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Lovesac adds on sources as activity springs ahead

Lovesac, a maker of couches, published FQ1’22 (to May 2) revenues which grew by 52.4% year over year and beat analysts’ estimates by 10.4%. The rapid rate of expansion can be seen in U.S. seaborne imports linked to the firm which rose by 109.4% in the three months to April 30. According to CEO... Read more →


Top Glove pumps up shipments ahead of forced labor block removal

Rubber glove maker Top Glove has stated that an independent review shows issues linking it to forced labor accusations have been resolved. The firm will be hoping to overturn the U.S. government’s Withhold Release Order on its imports linked to the accusation. U.S. seaborne imports linked to t... Read more →


JinkoSolar price rise shines a light on supply chain inflation

JinkoSolar has reported a “mismatch between supply and demand” of solar power modules, linked in part to the pandemic and in part due to U.S. tariffs on imports. U.S. seaborne imports associated with JinkoSolar nonetheless increased by 19.7% year over year in Q4’20, accelerating to an 80.7% ri... Read more →

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