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Supply chain inflation bow wave washes into Q3’21

Global supply chains have been beset by cost inflation since late 2020 with a wide range of commodities continuing to experience rising prices, up 0.5% as of August 13. This inflation is not limited to commodities, as import price data shows the prices of key manufacturing components like plas... Read more →


Canada helped by supply chain inflation, hindered by chip crunch

Canada’s international trade activity inched 0.6% higher year over year in February after an import contraction of 2.8% was offset by a 4.1% improvement in exports. The latter outpaced the United States’ 5.1% downturn and largely reflects the two countries’ differing exposures to commodities. ... Read more →


Q2 2021 Outlook: Words become actions, threats going nowhere

The seeds of the challenges faced by global supply chains in Q1’21 were sown in the second half of 2020 and are unlikely to unwind before the end of Q2’21. Global trade activity remains robust, with exports from 17 countries that have reported data for February showing growth of 6.2% excluding... Read more →

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