Televisions Off, Chips Thrown In – Trump’s China Tariffs In Three Charts

China 2527 Cons. Discr. - Autos 918 Industrials - Capital Goods 439 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 589 Tariffs 1613 U.S. 4472

The USTR has published an updated set of products which President Trump will apply duties to as a result of the section 301 review of China’s IP practices. (1) A total of 515 products worth $14.4 billion in annual imports have been taken off the original list showing that lobbying matters. Lead among these are flat-panel TVs ($4 billion) as well as a fine grading of industrial components where there may be a shortage of alternatives. (2) Those have been replaced with a list of 284 products that are now subject to a 60 day review. Plastics account for 52% of the lines but only 16% of impo...

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