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Panjiva Insights: Old Age, Calm Waters – Economic Outlook

Panjiva took part in an Economic Outlook event in Washington DC on Nov 6. This report summarizes the points raised by Panjiva Research and S&P Global Ratings Economics during the event, as well as the result of two polls. On the topic of a U.S. recession, a degree of slow growth is natural giv... Read more →


Panjiva Insights – Light In The Tunnel?

Panjiva held a webinar on Oct. 30 to review our 4Q trade policy outlook as well as show how to use Panjiva in a banking setting. This report provides a link to the on-demand recording as well as addressing attendees’ questions and providing the resultings of two polls held on the call. In a po... Read more →


Panjiva Insights: China Beyond Tariffs

S&P Global held a cross-divisional event on Sept. 9 to consider the impact and outlook for the U.S.-China trade war. This report provides a review of the 16 questions asked in the panel discussion. Paul Gruenwald, S&P Global’s Chief Economist, noted there has been a downturn in activity in tra... Read more →


Panjiva Insights: The Global Trade War’s Impact and Road Ahead

Panjiva held a webinar on Aug. 7 which addressed the impact of the trade war between the U.S. and China on corporate supply chains. Attendees to the call overwhelming see the trade war as being a long-term prospect, with 63.8% expecting tariffs and retaliatory actions to last beyond 2020 while... Read more →

Panjiva Insights: Decision making in an uncertain environment

Our 2019 Outlook event on Jan. 31 brought together six speaker from across S&P Global and Moelis & Co. to discuss the current global trade policy environment and its impacts on the global economy, commodities and business strategies. A full replay of the event is available in this report.

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Panjiva Insights: The Future of Trade Is Open

This week’s FT-Finastra World Trade Symposium discussed the future for world trade – Panjiva research found four main conclusions. First, while free trade is still a good thing there’s a lot wrong with how it is conducted, in particular with operations of the WTO that need to be reformed. The ... Read more →


Panjiva Insights: U.S. Trade Policy in The 116th Congress

U.S. trade policy has been through a tumultuous period in the first two years of the administration of President Donald Trump. On Nov. 27 we held a fireside chat between Josh Green, Panjiva’s co-founder, and Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (D-Fl.) to discuss the prospects for trade policy devel... Read more →

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