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Biden’s $51 billion supply chain planning exercise

President Biden’s long-awaited Executive Order regarding critical supply chain security will kick off a 100 day review of four sectors to address “production shortages, trade disruptions, natural disasters and potential actions by foreign competitors” covering pharmaceutical ingredients, criti... Read more →


Firearms shelves empty despite weapon, ammunition import surge

U.S. firearms retailers are running low on stocks after a surge in demand for weapons and ammunition during the pandemic and ahead of the general elections. FBI background checks reached a record high in December of 3.94 million applications after rising by 34.1% year over year. U.S. imports o... Read more →


Americans load up on ammunition ahead of the elections

U.S. handgun sales are growing ahead of the elections on concerns about gun control legislation under a potential Democrat administration. FBI background checks jumped 46.1% higher year over year in Q3. There’s also a shortage of ammunition in stores due to stockpiling as well as COVID-19 fact... Read more →

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