Shipbuilding rides rising tide on container demand, emissions needs

China 2823 Corp - Shipping 905 Industrials - Capital Goods 545 Japan 559 Mode - Containerized 1384 Mode - Seaborne 1721 South Korea 538 Theme - Shipbuilding 105

The shipbuilding sector is experiencing a revival in orders as container-lines including ZIM Shipping and Wan Hai look to build out their market share and as others look to replace older vessels with more efficient, lower carbon-emitting models. Chinese shipyards received 4.88 million dry weight tons (mdwt) of orders in January and February combined, up by 250% on a year earlier and 138% higher than the same period of 2019. Exports from China of completed vessels rose by 24.0% year over year while those from South Korea increased by 4.0%. The sector is not without challenges. DSME has ha...

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