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Kao Corp, Natura face digital tax retaliation tariff makeover

The U.S. Trade Representative has proposed retaliatory duties against imports from six countries that have put digital services taxes into place, as part of an action initiated by the Trump administration. The consultation, covering imports from the U.K., Turkey, India and three EU states, are... Read more →


Hapag-Lloyd plans for winter pandemic drag on Europe-U.S. trade

Hapag-Lloyd has cancelled a planned sailing from southern Europe to the U.S. for Dec. 29, which the container-line says is “due to lack of cargo because of the current COVID-19 situation and as part of the winter program”. Hapag-Lloyd’s handling of freight between ports on the route in France,... Read more →


Repsol, Ford face Spanish digital service tax risks

The Spanish government has implemented a digital services tax. A similar move by France led the U.S. to threaten wide-ranging tariffs in retaliation as part of a section 301 review. Those tariffs were suspended for as long as OECD-level negotiations continue, though it’s not clear that the U.S... Read more →


Ford, Molson Coors may be targets for COSCO’s new service

COSCO Shipping and Ocean Network Express will launch a new eastern-Mediterranean to U.S. east coast container shipping service in April. The two liners are in separate shipping alliances, which may raise eyebrows at the European Commission which has just reapproved the exemption for alliances ... Read more →


Mexico’s Pruned Oil Hedge Follows Pemex Export Decline

The Mexican government has completed its hedging of oil exports for 2020 at $49 per barrel compared to $55 per barrel a year earlier and current market prices of $63 per barrel. The conservative move, which has come just as global oil markets are being roiled by Middle East tensions, followed ... Read more →


Ford’s Transit Connect Will Carry Heavier Tariff Load

The U.S. Federal Court of Appeals has overturned an earlier case regarding tariffs on Ford’s imports of the Transit Connect van. The case hinges on whether the addition of seats at the factory in Spain which are removed in the U.S. mean it is a light truck – with 25% tariffs applied – or a car... Read more →

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