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Nepali Manufacturers

Here are the 827 suppliers from Nepal. Panjiva helps you find manufacturers and suppliers you can trust. Click on the name of the supplier below to see more detail, or better yet, use the powerful Panjiva Supplier Search Engine to find the suppliers from Nepal that best meet your needs.

365 Ltd.
Aashirbad Trading
Aashirbad Trading
Abc Exp.
Abc Italia Surl
Accura Indutries
Ace the Himalaya
Adi Alternateurs Demarreurs
Aero Land Freighters (P) Ltd.
Afrah Alawi Al Ahmadi
Agarwal Overseas
Agrumaria Corleone SpA .
Akar Export
Alisha Trade International
Alma Imaging
Al Summit Exp. (P) Ltd.
Al Summit Exp. (P) Ltd.
Amar Deep Garments Industries (P) L
Amatya M International
American Embassy
American Embassy Brahma Cottage
Ami Apparels Pvt., Ltd.
Amilee Crafts
Amitayus Rugs Industries
Amrita Craft (P) Ltd.
Ams Traders And Exp.
Ams Traders & Exp.
Amulet International Trading
Amulet Internatiqnat Tral) Ing
Anand Nvh Products Pvt., Ltd.
Ancient Singing Bowl Gallery
Anitas Handicraft Pvt., Ltd.
Annapurna Carpet Industries (P) Ltd.
Annapurna Laghu Udyog
Annapurna Organic Agriculture Industry
Annapurna Organic Agriculture Industry
Ansheta Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Ao Alliance Foundation
A Ods Fashion
Apexb Pashmina Industry
Apex Carpet Industries
Apex Global Logisctic
Aramex International
Asain Trading Centre
Aseatic Traders & Exporters
A.S. Exp.
A.S. Exp.
A.S. Handicraft
Ashish Trading International
Ashoka Carpet Industries
Asian Alliance International
Asian Creation Exp.
Asian Exotic Pvt., Ltd.
Asian Exp.
Asian Exp. House
Asian Exp. House
Asian Nepal Trade And Exporters
Asian Spices & Food Packaging Udyog
Asian Thai Foods P Ltd.
Asia Rattan Mfg.
A Sonic Exp. And Imp.
Association for Craft Producers (ACP)
Astan Thatfoods P Ltd.
Asthamangal Handicraft Int
Asthamangal Handicraft Int.
Atlanta Traders & Exporter
Atlas Packers & Movers Pvt., Ltd.
Australian Embassy
Avatar Exp. And Imp. Pvt., Ltd.
Baba Collection International Trade
Baba Collection International Trade (P) Ltd.
Babu Handicraft
Bagmati Arts & Handicrafts
Bagmati Arts & Handicrafts
Bagmati Paper Industries P Ltd.
Bal Krishna Choice Garment
B And G Exp.
Basu S Exp. House
Benecke Changsun
Best Himalaya Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Bhagwati Enterprises
Bhairabitrading Concern
Bhairabi Trading Concern
Bhaktapur Craft Paper Ltd. (BCP)
Bimal Tobacco Products Pvt., Ltd.
Binita Fashion Industries (P) Ltd.
Bio Herbal Products
Blue Moon Logisitcs Pvt., Ltd.
Blue Moon Logistic Pvt., Ltd.
Bluemoon Logistics Pvt., Ltd.
Blue Moon Logistics Pvt., Ltd.
Blue Moon Logistics Pvt., Ltd. On Beh
B.N. International
B N International Exp. And Cargo
B N International Exp. And Cargo
B N International Exp. And Cargo
B N International Exp. And Cargo
B N International Exp. And Cargo
B N International Exp. & Cargo P
B.N. International Exp. & Cargo (P) Ltd.
B N International Exp. & Cargp P
Brf Brasil Foods S.A
Buddhaland Cargo Andexport Pvt., Ltd.
Buddhaland Exp.
Budhanilkantha International
Caddell Construction Co Inc.
Capital Exp.
Capital Imp. Exp. House P.
Cargo Packers & Movers International Pvt.Lt
Caritas Nepal
Centre for Child Studies and Development
Centre for Environment Education Nepal
Century Handicraft Production
C.G. Foods (Nepal) P. Ltd.
