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Swift, Tyson May Welcome Increased Stake in EU Beef Market

The European Union will allocate 35,000 tons out of its 45,000 ton annual import quota for hormone-free beef to the U.S. That’s an encouraging sign of improving trade relations between the two and settles a long-running WTO controversy. The deal is small in context at just 3.5% of U.S. a... Read more →


Vestas, Siemens’ Tax Credit Gust Still Outshone by Solar

The U.S. Senate may soon extend the production tax credit (PTC) that supports wind farm development beyond 2020. There’s been a recent surge in U.S. seaborne imports of wind turbine equipment of 31.0% year over year in 1Q and by 42.8% in April and May combined. That may reflect reflectin... Read more →


Trade Recession Beckons as Policy Uncertainty Worsens

The global economy may be close to a “trade recession”, defined as two consecutive three month periods of lower exports on a year over year basis globally. The most recent trade recession started in May 2015 and did not end until Nov. 2016 with the subsequent boom driven in party b... Read more →


Fanuc Powers Down as Industrial Robot Orders Fall

North American orders for industrial robots fell 3.5% in unit terms and 3.2% in dollar terms in 1Q 2019 after the benefits of the earlier U.S. tax cut was now longer felt. That’s followed an increase in U.S. imports of just 2.0% year over year in 1Q. The start of 2Q has started poorly wi... Read more →

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