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GM, Autoliv face higher trucking costs during COVID-19 recovery

U.S. importers from Mexico are having to pay for empty truck runs due to a shortage of demand in Mexico for imports from the U.S. That can be seen in Mexican imports from the U.S. by truck which dropped by 20.6% year over year in July while exports to the U.S. only fell by 9.8%. The situation ... Read more →


Global trade on the mend as export decline slows to 10% in June

Trade activity in the European Union has continued to decline in June with exports down by 6.4% year over year. That was a lower rate than in prior two months and was helped by a recovery in exports of food and chemicals to outside the EU while fuel, capital goods and transportation lagged. Ex... Read more →


Leoni leans towards the cautious as COVID-19 slashes cable demand

Cable and wiring manufacturer Leoni reported a 46.0% year over year slide in revenues in Q2 as a result of the “Covid-19 pandemic has hit the global automotive industry and its suppliers hard” according to CEO Aldo Kamper. The firm expects a “gradual improvement” though the rest of 2020 will b... Read more →

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