Blame South Korea, as Well as China, For California’s Port Activity Decline

China 2530 Corp - Ports 775 Mode - Containerized 1230 Mode - Seaborne 1558 South Korea 492 U.S. 4478

California’s big ports saw a slowdown in containerized freight handling in September with combined shipments through LA, Long Beach and Oakland down by 1.7% year over year. That included a 1.5% slippage in imports. A 0.4% decline in empty container handling would suggest the risks of congestion in the peak season may have been reduced. Unsurprisingly imports from China led to drop in shipments, with a 7.7% slide bringing the 3Q total to a 5.6% decline. China’s not the only problem though. Imports from South Korea have also fallen by 23.7% in September and by 4.1% in 3Q. Major South Korea...

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