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Reuters, SinoScreen: Panjiva In The News

Reuters, SinoScreen: Panjiva In The News

  • By Josh Green
  • · May 15, 2009

Thought you’d be interested in some of the recent coverage of Panjiva’s March data, as well as our recent initiative with Sinosure.  Lots of good commentary including, for the first time, thoughtful criticism.

Reuters on March Panjiva Data

Reuters: “On a basic level, the greatest threat companies on the watch list pose is that these factories could go out of business,” said Panjiva Chief Executive Officer Josh Green.

About “For purchasing professionals working with vendors in China, a new innovative solution will help to reduce their company’s supply chain risk. Panjiva, the online resource for information on suppliers around the world and Sinosure, the leading provider of credit information on companies in China, have combined their efforts to launch Panjiva SinoScreen, which will assist U.S. companies to assess if any of their Chinese partners are at risk.”

Supply Chain & Demand Executive

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: “Leveraging various data sources, including U.S. customs data and credit information from Sinosure, Panjiva SinoScreen provides customers with an easy-to-interpret analysis of their Chinese supply chain.”$11316


Supply Chain Management Review: “Sinosure has been the only provider of export insurance to Chinese manufacturers, which makes it a strong source of business intelligence…  They know which companies are financially stable and which ones are in trouble. At a time when many supply chains are vulnerable to collapse, this is vital information.”


Procurement Leaders: “The service [Panjiva SinoScreen] is particularly timely. And while many larger, more mature, organisations would be expected to carry out such analysis themselves, there is no harm in having a little bit of extra intelligence and data.”


Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies: “Panjiva will act as exclusive U.S. reseller of Sinosure’s credit reports on Chinese manufacturers.”


Spend Matters “A business class ticket from the US or Europe and a stay in a Western style hotel to visit a single supplier will probably cost you more than the price of admission [to Panjiva SinoScreen]. But a onetime profiling effort should never be a substitute for consistent and proactive monitoring overtime — nor, when it comes to China especially, should it substitute for continuously monitoring supplier performance management trends as well. ”


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