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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Panjiva Daily: The trade recession beckons; Roku needs Foxconn to go back to the future
H&M Threads More Bangladeshi Apparel Into Its Supply Chain Ahead of Export Support

Monday, June 17, 2019

Vestas, Siemens’ Tax Credit Gust Still Outshone by Solar
Trade Recession Beckons as Policy Uncertainty Worsens
Panjiva Daily: Sumitomo pulls plug on China, moves to Vietnam; Konica copies a strategy
Tariff Quote Watch: Roku Needs to See Back to The Future Strategy From Foxconn
Swift, Tyson May Welcome Increased Stake in EU Beef Market
Olam Sweetens Cocoa Imports as Cartel Carries Trump-Baiting Risks

Sunday, June 16, 2019

India’s Emerging Trade Fight with U.S. Could Threaten Export Growth
Fanuc Powers Down as Industrial Robot Orders Fall
Evergreen Rides High on The Ocean, Tariffs Could Break The Crest

Friday, June 14, 2019

Hong Kong Intervention Could Hurt Graco and Mattel
Panjiva Daily: Six strategies to tackle tariffs; how Hong Kong could hurt the holidays
Tariff Quote Watch: Konica-Minolta Needs to Copy Printer Strategy
Sumitomo, Yazaki Pull the Plug on China By Switching Supplies to Vietnam

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trade war roadmap from S-301 to PRC-70; HD Supply’s supply chain change
Brexit Watch: Prime Minister the Primary Problem as Import Panic Subsides
Tariff Quote Watch: Volex Less Involved in China, Competitors Already Out
Tariff Income Drops, Reflecting Lower Imports and Possible Burden Sharing
Accelerating The Inevitable – Six Corporate Approaches to Tackling Tariffs
Exporters Swallow A Quarter of Tariff Costs as U.S. Trade Price Deflation Accelerates
Volkswagen Leads Faster Mexican Auto Exports, Tariff Risks Remain
A Tale of Three Cities as Long Beach’s Malaise Holds California Back

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Panjiva Daily: ArcelorMittal pays the steel price; Hon Hai’s Apple relocation offer
ArcelorMittal, Tenaris Pay The Steel Price as Trump’s Tariffs Mostly Deliver
K+N, CH Robinson Step Back as Consolidators Dominate Freight Growth
Tariff Quote Watch: HD Supply’s Supply Chain May Need Restructuring If Price Rises Fail
From S-301 to PRC-70 – A Roadmap for the U.S.-China Trade War

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Huawei hangs over Mexico-U.S. relations; choppy U.S. trade as tariffs weigh
Long Beach Lags After Cosco Cuts Container Shipping
Red Bull Loses Its Wings, Dragging Norfolk’s European Business Down
Philippine Chip Rebound Can’t Prevent Asian Export Fall in April
Hon Hai Could Bring China Phone Exports Lower to Help Apple
Tariffs Haven’t Hurt Cheniere and Dominion While China Needs Northern Exposure

Monday, June 10, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s Mexican tariff risk isn’t over; China wins in May
SeaLand Sets Sail with Hispaniola Service, Adds Choice for Gildan, Hanesbrands
Bigger May Have Made Panama Canal Better
Ford’s Transit Connect Will Carry Heavier Tariff Load
Xbox Scarlett Timing Means Videogame Imports May Be In The Red in 2019
Seaborne Trade Choppy as Tariffs Weigh, Vietnam Gains from China
USMCA Watch: Huawei in Mexico Could Be Base for Next Trump Tariff Threat

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Schlumberger, PepsiCo Face Venezuela War Risk Costs
China Wins The Trade Battle in May, Looks For New Weapons

Saturday, June 08, 2019

USMCA Watch: Samsung, Sony Face 90 Day Migration Delivery Risk

Friday, June 07, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Brown Forman’s taste of tariffs; American Axle’s duties drive costs
Tariff Quote Watch: Guess? Is Sure It Can Tackle Duties, Yet to Make Its Move
Logistics Jobs Growth Could Tip Over as Trade War Takes Its Toll
Platinum the Next Playground for Security-Related Trade Policy

