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Trade recovery looks fragile as industries, countries diverge

The global recovery in merchandise activity appears widespread but may be fragile. U.S. exports for example climbed 50.4% higher year over year and by 6.3% compared to 2019 in the month of April. Yet, most of that recovery was down to food / agriculture and industrial supplies which climbed by... Read more →


Global trade rebound may not be as good as it seems

The global trade recovery accelerated in March with growth of 12.0% year over year in the dollar value of trade, according to CPB figures, led by emerging Asian economies. Yet, growth compared to the same period of 2019 was just 5.8%. Ongoing commodity price inflation has also been a positive ... Read more →


EU trade rebounds despite Brexit drag

The EU’s international trade with non-EU countries jumped 14.4% higher year over year in March, equivalent to growth of 5.5% compared to 2019. While trade with China surged, both imports and exports with the U.K. slipped. Exports to the U.K. were down by 21.8% versus 2019 including reduced shi... Read more →


Brexit baggage continues to weigh on U.K. trade activity

U.K. trade and customs policies remain in flux. The government plans to tighten import regulations to levels commensurate with the EU-U.K. Trade & Cooperation Agreement from October onwards. Yet, it is also reportedly reconsidering current trade arrangements for Northern Ireland and may implem... Read more →

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