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Alpek May Beat Reliance as Yarn Supply Chains Are Rewoven

The U.S. Commerce Department has determined that exports of polyester yarn from China and India have been subsidized at rates of up to 460%. The case, brought by Unifi and Nan Ya Plastics, won’t be completed until Oct. 24. So far supply chains have not altered radically. Imports from Chi... Read more →


Iran Sanctions Could Take Toll on Indian Rice, Drug Exports

The extension of oil sanctions against Iran by the U.S. could lead to a contraction in the Iranian economy. That’s led an Indian farming association to lobby the government to ensure continued export access to Iran. India’s exports to Iran were led by shipments of rice worth $1.27 billion in t... Read more →


Two-Speed Export Economy Apparent as India’s Exports Rebound

India’s international trade activity increased 5.3% year over year in March. While imports returned to growth with an increase of 1.4% that was solely due to raised oil imports. Exports meanwhile surged 11.0% higher, the best since October, and did even better when excluding energy. India join... Read more →


The Remarkable Resilience of America’s Demand for Imports

U.S. seaborne imports returned to growth in March with a 6.7% year over year expansion following a 4.1% drop in February. The improvement came despite a 3.9% drop in imports from China, which likely reflects the effective implementation of U.S. tariffs. That’s been offset by a 17.8% surg... Read more →


Healthcare Helps, Electronics Hinder India’s Trade Activity

India’s bilateral trade activity fell 2.2% year over year in February. That was led by a 5.4% drop in imports after a 0.6% increase in the prior three months, including a 6.5% slide in imports of electronics goods in February. The latter indicates the tariff-led “Make in India” ind... Read more →

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