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Mixed messages for phase 1 from low latency soybean trade data

American soybean farmers have been one of the winners from the phase 1 trade deal between the U.S. and China. There are some signs however that shipments may be slowing, raising the risk that President Trump may walk away from the deal. While official U.S. trade data for October and November d... Read more →


Long Beach boom brings congestion, surcharges and shortages

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are facing significant congestion issues due to the surge in traffic caused by post-lockdown industrial and commercial demand. Hapag-Lloyd has applied surcharges for trucking out of Long Beach after the port reported a 17.2% year over year rise in traffi... Read more →


Cars parked, grains grow as U.S. rail activity runs slowly

The U.S. rail industry has seen improved traffic due to the recent surge in marine shipping activity. Panjiva’s analysis of weekly Surface Transportation Board data shows handling of container and trailer cars climbed by 9.4% and 20.5% respectively in the four weeks to Nov. 11 compared to a ye... Read more →


Volkswagen finds sea shipping a better way after rail disruptions

Volkswagen has started exporting cars to the U.S. from Mexico via the port of Lazaro Cardenas, avoiding congested roads and protest-afflicted rail routes. Volkswagen’s exports from Mexico have struggled to recover after COVID-19 related factory closures in May. Shipments including the Audi Q5 ... Read more →


Kansas City Southern may face bid as autos weigh on recovery

Rail operator Kansas City Southern will reportedly become subject to a takeover bid from Blackstone and Global Infrastructure Partners. KSC has faced lower revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic with total revenues down by 23.0% year over year in Q2. Cross-border U.S.-Mexico traffic may be part... Read more →


BNSF’s redeployment comes as Vietnam-to-LA shipments surge

Rail operator BNSF, owned by Berkshire Hathaway, is redeploying capacity for shipments out of the port of Los Angeles due to “imbalances in resource availability” linked to shipping disruptions caused by COVID-19. Other rail operators including Kansas City Southern have seen volatility elsewhe... Read more →

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