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Volkswagen finds sea shipping a better way after rail disruptions

Volkswagen has started exporting cars to the U.S. from Mexico via the port of Lazaro Cardenas, avoiding congested roads and protest-afflicted rail routes. Volkswagen’s exports from Mexico have struggled to recover after COVID-19 related factory closures in May. Shipments including the Audi Q5 ... Read more →


Truck trade has Pharr to go in post-lockdown recovery

The U.S. CBP will expand capacity at the Pharr, Texas port of entry to accommodate future growth in Mexican exports including agricultural produce. Growth in traffic through the region via Reynosa, Mexico was anemic in 2019 with an increase of just 0.1% resulting from a 10.9% drop in auto comp... Read more →


GM, Autoliv face higher trucking costs during COVID-19 recovery

U.S. importers from Mexico are having to pay for empty truck runs due to a shortage of demand in Mexico for imports from the U.S. That can be seen in Mexican imports from the U.S. by truck which dropped by 20.6% year over year in July while exports to the U.S. only fell by 9.8%. The situation ... Read more →


India’s COVID-19 airlift could help solar, telecoms sectors

The Indian government may provide support for airfreight shipping for the electronics industry instead of trucking to remove bottlenecks in supplies from China caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. It’s unclear what form the support would take and whether it may count as state aid from ... Read more →


Migration Risks Remain for Mexican Truck Exports

The U.S. State Department is overdue in delivering a report to President Trump as to whether the Mexican government has made sufficient efforts to tackle northbound migration. Should State determine that the Mexican government has not done so there is the risk of the phased imposition of tarif... Read more →


Logistics Employment Growth Slows to Weakest in Over Five Years

U.S. non-farm payrolls grew by 1.4% year over year in August, with the logistics and transportation sector seeing growth of 2.2%. The latter was the slowest since Feb. 2014 and was down to an accelerating downturn in rail employment and lower growth in both trucking and warehousing jobs. The s... Read more →

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