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Chipotle wraps tariffs into prices; Jabil provides a Mexican tariff gauge
Canada Pays the Price for China Spat Yet Remains Robust
Tariff Quote Watch: Cummins Has Manifold Tariff Risks, Including Mexico
Tariff Quote Watch: American Axle Sees Mexican Tariffs Driving Up Costs
Tariff Quote Watch: Brown Forman Has a Taste of What Becle, Bacardi Can Expect
Trump Wins By Losing Less Against China in Trade War’s Ninth Month
Wider Trade Deficit Gives Trump Reason to Stay Hawkish With Mexico, EU

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Samsung Joins Foxconn In Dialling Back Chinese Phone Production
Panjiva Daily: Nestlé needs to brew a tariff strategy; LG Electronics heats up localization strategy
JBS, Marfrig May Struggle to Round Up Beef Sales in China
BorgWarner Avoids Need To Assimilate Bearing Tariff Costs
Jabil, Landis+Gyr Meter Shipments May Provide Gauge of Mexico Tariff Impact
Tariff Quote Watch: Mexican Tariffs Can’t Be Avoided, But Turmoil Can Be Bypassed
Tariff Quote Watch: Chipotle to Wrap Mexican Tariffs into Higher Prices
Toyota Raises Red Tariff Flag for Mexican Exports While U.S. Sales Slip

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

India’s Post-Election Policies May Need to Focus on China, Not U.S.
Trade Complaints Tabled as China Tariffs Take Toll on Ikea’s Imports
Nestle Needs a Robust Response to Mexican Coffee Tariff Risk
LG Electronics May Need to Heat Up Localization Strategy as Tariffs Widen
Panjiva Daily: Refiners could lose under Trump’s new tariffs; Noble stitches up cotton

Monday, June 03, 2019

Panjiva Daily: The costs of Trump’s tariff wall; Fedex in China’s firing line
Trade War Redux, Forwarders’ Fight – May 2019 in 10 Reports
Tesoro, Valero Could be Indirect Losers from Trump’s Mexican Tariffs
Noble Stitches Up the Market As U.S. Cotton Exports Wither
Better Sentiment Doesn’t Mean World Trade Will Get Better
May Aids Container-Lines as Rates Stabilize, Fuel Falls
Technology Trade Drags South Korean Exports Down for Sixth Straight Month

Sunday, June 02, 2019

FedEx in the Firing Line of China’s New Trade War Weapon

Friday, May 31, 2019

Trump Erects Tariffs to Bolster the Mexico Wall

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Stevedores tempt Bolsonaro’s wrath; Toyota leads tariff criticism
Vale’s Dam Disaster – Market, Supply Chain, Pricing and Corporate Impacts
China’s Semiconductor Prospects Could Be Helped By Trade Conflict Push
Savannah Brews Up New Connections to Serve Anheuser Busch
CMA-CGM’s Rebound Illusory, Restructuring of Routes Necessary
Worst Export Drop Under Trump Could Be Down to Tariff Push

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Pioneer finds tariff relief; Kyocera copies Ricoh’s strategy
Shipbuilding Renaissance Not Widespread, Faces Trade Conflict Risk
Toyota Leads Tariff Criticism as Japan’s Auto Exports Lose Drive
Scrap Exports Set for Second Round of Crushing On New China Rules
Stevedores Tempt Bolsonaro’s Wrath, Raising Risks for Hyundai, VW
Norfolk May Court Subaru, Toyota For Midwest Expansion Goal

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Maersk’s spreading trade conflict; CH Robinson’s bolt-on in Italy
Trump and Abe Should Wrestle With Cars, Not Relations, to Reach a Meaningful Deal
Brexit Watch: May Gone in June, Deal Needs to Fall Into Place by October
Kyocera, Sharp Copy Ricoh in Offsetting Printer Production From China
Pioneer Finds Optical Drive Exemption, Most Others Less Lucky
New Plastic Waste Rules Lead Shippers to Scrap Supply Chain Plans
Seaboard Faces Stiff Competition from Maersk, Crowley on New Routes
Walmart, Dollarama Face Risk of Disruption from Vancouver Strikes

Monday, May 27, 2019

CH Robinson Sticks to Its Bolt-on Strategy in Italy as China Freight Wanes
Tariff Quote Watch: Maersk Sees Trade Conflict Spreading; Danish Discipline Needed

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Mexico’s Trade Success Brings Risk of Trump’s Ire

