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Wolverine Claws Its Way Down The Labor Cost Ladder

Shoemaker Wolverine Worldwide is in the midst of a long-term retooling of its supply chain. Mike Jeppesen, President of Global Operations, stated the firm has cut its sourcing from China 25% to 30% of the total by the end of 2018 from 90% in 2011 while increasing the share from Vietnam to 45%.... Read more →


Starbucks Goes Guatemalan as Global Coffee Prices Slide

Global coffee prices fell 15% in March vs. a year earlier on concerns about oversupply. That’s come as global coffee exports rose 1% in February despite a 9% slump from Brazil. The Brazilian shortfall has been replaced on the global stage by supplies from Indonesia. U.S. buyers including Starb... Read more →


Brazil’s Coffee Woes Finally Drag Global Exports Down

Global coffee exports fell 1% on a year earlier in April, the first drop since July 2016. That was the result of a 14% contraction in shipments from Brazil not being offset by a 14% rise in volumes from Vietnam. The latter may have seen falling exports in May, however, as inventories have been... Read more →


CMA-CGM’s Aztec Return Brings Ocean-2M Alliance Link

CMA-CGM has launched the Azteca service joining ports in California with those in Mexico and central America. The service will be offered jointly with Hamburg Sud, which is in the process of being acquired by Maersk. Aside from providing a link between two alliances (2M and Ocean) the move fol... Read more →

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