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What’s Driving U.S. Exports?

What’s Driving U.S. Exports?

  • By admin
  • · May 31, 2012

The U.S. exported nearly $140 billion in March, making the month the strongest ever for U.S. exports. Panjiva’s Trendspotting report shows that March 2012’s $139 billion in exports represented a 7% increase from March 2011 and was $3 billion higher than the next highest month, January 2011. So, what are the top products and countries of import that drove the increase in U.S. exports?

Civilian Aircraft
Civilian aircraft, engines, and parts were the top driver of U.S. exports in March 2012, together comprising over $8.5 billion. In dollar terms, aircraft exports increased 29% from March 2011 to March 2012. Japan and the UAE doubled spending on civilian aircraft imports from the U.S. — other top buyers included China and France. See Panjiva’s report here:

The U.S. exported $1.5 billion more in oil this March than last, which constituted a 36% increase. The top buyers of U.S. oil are the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, and Peru. See Panjiva’s report here.

Cars and Trucks
Exports of motor vehicles jumped by 146%, from $216 million in March 2011 to $534 million in March 2012. The top importers were Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada, each doubling imports of U.S. cars. See Panjiva’s report here.


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