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Brexit Watch: Customs expedience now jeopardizes trade deals later

The latest round of negotiations between the EU and U.K. to formulate a new trade and customs arrangement for 2021 and beyond has once again failed to make significant progress. The EU is “intensifying its preparedness work to be ready for all scenarios” including a no-deal scenario should agr... Read more →


Global trade on the mend as export decline slows to 10% in June

Trade activity in the European Union has continued to decline in June with exports down by 6.4% year over year. That was a lower rate than in prior two months and was helped by a recovery in exports of food and chemicals to outside the EU while fuel, capital goods and transportation lagged. Ex... Read more →


Brexit Watch: Standby for action as next round of talks beckons

Negotiations between the EU and U.K. are due to restart on Aug. 17 with a view to formulating a long-term trade and customs deal in time for the Dec. 31 end to current arrangements. That comes as British trade with the EU fell by 11.2% year over year in June on the back of a 14.2% slide in imp... Read more →


Brexit Watch: Hoping for a deal, preparing for the worst

The British government has issued advice to companies on handling customs and trade arrangements with the EU once current arrangements end from the start of 2021. There’s also significant new investments in customs facilities to be made, likely to handle the event that there are no new prefere... Read more →

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