Friday, May 24, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Retailers to pass on Trump’s tariffs; Lenovo may shift from China to Mexico
Tariff Quote Watch: Lenovo May Follow Competitors With China-to-Mexico Switch
Magenta Canary of China Tariff Drag May Leave Retailers With Shipping Needs
World Trade Recovery in March Will Prove Fleeting

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Panjiva Daily: UPS, CH Robinson start to struggle; Hikvision set for sanctions
Scrapping of Tariffs May Help U.S. Scrap Steel Exports to Mexico
Nokian Looks to Inflate Prospects in Shifting Tire Market
Tariff Quote Watch: Retailers Aim to Make Consumers Pay for Trump’s New Tariffs
U.S. Trade Deficit Likely Buoyed Up By Ocean Freight Imbalance in April
ONE’s First in Seattle After Shaking Off Chaotic 2018

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hikvision Set for Sanctions After Imports Hacked Back by Tariffs
Dole Crushed as Bumper Indian Grape Harvest Heads to Europe
Rare Earths May Become Rarer if China Applies Retaliatory Leverage
Drug Supply Chains Get More Sophisticated as CMA-CGM Launches New Service
UPS, CH Robinson Already Struggling as New Round of Forwarder Competition Arrives
Meat Deal Could Quell Trump’s Beef With Japanese Exports

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Swift, Tyson’s pork no longer pressed by steel; Evonik, Dow in a bind
Singapore Sings a Sadder Song as Asian Exports Lower The Tone
Shoemakers Face Unpleasant Trip If Tariff Hikes are Delivered

Monday, May 20, 2019

USMCA Watch: Relief for Swift and Tyson as Steel No Longer Presses Pork
Daimler, Toyota Declared National Security Threats as Tariff Leverage Exercised
Evonik, Dow in a Bind as China Retaliates With Higher Tariff Rates
Panjiva at 5,000 – The Most Read Research From Our First Three Years

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Downturn predictions defied; who really pays for President Trump’s tariffs?
Two Trade Wars, a Rate War and Four Tariff Reactions

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Maersk Bolsters Suez as Canal Competition Set to Heat Up

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Trump’s Partly Right on Who Pays as Tariff Burden Sharing Emerges

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Cosco Pays The China Price as California’s Port Activity Slows

Monday, May 13, 2019

Tariff Quote Watch: GoPro on Track to Shutter China Capacity, Open in Mexico

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Downturn Predictions Defied as U.S. Imports Spring Up in April

Friday, May 10, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s tariffs beats Xi’s; Foxconn pulls a plug
Bean Battle Back in the Field as China Set to React to Higher Tariffs
Tariff Quote Watch: Foxconn Pulls a Plug on China for Telecoms Gear Due to Tariffs

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s car tariffs versus EU farmers – the next big trade war
Nucor May Be Crushed if Nippon Steel Can Lift Heavy Plate Tariffs
Hapag Lloyd’s Success Not All It Seems, But Still Solid
Solar Power Lights Up as Tariffs Become Business-as-Usual
Toyota May Hope for Clearer Roads With Argentine Tax Break
Trump’s Tariffs Proved More Effective Than Xi’s in March
Deficit Data Details Vindicate Trump’s Trade Policy, Despite Overall Increase

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Panjiva Daily: China loses the April trade battle; Ternium bucks the Mexico metals trend
China Lost The April Trade Battle, Faces Regional Export Slowdown
Tesla Sees Battery Supplies Falling as Cobalt Feels the Blues
The Next Big Trade War: Trump’s Car Tariffs versus Europe’s Farmers
China’s Unpleasant Surprise Has Roots in Autos, Telecoms

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Why Trump has reheated the tariff rhetoric; corporate reactions to tariffs
Pernod Ricard’s Jameson’s Takes a Proper Beating From Conor McGregor’s No. 12
Mastronardi Sprouts New Growth as Tariffs Plague Tomatoes
USMCA Watch: Closure Not Close as Mexico’s Steel, Aluminum Exports Plummet
Vale Heads Rapidly Downhill as Exports Hit Low
5.2x Bigger Exemption Problem Looms as List 3 Tariff Hike Approaches
Port Ownership Shuffle Continues as Singaporean Money Arrives

