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Trump pulls soldiers from Germany as arms exports dip

President Donald Trump will cut troop numbers in Germany, stationed as part of NATO functions, after criticizing German spending on defense. Increasing arms sales has been a key plank of Trump administration policy. Yet, year-to-date export approvals fell to $18.5 billion as of May 31 compared... Read more →


Sunshine state faces dark clouds from EU-U.S. trade conflict

The U.S. primary elections on Mar. 17 may include a trade policy focus in two states. Of the four states voting, Illinois has seen the fastest drop in exports between 2017 and 2019 with an 8.2% drop to $4,703 per capita. That’s been down to a slide in refined oil and certain medical devices. F... Read more →


Sanders, Biden debate trade as Michigan’s auto exports wane

The U.S. Presidential election cycle continues on March 10 with Democratic Party primaries in six states including Washington and Michigan. Washington state’s exports have seen the fastest decline in the nation in the past two years with a 21.3% drop in 2019 versus 2017 to reach $7.798 per cap... Read more →

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