Chang Carpet Manufacturers Industries
Chaudhary Group
Chelsea Exp.
Chemonics Neat Nepal
Chhiring Carpet Center Udhyog
Chhiring Carpet Center Udhyog
Chuney Exp.
Cimmyt International
Cimtex Composite Mfg. Co.; Ltd.
City Carpet Industries
Classic Custom Rugs (P) Ltd.
Clothing In Nepal Exp. & Imp.
Cnh Industrial Latin America Ltda
Coats Phong Phu
Comrod Communication Asa
Continental Tea And Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Continental Tea And Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Continental Tea And Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Continents Logistic Cargo Pvt., Ltd.
Crafteria Nepal Pvt., Ltd.
Craft Nepal
Creation Nepal
Creation Nepal
Creation Nepal Inc.
Creative Hand Nepal (P) Ltd.
Creative Hand Nepal P Ltd.
Creative Hand Nepal P Ltd.
Crystal Clipping Co.
Culture Carpet Indistries P. Ltd.
Culture Carpet Industries P Ltd.
Damco India Pvt., Ltd.
DASS Pvt., Ltd.
Dawa Arts Karma Gurung
Dawa Arts Mr Karma Ghale
Dawa Handicraft
Dawa Hardicraft
Dee Pee Ex
Dee Pee World
De Everest Traders & Exp.
De Everest Traders & Exp.
Dege Carpets Pvt., Ltd.
Dekiling Carpet Industry
Designer Collection Pvt., Ltd.
Desire Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Destination Apparels Pvt., Ltd.
Deurali Garments
Devchakra Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Dhamstikcarpet Industries
Dharma Adventures Pvt., Ltd.
Dhl Isc
Dhl Isc
Diki Continental Exp.
Diki International Exp.
Dikki International Exp.
Directorate General Army Aviation
Directorate General Of
Directorate General Of Army Aviation Mid Air Base
Direct Way Exporters
Direct Way Exporters
Direct Way Exporters
Discover Nepal Exp. Inc.
Discover Nepal Exp. P Ltd.
D.N Creation & Exim
Dpex World Wide
Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt., Ltd.
Dugar Brothers Concern
Dugar Spices & Food Products
Dyk Exp. & Traders
Dynamic Industries P Ltd.
Dynamic Towel Pvt., Ltd.
East West Carpet Industries
East West Handicraft
East West Handicraft
Easywear Exp. (P) Ltd.
Ecoscentre Ecological Service Cnetre
Ekadanta Exp.
Embassy Of America
Emergenzamatic Srl
Emergenzamatic Srl .
Energoprom GmbH Glinkastr. 34 36 10117 Berlin Germany
Enlightened Nepal
Entec AG
Ethnic Creation P Ltd.
European Union Delegation To
Europe Exp. & Cargo
Europe Exp. & Crago Pvt., Ltd.
Everest Air Cargo P Ltd.
Everest Carpet Manufacturers
Everest Carpet Manufacturers P Ltd.
Everest Carpet Mfg. Pvt., Ltd.
Everest De Cargo
Everest Fashion
Everest Fashion Felt & Knitpvt. Lt
Everest Fibre Industries (P) Ltd.
Everest International Cargo
Everest International Cargo
Everest International Exp.
Everest Loom
Everest Pashmina Knitting & Weaving Industry
Everest Pureland Products
Everest Sherpa Carpet Industries
Everest Thanka Treasures
Everst International
Ex Gurkaha Khukuri House
Ex Gurkha Khukuri House
Ex Gurkha Khukuri House
Expolanka Freight Nepal P Ltd.
Exxon Trade Concern
Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG Nepal)
Fashion Craft Pvt., Ltd.
Fashion Mantra Pvt., Ltd.
Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal (FECOFUN)
Fil Plastic Di Salvi Renato
Flash Freight Logistics Pvt., Ltd.
Florida International Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Flyjac Logistics Pvt., Ltd.
Forever Craft Industries
Formation Carpets
Fortune Parts Industries Public
Forum for Human Rights and Public Health Nepal (Friendship-Nepal)
Forward Traders & Exporters P. Ltd.
