Chinese PPE shipments drop ahead of U.S. tariff exemption extension

China 2778 European Union 722 Health Care 306 Tariffs 1720 U.S. 4944

The Biden administration has extended exemptions from section 301 tariffs for imports of Chinese medical supplies which were due to lapse on March 31. U.S. imports of supplies needed to treat COVID-19 had already been in decline with a 6.6% sequential dip in January to $10.6 billion, or 24.4% below their peak in May. Shipments from China were down by 64.6% from their May peak in January, with Chinese suppliers representing 58.5% of PPE imports in the three months to Jan. 31. Shipments of PPE fell by 12.4% to their lowest since March 2020. Imports of diagnostic tests did better having cli...

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