Monday, May 06, 2019

Tariff Quote Watch: Brooks To Run Production from Vietnam Ahead of Duty Risks
Trump’s Tariff Threat Has Roots in Short-Lived Deficit Dip as Well as China Talks

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Tariff Quote Watch: Electrical Engineers’ Tariff Worries Getting Charged Up

Friday, May 03, 2019

Panjiva Daily: CH Robinson moves less, delivers more; tequila-fuelled Cinco de Mayo ahead
Logistics Jobs Grow for 105 Months, Trade Slowdown a Threat
Under Armour’s HOVR Can’t Stop Slippage in Sales, Imports

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Panjiva Daily: 28 events that shaped the U.S.-China trade war; CAP’s capitalizes on steel strength
Borders, Jet Threats and Oil Waivers – April 2019 in 10 Reports
U.S. Auto Sales Stuck in Reverse, Imports Suggest More Backing Up to Come
Tequila-Fuelled Cinco de Mayo On Track as Border Threats Prove Empty
Alpek May Beat Reliance as Yarn Supply Chains Are Rewoven
CH Robinson Moves Fewer Boxes, Delivers Better Margins
Three-Year Low in U.S. Export Sentiment Adds Momentum to Trade Slowdown

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Panjiva Daily: DSV’s quest for scale pays off; Voestalpine takes flight
CAP Capitalizes on Steel Strength to Expand Exports
War and (Nearly) Peace – 28 Events in the U.S.-China Trade Conflict
Better Rates Don’t Mean Better Conditions for Shipping Lines in April
ONE’S Terminal Restructuring Overdue But Still Necessary
Canada’s Container Congestion Restrained, Montreal Tackles Trucking
Semis Receive Support as South Korea’s Exports Slip Once More

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Grassley’s steel rule for USMCA; Chile’s lithium prices and volumes drop
Sweet Opportunity for Lanxess, Arkema as U.S. Readies Glycine Duties
Antidumping Case Backlog Only Building Slowly as Tile and Cherry Complaints Arrive
Voestalpine Takes Flight While Being Aware of Bumpy Landing
DSV’s Quest for Scale Pays Off, Slowdown May Lie Ahead
Chewy’s Imports Scamper Ahead On Pet Bedding, Food Growth
China’s Export Sentiment Improving Thanks to Chips, But Still Negative

Monday, April 29, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Electrolux, Whirlpool reach end of cycle; impact of Japan’s holiday on autos
“Endgame” Ends Avengers’ Imports on a High as Star Wars Fades, But Still Rules
Tariff Quote Watch: Cooper Set To Tread on Tire Tariff Costs, From 2020
General Motors and General Electric Face Generally Higher Costs from Hoegh
USMCA Watch: Grassley Draws a Steel Rule for Ratification That May Break The Deal
Lithium Price, Output Drop in Chile No Deterrent To China Joint Venture
Bright Opening For Container-Lines Isn’t Necessarily Good For All

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Neste Supply Chain Situation Fluid as Venezuela Sanctions Bite
Resin Opportunity Resonates with G&W, Chevron Phillips
Toyota, Nissan Growth Face Imperial Holiday, Trump-Abe Talks Uncertainty

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Kim May Find Future Will “Entirely Depend” On Chinese Trade, Not U.S. Attitudes

Friday, April 26, 2019

Panjiva Daily: K+N on the up, UPS down; iRobot pursues price rises
Blame Oil, Mazda for Mexico’s First Trade Decline in Nearly Two Years
Tariff Quote Watch: Electrolux and Whirlpool Reach End of the Duty Cycle

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Posco’s positivity at risk; Husqvarna cuts through trade troubles
Tariff Quote Watch: iRobot Pursues Price Rises, Needs Room for Diversification
Tariff Quote Watch: Varian’s Various Devices for Offsetting Duties Yet To Bear Fruit
Jones Act Waiver Could Cut Pressure On New England Gas Markets
K+N Volumes and Margins On The Up, UPS Heads Down
Sentiment Sinks to 2012 Lows in Germany as New U.S. Tariffs Loom
Brexit Watch: Netgear Geared Up For No-Deal Exit, Orders Could Reverse

