Brexit baggage continues to weigh on U.K. trade activity

Brexit 170 Cons. Discr. - Autos 1082 European Union 748 Health Care 327 Industrials - Capital Goods 548 Trade Balance 915 Trade Deals 963 United Kingdom 333

U.K. trade and customs policies remain in flux. The government plans to tighten import regulations to levels commensurate with the EU-U.K. Trade & Cooperation Agreement from October onwards. Yet, it is also reportedly reconsidering current trade arrangements for Northern Ireland and may implement a system of free ports with uncertain tariff benefits. All that comes as U.K. trade activity remains depressed. There was a 9.8% year over year increase in bilateral merchandise trade in March but that left 2021 activity 16.5% lower than March 2019 due to a 26.5% slump in imports from the EU. Th...

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