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Jones Act Waiver Could Cut Pressure On New England Gas Markets

The Trump administration may grant a waiver from Jones Act shipping rules for liquefied natural gas tankers. By restricting intra-U.S. LNG shipments to U.S.-owned the Act may be leading to worse-than-necessary bottlenecks in winter gas supplies to the U.S. Northeast. While the U.S. has become ... Read more →


Marathon Faces Race for Replacement Oil if Hormuz Straits Close

The Iranian National Guard has threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz in response to the U.S. removal of waivers for exports for Iranian crude oil. The U.S. military has indicated that it may respond, raising risks for hydrocarbon trade running through the Straits. U.S. exporters of LNG inc... Read more →


Big Boats Keep Suez and Panama Growing As Trade Threats Loom

Shipping activity through the Suez Canal increased by 7.9% year over year in January, driven by a 16.0% rise in tanker crossings after energy prices recovered. While the number of container ships fell there was a 7.2% rise in average vessel size which ensured the tonnage crossing the canal imp... Read more →


Sluggish Suez Shipping Suggests Slower Global Trade

The number of vessels using the Suez Canal rose by just 0.5% year over year in December. The followed a 0.4% decline in November and was the result of a 5.1% drop in containerized freight. The latter indicates slower global trade. The Panama Canal also saw a 3.2% drop in the number of transits... Read more →


Singapore’s Port Gets Back To Growth Just as Asia Slows

Cargo handling through Singapore climbed 2.3% year over year in December, reversing a 2.6% decline seen in the prior three months. A 5.9% improvement in container-handling and 9.2% jump in oil tanker traffic were the main drivers. While the growth bucks the trend of slowing / falling elsewhere... Read more →


Bigger Means Better for Panama as Canal Competition is Contained

Competition for volumes between the Panama and Suez Canals reached a deadlock in September with both seeing a 3% increase in transits vs. a year earlier. Panama likely did better in terms of volumes with larger, neopanamax vessels driving a potential 16% rise in volumes. Suez meanwhile only sa... Read more →

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