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The Remarkable Resilience of America’s Demand for Imports

U.S. seaborne imports returned to growth in March with a 6.7% year over year expansion following a 4.1% drop in February. The improvement came despite a 3.9% drop in imports from China, which likely reflects the effective implementation of U.S. tariffs. That’s been offset by a 17.8% surg... Read more →


Brexit Watch: All Options Open, Supply Chains’ Surge Starts

Following a failure in the British parliament to find a way ahead for Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May has called for talks with the opposition Labour Party. All possibilities appear open despite the proximity of the next exit deadline of Apr. 12. Options for cross-party agreement could incl... Read more →


Barge Based Drayage Comes to Charleston, Not Good For Everyone

The South Carolina Ports Authority will invest in port deepening to allow containerized freight to leave the port by barge rather than truck, cutting 200,000 local vehicle hauls per year from 2021 onwards. While growth at the port hasn’t been substantial – total shipments increased just 3.5% y... Read more →


May Holds The Key to March as Brexit Options Bifurcate

The next vote in the British parliament regarding Brexit is scheduled for Jan. 29. Should a compromise regarding the existing Withdrawal Agreement not be reached – which is reportedly unlikely – the choices split between a “no deal” Brexit and a delay / cancellation. The former is ... Read more →


2018 Ends With a Bang as China Tariff Worries Buoy U.S. Imports

U.S. seaborne imports surged 8.8% higher in December compared to a year earlier, including a 13.4% increase for containerized freight, defying expectations of a slowdown. Imports from China were the main driver with a 14.6% increase. The agreement between President Xi Jinping and President Don... Read more →

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