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Spot Illegal Trade

Panjiva’s trade-enforcement technology can identify high-risk shipments and companies across 1 billion records from 13 governments.

Promote Legitimate Trade

With over 9 million companies in 195 countries, Panjiva can point out new cross-border opportunities for domestic businesses.

Recover Tariff Revenue

Analyze systematic tariff evasion at the company, port, or shipment level using up to 8 years of historical data.

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An Intelligent Trade Monitoring Platform

Panjiva provides data-driven answers for trade enforcement/compliance, trade promotion, and tariff revenue collection. Combining rich transaction-level data with proprietary data-science technology, we help your team make better decisions in a complex international environment.

Trade Enforcement and Compliance

Our artificial intelligence learns the signature of illegal activities and adapts to changing criminal behavior.

Exports in Company Profile

Company profiles, shown above, is included with Enhanced plans and above.

Trade Facilitation and Promotion

Panjiva assists trade-promotion strategic planning at both micro and macro levels.

Trendspotting Report

Trendspotting, shown above, which is sold separately as an add on.

Revenue Recovery

Boost tariff revenues by stopping systematic tariff evasion using data from 13 governments.

Shipment Search with Multidimensional Summary Reporting

Shipment Search, shown above, is available on Basic plans and above.

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