Four Thousand Villages P Ltd.
Freak Street Garment Industries (P)
Freak Street Garment Industries P. Ltd.
Freak Street Garments Industries
Freedom Exp.
Freedom Exp.
Freight Link P Ltd.
Freight Master Logistics Pvt., Ltd.
Freight Systems ( India ) Pvt., Ltd.
Freight Systems (India) Pvt., Ltd.
Freight Systems (I) Pvt., Ltd.
Freight Systems (I) Pvt., Ltd.
G.A.C. Cargo Y Courier Service Pvt., Ltd.
Gac Express Nepal Pvt., Ltd.
Gandaki Bee Concern
Gandaki Bee Concern
Ganpati Tobacco Pvt., Ltd.
Gaurav Exp.
G.B. Handicraft Centre
G.B.Handicrafts Centre
Genesis Trade And Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Get Aper Industries
Get Paper Indsutry P Ltd.
Get Paper Industries
Get Paper Industry
Get Paper Insudtries
Get Pepper Industries
Ghangzong Carpet Manufacturer
Gifted Hands
Gifts Etc
Gifts Etc.
Giftsland Enterprices Pvt., Ltd.
Giftsland Enterprises (P) Ltd.358
Giftsland Enterprises Pvt., Ltd.
Giftslend Enterprises P. Ltd.
Gimi SpA .
Girish Traders
Gk Carpet Industries
Gk Co. Pvt., Ltd.
Global International Exp.
Global Nepal Pvt., Ltd.
Globe Wireless
Gmmco Ltd.
Gomang Carpet Manex P. Ltd.
Goodlife Beverage Pvt., Ltd.
Gorkha Lahari Pvt., Ltd.
Gorkhali Exp.
Government Of Nepal Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
Gupta Art Suppliers
Guranse Tea Estate Pvt., Ltd.
Guru Arts Enterprises
Gyaltsen Rug Industries
Gyan Food Products
Halesi Mahadev Enterprises
Handloom Carpet Inds
Hand Of Hills Enterprises
Hangzhou E.K Textile Co., Ltd.
Hansa Overseas Pvt., Ltd.
Hatale Udhyog Pvt., Ltd.
Hazama Ando Corporation
Hazama Ando Corporation The Project For Construction Of Sindhuli Road (Section) Kathmandu Office
Hazma Ando Corporation
Healing Herbs Nepal Pvt., Ltd.
Heritage Fashion
Heroka Carpet Industries
High Himalaya Garments
Highland Air & Ocean Logistics Pvt.
Highland Organic Coffee Co. Pvt.
Himalaya Mahalaxmi Tea Garden Pvt., Ltd.
Himalayan Arts Carpet
Himalayan Arts Manufacturers
Himalayan Decor Rugs
Himalayan Enterprises
Himalayan Exp. House
Himalayan Fabs International
Himalayan Group Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Himalayan Handicrafts
Himalayan Handmade Nepal
Himalayan Hindacrafts
Himalayan Knitwear
Himalayan Light Foundation
Himalayan Nepal Exp.
Himalayan Nepal Traders
Himalayan Oriental Crafts
Himalayan Oriental Craftshatigauda
Himalayan Orthodox Tea Producers Association Nepal
Himalayan Safaris Pvt., Ltd.
Himalayan Shangrila Tea Producersp
Himalayan Shangri-la Tea Producers P Ltd.
Himalayan Snax And Noodles Pvt., Ltd.
Himalayan Trade & Exp.
Himalayan Travel & Tours Pvt., Ltd.
Himalayan Weave Pvt., Ltd.
Himalayan Yak Chhurpi And Cheese In
Himalaya Sherpa Herbs
Himalaya Towel Industries
Himali Rug House
Himal Power Ltd.
Himalya Airline
Himatsingka Linens
Himlayan Traders & Exp.
Himshikhar Rugs Craft P Ltd.
Hlk (P) Ltd.
Hlk (P) Ltd.
Hlk Pvt., Ltd.
Hlx P Ltd.
Hobb Creation Industries
Hope Imp. & Exp. (P) Ltd.
