2020 Outlook: Fighting on Several Fronts – Supply Chain Strategies

China 2521 Cons. Discr. - Autos 915 Cons. Discr. - Durables 298 Cons. Discr. - Retailing 286 Consumer Staples 587 European Union 624 Industrials - Capital Goods 438 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 588 Outlook 66 U.S. 4459

Corporate supply chain managers have had to make strategic decision making in the phase of the uncertainty generated by the U.S.-China trade war in the past two years. Looking ahead they face a widening number of challenges including: the implementation of the phase 1 U.S.-China trade deal trade deal; a potential trade conflict between the U.S. and EU; as well as trade liberalization elsewhere in the world. Businesses generally now see trade policy volatility as business-as-usual with just 20.9% of firms discussing tariffs or Brexit in conference calls during 4Q. That was the lowest sinc...

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