Trump Gets $253 Billion, But No Reset in China Trade Relations From Xi

Ags - Grains/Beans 237 China 2527 Consumer Staples 589 Industrials - Aero/Defense 168 Info Tech - Tech Hardware 589 North Korea 41 Tariffs 1613 Trade Deals 885 U.S. 4472

As expected, President Trump’s visit to China has been accompanied by the signing of several commercial deals, but has not featured a big reset in trade relations. The $253 billion value of deals announced is impressive when compared to the $269 billion annual trade deficit the U.S. holds with China, but includes a mix of long-term investments and multi-year investment deals. While it is easy to be skeptical, several deals are significant. A $37 billion jet purchase program for Boeing is equivalent to 55% of annual U.S. exports of jets to China if spread over five years. Qualcomm’s thre...

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