Hope Imp. & Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Hotel Dwarikas
Htl Logistics
Icchya Wool House
Ice Nepal
I H Q Organics Pvt., Ltd.
Ihsedu Agrochem Pvt., Ltd. Akhandand
Inmarsat Solutions (US) Inc.
Insan Institute For Sustainable Agriculture Nepal
Inter Carpet Manufacturers
Inter Carpet Mfg
Interional Craft
Inter Lama Carpetindustries
Inter Lama Carpet Industries
Internationa Craft
Interwear Fashion
Intl Committee Of The Red
Intl Crafts
Intl Organisation
Intl Organization For Mig
Intl Trades Associates Inc.
Intl Trading Associates Inc.
Jasmine Hygiene Products
Jatan Imp. Exp. Ltd.
Jatan Imp. Exportp. Ltd.
Jatan Imp. Exp. (P) Ltd.
Jatan Imp. Exp. P. Ltd.
Jaya Bagalamukhi Enterprises.
Jd Apparels
Jeenat Exp.
Jeenat Exp.
Jeevankala Nepal
Jet Express Tours & World
Jet Exprss Tours & World
J.M. Trading Pvt., Ltd.
Junetara Art &Handicraft
Junetara Art & Handicraft
Junetara Art & Handicraft
Jyapu Brothers Pvt., Ltd.
Kailash Epxorts
Kailash Exp.
Kailsh Exp.
Kalanki Knitwear P Ltd.
Kalesh Exp.
Kalika Trade Link
Kalpana Craft
Kamal Rug Industries
Kamal Rug Industries Satobato
Kaml Rug Industries
Kanchan Cashmere Industries
Kanchanjangha Tea Estate
Kantipur Carpet Craft Industries
Kantipur Carpet Craft Industries
Kantipur Carpet Industries
Karma Circle Nepal Pvt., Ltd.
Karnor Carpet Manufacturers (P) Ltd.
Kasthamandap Transglobal Traders Pv
Kathmandu Exp. House
Kathmandu Star Fashion Pvt., Ltd.
Kathmandu Valley Carpet Industries
Kayastha Exp.
Khare Carpet Industry
Kheopa Handicraft
Khishong Carpet Industries
Khishong Carpet Manufacturer
Khumbu Carpet Industries
Khushi Enterprises
Kingslog Supply Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
Kishor Offset Press Pvt., Ltd.
K.L. International
Knitex Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Kokonor Carpet India Pvt., Ltd.
Kokonor Carpet Ind. Pvt., Ltd.
Kokonor Carpet Industriespvt Ltd.
Kokonor Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Kongpo Carpet Karkhana
Kopan Monastery
Kora Exp.
K P Craft
Kripa Handicrafts
Kriti Craft Pvt., Ltd.
Kubar Design Handicraft
Kuber Handicrafts
Kumari Carpet Centre
Kumari Craft Creation
Kumbeshwar Technical School
Kumbeshwar Trading
Kumbeshwar Trading Centre
Kunphen Herbal Incense Products
Kunphen Herbal Incense Products
Kunphen Herbal Incense Products
Kyn Trading
Lama Handicraft
Laxmi Garments
Laxmi Wood Craft Udhyog
Laxmi Wood Craft Udhyog
Lazy Acres
L.D.Intl Pvt., Ltd.
Legend Cargo Pvt., Ltd.
Lersak Stainless (Thailand) Co.
Lhasa Carpet Industries
Lighting Science Group
Lincoln School
Lmanpa Sherpa
Looksee Rugs
Lopsang Carpet Udyog
Lord Buddha Himalayan Enterprises
Lost Horizon International Handicraft
Lost Horizon International Trading Concern
Lotos Frabils
Lotus Fabrics
Lotus Fabrics
Lotus Fabrics
Lotus Fabrics
Lotus Fabrics
Lotus Holdings Pvt., Ltd.
Lovely Handicrafts And Thanka Centre
Lpg Express Pvt., Ltd.
Lumana Knit Craft
Lumbini Exp.
Lumbini Exp.
Lumbini Exp. House
Lumbini Int Research
Lumbini Int Research Institute
Lumbini Trade & Exp.
Lungta Rug House
Lydia Traders Pvt., Ltd.