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s Hog Help; Marathon’s Hormuz Replacement Race
LG Electronics Hangs Up on South Korea, Calls on Vietnamese Factory
Scrap Supply Chain Set For Another Shakeup as China Reviews Rules
Iran Sanctions Could Take Toll on Indian Rice, Drug Exports
Tariff Quote Watch: Husqvarna Cuts Through Trade War Troubles With Supply Switching
Posco’s Positive Position on Steel Outlook at Risk From U.S. Trade Policies
Ports’ Storm Over in March, U.S. Trade Deficit Hike Possible

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Iran waiver effects for Valero, ExxonMobil; WTO helps ADM with grains
Brazil’s Sweet Corn Outlook May Sour Export Opportunities For U.S. Farmers
Trump’s Hog Help Could Hurt KTM, Volkswagen
Wilmington Will Grow, If ZIM Can Find New Customers
Komatsu, Not Volvo, May Be The Future For Wallenius Wilhelmsen
Tariff Quote Watch: Alcoa Worries About Quotas, Industry Concerns About Tariffs Wane
Marathon Faces Race for Replacement Oil if Hormuz Straits Close

Monday, April 22, 2019

Valero, ExxonMobil Face Knock On Effects from Iran Waiver Removal
JM Smucker Takes a Bigger Gulp as Brazil’s Coffee Overflows
Home Depot, Ikea Store More Cabinets as U.S. Builds Case
Archer Daniels Midland Could Be Helped by China Grain Buy After WTO Ruling

Friday, April 19, 2019

Saudi Weapons Order Shortage Has Yet To Cut Deliveries
Panjiva Daily: Bouncing beans and Tesla tariffs; Daimler and VW’s tough USMCA choices
USMCA Watch: Daimler, VW Face Tough Choices as ITC Report Flags Autos Upheaval
Empty Heart of U.S. Container Growth Soon to Skip a Beat
Empties and New Routes Drive SeaTac’s Continued Growth
Great British Bounce Can’t Stop EU or Global Export Decline in February

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Canal Competition Continues as Panama Relaxes Restrictions
Panjiva Daily: Deere pays the price for retaliation; Caterpillar gets an exemption
Panalpina Growth Parked Ahead of DSV Scale Push
USMCA Watch: Tangible Gains May Be Beaten by Tariff Politics
Shipbuilding’s Still Sinking at Start of 2019
Bouncing Beans and Tesla Help U.S. Win the February Trade Battle

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Deere Pays The Price as EU Gets Its Retaliation in Early
Panjiva Daily: K+N’s pledge could become a commitment; Skechers runs more from Vietnam
Japan’s Electronics Trade Slips Ahead of Coronation Holiday Disruptions
Caterpillar Gets Tariff Exemption, Won’t Lift The Business
Trump’s Trade Deficit Success Could Prove Short-Lived

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Europe’s aerospace and oil firepower; the brewing China-U.S. trade deal
Two-Speed Export Economy Apparent as India’s Exports Rebound
USMCA Watch: Mexican Metals Demand May Become Another Ratification Hurdle
Brazillian Butchers JBS, BRF May Be Helped By China Meet-Up
K+N’s Pledge Could Lead to a Commitment with Hapag-Lloyd
Trump’s $57.6 Billion Tariff Take Has Peaked, For Now
Skechers, Adidas Could Run More From Vietnam With New Oakland Service

Monday, April 15, 2019

ONE Tops The Chart in Norfolk as China Traffic Collapses
Europe’s Aerospace and Oil Firepower May Beat the U.S. In a Tariff Battle
Distillers Grain Case Indicates China-U.S. Trade Deal Nearly Brewed
China’s Export Bounce Belies Telecoms Weakness Even as Semis Shine
Houston Heads Higher on Mexican Shipments, MSC Does Best

Friday, April 12, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Evergreen grows, ZIM wilts; Wacker could be whacked by trade war
China’s Trade Recovery Not All Good News With Imports Down, U.S. Exports Up
California Recovers as China Loses Its Crown, Exports Slump
Price Deflation Points To Chinese Exporters Taking Some Tariff Pain

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Panjiva Daily: DSV dominates forwarders’ growth; tariff war could choke off wine supplies
U.S. Fishers Could Catch More Korean Customers As Tariffs Take a Bite Out Of Exports
Cars Set to Drive U.S.-Japan Talks as National Security Worries Weigh
Wacker Neuson Set To Be Whacked By Tariffs in New EU-U.S. Trade War
Evergreen Grows Despite China Decline as ZIM’s Momentum Wilts

