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CMA-CGM WAXes Lyrical About Asia-to-Gulf Trade Opportunity

CMA-CGM is extending its “WAX” service between Asia and the Middle East, adding ports in China, South Korea and Oman. That’s likely designed to take advantage of rising consumer and industrial demand in the Middle East after oil prices climbed 47% on a year earlier in the second quarter of 201... Read more →


Trade War Quote Watch: Companies Will Make Customers Pay

During the 2Q earnings reporting season companies will likely be asked about the impact of tariffs on their supply chains. We’ll be tracking comments using the S&P Global Market Intelligence platform in this regularly updated report. So far comments have been split between: cost increases... Read more →


Suez Pile-up Comes as Transits Climb, Vessels Get Heavier

Shipping through the Suez Canal has been disrupted by a sequence of vessel groundings and collisions started by a container-vessel. That highlights the physical disruption risks faced by the logistics industry. It follows a 4% increase in the number of shipments through the canal in the past 1... Read more →


Panalpina Reaps the Reward For Slower Ocean Revenue Growth

Panalpina reported 2Q revenues that grew 11% on a year earlier. That was 2% points slower than analysts expected for the freight forwarder. That was likely due to a 1% decline in ocean freight volumes compared to a market rise of 4%. There was a similar pattern seen in the U.S. where inbound v... Read more →

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