Lydiatrading Pvt., Ltd.
Lydia Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
Lydia Trading Pvt., Ltd.
Machen Trade & Exp.
Macro Sun Nepal
Mahaguthi Craft with a Conscience
Mahaguthi Craft With Conscience
Mahaguthi Nepal
Maharani Art Exporters
Mahle Filter Systems Canada Ucl
Malika Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Malika Rugs And Handicrafts
Malika Rugs And Handicrafts
Manaram Himalayan
Manaram Himalayan Handicraft Pvt.
Manaslu Fashion
Mandala Trade & Exp.
Mandala Trade & Exp.
Mandala Trade & Exp.
Mandala Trade & Exp.
Mantra Fashion Pvt., Ltd.
Manushi Trading
Marshangdi Apparels Pvt., Ltd.
Master Weaver
Matabagalamukhi Pvt., Ltd.
Matelplus Inc. Co., Ltd.
Material Recycling
MEkalu Trading
Mercury International Nepal P Ltd.
Merino Industries P Ltd.
Milaripa Exp.
Milaripa Exp.
Milaripa Exportts
Mimang Fashion Craft Pvt., Ltd.
Ministry Of Culture Tourism
Ministry Of Defense Nepal
Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
MIT Solutions Pvt., Ltd.
Mkantipur Clothing
Mla Inc. P Ltd.
Mode Srl
Mohawk Sport Handicrafts Pvt., Ltd.
Mohawk Sports Handicrafts P Ltd.
Momento Apparels
Momento Apparels Pvt., Ltd.
Monal Exp. And Imp.
Moonlight Trade House
Moonlight Traders & Exp.
Moonlight Traders & Exp.
Moonlight Traders & Exp.
Moonlight Traders & Exports
Mooriya Traders Pvt., Ltd.
Motherland Traders
Mountain Exp. Imp.
Mountain Packers & Movers Traders
Mount Everest Collections Pvt., Ltd.
Mount Everest Trading
Mount Kailash Exp.
Mr Filipo Tarakinkini Undp Kathmandu Nepal
Mr. Tal Blair Lincoln School
Msi Logistics Nepal Pvt., Ltd.
Mt Kailash Pashmina Udyog
Mt. Kailash Pashmina Udyog
Multi Exp.
Multi Exp.
My Fashion (P) Ltd.
Namaste Carpet Nepal (P) Ltd.
Namaste Fair Trade
Namaste Nepal Exp.
Namaste Travel (P) Ltd.
Nameste Travel Pvt., Ltd.
Narayani Leather Mfg Industries
Narayani Leather Mfg.Industries
Narayani Leather Mfg. Industries
Narayani Modern Pulses Industries
Narayani Modern Pulses Industries
National Business Initiative
National Exp. Private Ltd.
National Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
National Organics Pvt., Ltd.
National Organics Pvt., Ltd.
Natural Fiber Pvt., Ltd.
Natural Resource Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Natural Resources Industries (Pty) Ltd.
Natural Wool House P. Ltd.
Nectar Arts & Handicraft
Nepa Crafts Product
Nepa Crafts Product
Nepal Art Crafts Exp.
Nepal Art Shop Exp. & Imp.
Nepal Art Shop Exp. & Imp. P. Ltd.
Nepal Art Shop Exp. & Imp. P. Ltd.
Nepal Bazaar Traders And Exporters
Nepal Campus Crusade For Christ
Nepal Carpet Industries
Nepal Cashmere Industries
Nepal Craft Enterprises Pvt., Ltd.
Nepal Craft Gallery
Nepal Craft Paper Industries P Ltd.
Nepal Craft Trading Pvt., Ltd.
Nepal De Exp.
Nepal De Exp.
Nepal De Exp.
Nepal Ekarat Engineering Co. Pvt., Ltd.
Nepalese Creative Handicdafts
Nepal Express Parcel & Logistic P
Nepal Fashion Ltd.
Nepal Freight Forward Exp.
Nepali Craft Trading P Ltd.
Nepal International Collection
Nepal International Collection Pvt.
Nepali Organic Tea
Nepali Paper Products Ltd.
Nepali Paper Products Pvt., Ltd.