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Lessons from 6 months of trade war; Britain’s last chance for another chance
Brexit Watch: British Trade Surges as Last Chance for Another Chance Beckons
Asia Exports Dropped in February, Little Hope Elsewhere in the World
Brexit Watch: Slower Release Formula, Pharma Supply Chains Still At Risk
Kinder Morgan To Boost Flow As Mexican Gas Demand Blows Up
New Tariff War Could Choke Off LVMH, Oetker Wine Supplies to U.S.
MSC and Hapag-Lloyd’s Texas Growth to be Held Back By Shipping Restriction
DSV Dominates Forwarder Growth With European Wind and Luxury Goods Push

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s jet leverage attempt; the remarkable resilience of U.S. imports
Trump’s Jet Leverage Attempt May Cause EU Talks To Crash
Lumber Case Lumbers On, U.S. Wins at WTO
ZIM Shipping Steams Back to Seattle With Retail Opportunity
Panama Canal May Be Feeling First Twinges of China Tariff Pain
New York Suffers China Slump, Most Seaports See Early Spring Bounce
Six Months Into the U.S.-China Trade War Supply Chain Shifts Have Started

Monday, April 08, 2019

The Remarkable Resilience of America’s Demand for Imports
SQM, Albemarle May Switch To Lithium Output, not Price Maximization
Growth Deserts Hapag-Lloyd as Savannah Surges

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Time To Consider Port-o-Mation as Employment Growth Improves

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s troubles for Foxconn, Flextronics; DP-DHL’s bet on Charleston
Steel Wars – South Korea Sours on Europe as U.S. Duty Effect Widens
Auto Industry’s Descent Gathers Pace as New Tariffs Beckon
CMA-CGM’s Santos Switch Follows Reduced Flows

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Intel’s Platform Shift May Be a Response To U.S.-China Tariff War
Panjiva Daily: All Brexit options still open as supply chain surge starts; Intel’s platform shift
Boston’s Been Growing as Harbor Spending Plan Gathers Pace
Brexit Watch: All Options Open, Supply Chains’ Surge Starts
Liverpool Tops The League as Peel Pulls a Fifth Liner In
Brazil’s Iron Ore and Soybean Downturn Needs Panama To Dig In
Deutsche Post-DHL Bets on Charleston as Port’s Growth Slows
The Top U.S. Ports in 2018 – LA Holds Its Crown While New York Plays The Usurper
Foxconn, Flextronics Face Transit Troubles if Trump Closes Mexican Border

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Pre-Trump Era Lows in Export Sentiment Shows Potency of Global Slowdown
Panjiva Daily: Trump’s border threat to food supply chains; China’s tariff leniency
Tariff Threat Drains Chinese Keg Exports, Others Fill The Gap
Dumping Investigation Calls Subdued, Steel Rods Caned After Case Launch
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in March 2019

Monday, April 01, 2019

Shipping’s Tough First Quarter Sees Rates Down, Costs Up
DSV Delivers a Panalpina Deal That’s Largely About Scale
China’s Tariff Leniency Supports Talks And U.S. Automakers
Trump’s Border Threat Raises Stakes For Food Supply Chains
Cosco Shipping’s Rebound May Just Be A Bounce
China’s Sentiment Swallow Does Not Make A Cyclical Spring
Chips Chip Away At South Korea’s Export Performance in March

Friday, March 29, 2019

Panjiva Daily: PC industry bears the brunt of tariffs; Lululemon leaps ahead
Arms Trade Risks for U.S.-China Deal As Taiwan Makes Tanks And Jets Bid

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trump starting to win the tariff war; Mexican growth supports USMCA passage
Barge Based Drayage Comes to Charleston, Not Good For Everyone
Europe’s The Sick Old Man of World Trade As Americas Stay Healthy
Tesla Faces Subsidy Challenges Today, Retaliatory Duties Tomorrow
Pemex Brings Balance To The U.S. Oil Industry Despite AMLO’S Policies
China’s PC Industry Bears The Brunt Of January’s Trade Defeat
Lululemon Leaps Ahead, Achieves Balance With Youngone

