Boeing 737 may be the way to Max out phase 1 commitments

China 2865 Industrials - Aero/Defense 190 Trade Balance 920 U.S. 5139

The U.S. Commerce Secretary, Gina Raimondo, has stated the administration is “absolutely working on” securing Chinese approval for renewed sales of the Boeing 737 jet. New orders could help meet the requirements for Chinese purchases of U.S. products under the phase 1 trade deal. The aggregate shortfall at April 30 was $78.5 billion, equivalent to four years of peak exports ($18.0 billion as at Nov. 30, 2018) or 570 top-end 737s at current list prices. Total U.S. exports of aerospace products including engines and jets across military and civilian applications fell by 42.2% year over yea...

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