Nepal Knotcraft Center
Nepal Knotcraft Centre Pvt.
Nepal Naturals Pvt., Ltd.
Nepal Overseas Marketing Co Lt
Nepal Pashmina Industries
Nepalrug Industries
Nepal Rug Industries
Nepal Tea Development Corp Ltd.
Nepal Tea Development Corp Ltd.
Nepal Tobacco Co. Pvt., Ltd.
Nepal Tobacco Co. Pvt., Ltd.
Nepal Tourism Board
Nepal Woman Crafts
New Asian Trade House
Newculture Carpet And Handicraft
New Culture Carpet & Handicrafts In
New Horizon Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd.
New Pashupati Industries
New York Traders & Exporter Pvt., Ltd.
N.G.Collection Center
Nicolas John Leader Dfid Nepal
Nine Craft Business Pvt., Ltd.
Nirvana Carpet Industries
Nirvana Traders And Exp.
Nirvana Traders & Exp.
Nitya Traditional Tex Pvt., Ltd. Nepal
Nmg International Pvt., Ltd.
Noble Logistic Nepal (P) Ltd.
Noble Logistics Nepal (P) Ltd.
Norbulanka Exp.
Norbulinka Exp.
Norbunlinka Exp.
Norkhil Carpet Industries
N.P. Rugs Industries
Nsachi Trading Llc
N.S. Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
N.S.Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Nutri Foods Pvt., Ltd.
Nutri Foods Pvt., Ltd.
Ocean Air Express Pvt., Ltd.
Ocean Sky Global Co., Ltd.
Om Handicrafts
Om Vishal Apparels Pvt., Ltd.
One World Nepal Trading
Orient International
Orient International Frt Fwd Undp For Mr.
Orient International Relocation
Overseas Freight P Ltd.
Overseas Freight P Ltd.
Oxford Craft Collection & Exp.
Palbu Carpet Atelier
Pan Himalayan Carpet Industries
Pantan Karnali Carpet Industries
Paradise Carpet Inds Pvt., Ltd.
Paramount Carpet Industries
Paramount Carpet Udhyog Pvt., Ltd.
Pari Carpet
Pdp International Ltd.
Peace Enterprises
Peace Enterprises
Peace Enterprises (P) Ltd.
Peace Enterprises P Ltd.
Peace Nepal Fashin Industries
Pelage Exporters Pvt., Ltd.
Pelage Exporters Pvt., Ltd.
Pelege Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Pemala Carpet Industries
Pemarug Industries
Pema Rug Industries
Peoples Craft Exp.
People Serving Hand Handicaft
People Serving Hand Handicaft
PERFECT Exp. (PVT) Ltd. Nepal
Phelps Dodge International
Phelps Dodge International
Phempo Carpet Indutries P Ltd.
Phnom Da Souvenir
Pinnacle Logistics India Pvt., Ltd.
Pioneer Marketing
Prabhu Hastakala Handicraft House
Pradhanang Apparels Industries
Pradhanang Apparels Industriesp. Ltd.
Pranjali Carpet Industries
Prasai Trade & Exp.
Premier Insurance Co. Nepal Ltd.
Pride Of Pokhara
Pride Of Pokhara
Prima International
Primitive Knitwear & Fashion Pvt., Ltd.
Prince International Exp.
Prince International Exp.
Public Freight Pvt., Ltd.
Pulse Fashion Solution Pvt., Ltd.
Pulse Fashion Solution Pvt., Ltd.
Purna Kalash Traders
Purna Kalash Traders
Raise Trade (P) Ltd.
Ranta Carpets Pvt., Ltd.
Rara Apparels Pvt., Ltd.
Reliance Carpet Industires
Reliance Carpet Industries
Rijal Tashi Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Risiing Nepal Garment
Rising Exp. Industries (P) Ltd.
Rising Trade House Pvt., Ltd.
Rising Trade Link
R.K. Carpet & Handicraft
R K Carpet & Handicrafts P Ltd.
R.K.Exp. & Cargo Service Pvt., Ltd.
R K Mithila Suppliers
Rlux Custom Marketing
R.M Craftworld
R & M Garment And Exp.
