Antofagasta, Codelco have copper opportunity in Australia-China trade spat

Ags - Forestry 121 Australia 110 Chile 96 China 2899 Consumer Staples 735 Energy - Coal 57 Indonesia 87 Materials - Metals/Mining 708 Metals - Copper 66 Sanctions 134 Trade Deals 977

Relations between Australia and China have steadily worsened over the past two years, culminating in a reported Chinese ban on imports of grains, coal, copper, timber and some food items from Australia. China accounted for 39.7% of Australia’s exports in the 12 months to Sept. 30 and had already seen a decline of 12.7% year over year in Q3’20. The products covered by the new ban represented 13.6% of Australia’s exports to China in 2019, led by coal and copper with shipments worth $9.52 billion and $1.58 billion respectively. Australia represented 64.0% of China’s coal imports in 2018. Th...

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