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BAe, Lonza have friends in New Hampshire as primary approaches

The U.S. election primary season may shine a spotlight on the trade policies of Democratic nominee candidates as well as the Trump administration’s record. Exports from New Hampshire, which holds its primary on Feb. 11, were worth $4,200 per capita in 2019 after overall growth of 8.2% year ove... Read more →


2020 Outlook: Trade War in Waiting – U.S.-EU Relations

A worsening of trade relations between the U.S. and EU could be the defining factor for global trade policy in 2020. Talks that started in July 2018 made little progress ahead of the arrival of a new European Commission as well as because of threatened, but not implemented, U.S. automotive tar... Read more →


Four Challenges For Trump – What You Missed Over The Holidays

Supply chains never sleep, and global trade policy is in continual flux. Since late December there have been a series of U.S. trade-policy related events that will have an impact on global supply chains in early 2020. President Trump has stated that the “phase 1” trade deal with China will be ... Read more →


Brexit Watch: Queen Fires The Start Gun For 229 Day Sprint

The reopening of the British Parliament by HRH Queen Elizabeth II includes a vote on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill. The U.K. will leave the EU on Jan. 31 and enter a transition period through the end of the year. Formal negotiations with the EU to formulate a post-Brexit trade deal may ... Read more →

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