Tariff Quote Watch: Hasbro Shows Playtime Sometimes About The Timing Not The Play

China 2604 Cons. Discr. - Durables 346 Cons. Discr. - Retailing 311 India 411 Quote Watch 261 Tariffs 1648 U.S. 4633 Vietnam 288

Hasbro’s 3Q earnings were 15.7% below analysts’ estimates gathered by S&P Global Market Intelligence. The toymaker’s CEO, Brian Golden has blamed the “multiple different dates for the enactment of List 4 tariffs come and then be delayed, now scheduled for December 15” which meant the firm’s customers “canceled major direct import program orders and rewrote many of those orders as domestic shipments.” While U.S. seaborne shipments linked to Hasbro climbed 12.6% year over year in 3Q, Panjiva data shows, that masks a sharp growth in July and August followed by a 54.4% slump in September. Th...

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