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Semis Only Small Segment of a Solution to U.S.-China Tensions

U.S.-China trade negotiations inched closer to a Memoranda of Understanding on a variety of technical, policy and purchasing measures in talks that finished Feb. 15. Discussions will continue this week with an aim to delivering the MoU before a Mar. 1 deadline for increased U.S. tariffs on Chi... Read more →


Nintendo Seeks To Level Up as Sony Leads Import Performance

Nintendo has announced 18 new games for its Switch videogame platform, likely in an effort to boost interest in the system two years after its release. That follows a weak end to U.S. console imports in 4Q 2018 with a 2.2% year over year decline, which has been followed by a 12.6% drop in Janu... Read more →


Burden Sharing Evident as Import Price Deflation Gathers Pace

U.S. trade price deflation gathered pace in January with headline import prices falling 1.7% year over year while export prices declined by 0.2%. While that was partly down to lower fuel costs underlying import prices (ex food and fuel) were unchanged year over year after 25 months of inflatio... Read more →


60 Days Delay The Way California’s Ports May See Renewed Growth

Container handling growth through California’s largest three ports – Long Beach, LA and Oakland – increased by just 3.0% in January after import growth of 1.6% outpacing exports’ 2.3% contraction. The slowdown from total growth of 7.7% in 4Q is largely a result of reduced imports to LA and Lon... Read more →


Five Bumps In The Road to Tariff Clarity for Automakers

The U.S. Commerce Department is scheduled to release a report in its section 232, national security, review of the automotive industry to President Trump by Feb. 17. It’s arguably the most controversial piece of trade policy from the administration and could influence $491.6 billion of bilater... Read more →


Vancouver’s Vanishing Growth Could Be a Congestion Issue

Increasing congestion issues at the Port of Vancouver may be due to slow capacity additions by railroad operators. That shouldn’t be a surprise though given total container handling at the port saw a slowdown to growth of just 0.5% year over year in December from 8.8% in the prior three months... Read more →


Love’s Not On The Sea as Valentine’s Imports Drop

Valentine’s Day gift giving may be falling out of favor in the U.S. Imports by sea of Valentine’s related gifts, cards and decorations fell 16.6% year over year in the four months to Jan. 31, the peak season for shipping those products. That made for the lowest level of imports since 2014. Imp... Read more →

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