2019 Outlook – Logistics: Getting Back To Basics

Corp - Forwarders 251 Corp - Shipping 780 Energy - Bunker Fuel 79 Global 1124 Mode - Airfreight 161 Mode - Containerized 1230 Mode - Seaborne 1558 Outlook 66 Theme - Alliances 91 Theme - Canals 96 Theme - Rates 170

The global logistics industry had a challenging 2018 due to rising fuel costs and overcapacity. The coming year won’t be any easier. Attempts to rebuild profitability, which fell by 2.4% points at the EBITDA line for the container-lines and 0.6% points for the freight forwarders, may include service offering innovations in terms of routings. However, cross-alliance offerings may run afoul of antitrust reviews being conducted by the European Union. Mergers and acquisitions are more likely to be vertical in nature – between shipping firms and forwarders – as has already been seen with CMA-...

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