicates slower global trade. The Panama Canal also saw a 3.2% drop in the number of transits... Read more →


Singapore’s Port Gets Back To Growth Just as Asia Slows

Cargo handling through Singapore climbed 2.3% year over year in December, reversing a 2.6% decline seen in the prior three months. A 5.9% improvement in container-handling and 9.2% jump in oil tanker traffic were the main drivers. While the growth bucks the trend of slowing / falling elsewhere... Read more →


Bigger Means Better for Panama as Canal Competition is Contained

Competition for volumes between the Panama and Suez Canals reached a deadlock in September with both seeing a 3% increase in transits vs. a year earlier. Panama likely did better in terms of volumes with larger, neopanamax vessels driving a potential 16% rise in volumes. Suez meanwhile only sa... Read more →

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