R N International
Ross International / World Wid
Royal Arts
Royal Everest Cofe Mill (Pvt) Ltd.
Sabbu International Suppliers
Sabnam Garment Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Sadia S A R.Leopoldo Froes 1001 Uvaranas Ponta Grossa 84030 120 Brazil
Sadle Niryat (P) Ltd.
Sadleniryat (Pvt) Ltd.
Sagarmatha Silks Pipal Brikshya Marge
Samantha Blooms Ltd.
Samling Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Samten Carpet Industries
Sancta Maria Coir Products Pvt., Ltd.
Sanskar Nepal Overseas
Sanskar Nepal Overseas
Sarswati Polymer Industries
Sarswati Polymer Industries
Satya Herbal Products Pvt., Ltd.
Save Himalayan Trade Concern
Save Himalayan Trade Concern
S. Baba Art & Handicraft Pvt., Ltd.
Sd International Foods Pvt., Ltd.
Sd International Foods Pw. Ltd.
Se Gumba Enterprises
Senon Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Senon Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Seti Devi Exp. And Imp.
Seven Continental Trade Link
Shailee Crafts Dexterous Kathmandu
Shakti Shiva Fashion Wear Pvt., Ltd.
Shambala Herbal & Aromatic Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Shambala Herbal & Aromatic Industry Pvt., Ltd.
Shangrila Exp. And International
Shangrila Exp. & Internatinal
Shangrila Exp. & International
Shangri La Tours P. Ltd.
Shangri La Unique Rugs And
Shangri La Unique Rugs Handicraft
Sharan Hats And Garment Exp.
S H Carpet Industries
S H Carpet Industries
Sh Carpet Industryg
Shepra Handicraft Exp. Imp.
Sherpa Adventure Gear
Sherpa Adventure Gear Pvt., Ltd.
Sherpa Handicraft Exp. Imp.
Sherpa Pashmina Art
Shine Industries
Shirdiki Handicrafts
Shree Airlines Pvt., Ltd.
Shree Exim Com Pvt., Ltd.
Shree Himalayan Craft Traders
Shree Himalayan Craft Traders
Shreeji Exim. Com Pvt., Ltd.
Shree Mandala Enterprises
Shree Shnaghai Industries
Shrestha Himalayan Art
Shrestha Himalayan Art & Hadicraft
Shrestha Wool Textile Enterprises
Siac Skh India Cabs Mfg.
Siddhartha Creation Pvt., Ltd.
Siddivinayak Exp. House (P) Ltd.
Silinge Coffee Producer Cooperative Ltd.
Sil International
Silly Yeti Exp.
Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management
Singing Bowl Sound Craft
Sirjana Traders & Exporters
Sita Air Pvt., Ltd.
Skill Development Multipurpose Co-operative Org Ltd.
Sky International
Skylake Carpets And Handicrafts
Sky Logistics Cargo Pvt., Ltd.
Slemb Nepal
Smile Fashion Pvt., Ltd.
Smooth Cargo Movers Pvt., Ltd.
S.M.S. Exp.
Snowland Carpets Pvt., Ltd.
Sonam Exp.
Sony Handicrafts
Soorya And Associates
Speedmark Enterprises
Speed Way Cargo Kathmandu
Speedway Cargo (P) Ltd.
Speedway Cargo Pvt., Ltd.
Spiral Craft For Women
Srijana Exp.
Srijana Exp. Jorpati
Sri Lanka High Comm
Sri Lanka High Comm/Emb
Sri Lanka High Comm/Emb/Frun Trade Counsel
Sri Lanka High Comm/Emb/Prun/ Trade Consul
Sri Lanka Hogh Comm/Emb/Prn Trade Council
Sri Lankan High Comission
S.S Sweater House
Stupa Trading Concern
Style Crafts Pvt., Ltd.
Sumi Carpet Manufacturer
Sumi Carpet Mfg
Sunshine Garments
Superior Handmade Paper Product
Superstar Exp.
Superstar Exp.
Superway Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Suraj Vaidya C/O Airbase Express Logistics
Surya Nepal
Surya Nepal Pvt., Ltd.
Surya Pashmina And Handicraft
Surya Rug House
Sustainable Bio Trade Group
Sustainable Bio-Trade Group
Swayambhu Carpet Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Swayambhu Carpet Industriy Pvt., Ltd.
Swg Logistics Nepal (P) Ltd.
Swift Air Cargo
Swoyambhu Exp. Business House
Swoyambhu Exp. Business House
Taizhou Topsun Imp. & Exp. . Co., Ltd.
Taizhou Topsun Imp. & Exp. . Co., Ltd.
Taizhou Topsun Imp. & Exp. . Co., Ltd.
Tamu Overseas Trade & Exp.
Tara Air Pvt., Ltd.
Tashi Delek Exp.
Tashi Dhan Galaincha Udyog
Tea Direct Pvt., Ltd.
Temple Art Exposition
Terrain Service Promotion S.A.R.L.
Tetra Pak Technical Service Ab
Thai Airways International Public Co.
Thakur Oriental Crafts
Thamel Exp. House
The Asian Foundations
The Collection Royal Pvt., Ltd.
The Explore Nepal
The Fred Hollow Iol
The Fred Hollows Iol
The Fred Hollows Iol Laboratory
The Gauze Way Inc.
The Nepal Distilleries Pvt., Ltd.
The Phoenix Exp.
The Phoenix Exp.
The Planet Exp.
The Shangrila Carpet And
The Shangrila Carpet And Handicraft
Thetibet Exp.
The Tibet Exp.
The Tibet Exp.
The United Exp. & Imp.
The United Exp. Imp.
The United Exp. Imp.
Third Eye Interantional
Thirdeye International
Third Eye International
Third Eye International
Third World Craft Nepal
Third World Craft Nepal
Third World Exp.
Thord World Exp.
Tibetan Handicraft And Paper P Ltd.
Tibetan Handicraft Emporium
Tibetan Wool Crafts
Tibet Carpet
Tibet Carpet.
Tibetian Weavers Pvt., Ltd.
Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge
Tilichho Khangsar Cargo P Ltd.
Ti Sungu
Tourmaline Enterprises
Trade And Exp. Promotion Centre
Trance Trip Garment Industries P
Travel De Exp. Imp.
Travel De Exp. Imp.
Tricot Industries P Ltd.
Tripati Suppliers And General Store
T T Carpet Industries
Tufenkian Nepal
Tuffnkian Nepal
Tumali Rug House
Uma Galaincha Udhyog P. Ltd.
Undp Rolhr
Unicrafts (P) Ltd.
Unions Crafts
Unique Cargo & Courier Service P.
Unique Himalayan Herbs International Pvt., Ltd.
Unique Logistics International Indi
Unique Logistics International Industries
United Colours Fashion Pvt., Ltd.
United Nations Mission In Nepal
United Nepal Feltindustries Pvt. Lt
Un Who Nepal For Dr. Andrew Trevett
Usaid Nepal
US Traders
Vajira Handicraft
Van Giap Dang Delegation Of The
Varsha Recycling Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Vasu Collection
Victoria Exp. (P) . Ltd.
Victoria Exp. Pvt., Ltd.
Vijayadeep Laboratories Ltd.
Vikash Flour Mill Pvt., Ltd.
Vinod Metal Industries Pvt., Ltd.
Vision Of Himalayan Exp.
Wholesale Nepal Pvt., Ltd.
Wholesalepashmina Nepal
Wild Earth Pvt., Ltd.
Womens Co. Pvt., Ltd.
Wonderful Exim Pvt., Ltd.
Wonjala Traders
World Galaxy Craft
World Health Organzation
World Wide Knitwear
Yak And Yeti Enterprises P Ltd.
Yak Carpet Industries
Yak Carpet Industries
Yak & Yeti Entrprises Pvt., Ltd.
Yamaha Corp.
Yati Airlines Pvt., Ltd.
Yeti Airlines Domestic (P) Ltd.
Yetiland Pvt., Ltd.
Yoldong Carpetindustries
Yolmo Prayer Flags And Handicraft
Yumasri Enterprises
Yumasri Enterprises
Zhejiang Topsun Logistic Control Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Topsun Logistic Control Co., Ltd.

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