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Electrolux Restructuring Has Few Options For Avoiding China
Panjiva Daily: Hutchison’s Ensenada expansion; Savannah’s portent of U.S. trade weakness
Tariff Quote Watch: Winnebago Sales Lose Drive as Tariff Cost Pass-Through Bites
Canada’s Solid Growth Belies U.S., China Trade Relations Issues
USMCA Watch: Mexico’s Trade Growth Supportive for Passage
Trump’s China Position May Be Emboldened as Tariff Policy Starts To “Work”
Brazilian Shipping Faces a Slowdown, Cosco Doing Better Than Maersk

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

World Trade’s Slippage About To Become a Slide
Panjiva Daily: Steelworkers against USMCA; Orient Overseas’ Long Beach exit
Canada’s Canola Farmers Pay The Price for Huawei Spat
Michelin’s Rubber Supply Chain Faces Thai Election Disruption
USMCA Watch: Pharma Pricing Issues Add To The Pile Of Passage Problems
Mexico Starts Safeguard Steps As Steel Shipments Surge
Hutchison’s Ensenada Expansion Could Attract Samsung, Jatco Volumes
Savannah’s Slide a Portent of Worsening U.S. Trade Performance
Europe’s Export Outlook Slumps In The Face of Brexit, Tariffs

Monday, March 25, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s $19.9B tariff haul; Musk’s crushers, Crane’s pumps exempted
North Korea Normalization Dims As China’s $2 Billion Trade Surplus Persists
Hyundai May Move More Through Mobile Once Access Improves
Orient Overseas Readies to Sell Long Beach, CMA-CGM Could Get More Involved
USMCA Watch: Union Against Ratification as Canadian Steel Heads to Mexico

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Trump’s $19.9B Tariff Haul Could Be Dwarfed By Extra China, Autos Duties
Crane’s Pumps, Elon Musk’s Crushers Win From Latest Round of Tariff Exemptions

Friday, March 22, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trade policy in 2Q19; GM extends its bet on Brazil
USMCA Watch: Tariff Risks Stalk Tomatoes, Mean Deal Will Pass at a Later Date
Tariff Quote Watch: Williams Sonoma Ready For The Worst as Furniture Tips Over
ZIM Volumes Set To Zoom, Profits Zapped By Lease Payments

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Fedex hopes versus sliding exports; Vietnam wins the U.S.-China trade war
General Motors Extends Its Bet on Brazil as Mexican Opportunity Emerges
North Beats South as West Coast Port Activity Falls
2Q19 Policy Outlook: Traveling Without Moving, Six Deals to Watch
Solar Power Imports Dim After Tariffs, Washing Machines Spin Upwards
Charleston’s Party Near an End as Kent, Komatsu Imports Slide

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Fedex’s European Growth Hopes Defy Two Months of Sliding Exports
Panjiva Daily: Fedex trades growth for profits; supply chain risks from Norsk Hydro’s hack
Fabricated Steel Case May Build Up USMCA Risks
Mexico-Brazil Free Trade Deal Provides Ford, GM With Alternatives Beyond USMCA
Vietnam May Be Winning the U.S.-China Trade War
Houston Has A Problem as Traffic Drops, Fire Rages

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

MSC and Maersk Address Lone Star’s State of Service as CMA-CGM Takes Share
Panjiva Daily: California’s port volume crash; Norway model for Brexit with Norway
Brexit Watch: Norway May Not Be The Model For a Norway Style Exit
ONE Beats 2M As Norfolk Bucks The National Downward Import Trend
Fedex Focuses on Profitability as Revenue Growth Slows
Perdue’s Problematic Purchase Plan Needs China to Buy All Its Beans From The U.S.
Brexit Watch: Bercow’s Ruling Raises Risks, Preparatory Imports Increased
Norsk Hydro Hack Might Cut Into Aluminum Supply Chains

Monday, March 18, 2019

U.S. Demand Could Paper Over Chinese Cracks in Brazilian Wood-Pulp Supplies
Google’s Stream Could Flood Nintendo’s Slowing Console Shipments
Panjiva Daily: Trump-Bolsanaro summit’s harvest potential; Starbucks loses its taste for Brazil
Boeing Max Problem May Minimize Aerospace Element of U.S.-China Deal
Bad Start For Shipping Means Continued Bad Luck For Shipyards
California’s Crashed Volumes Come from Machinery, Furniture Import Slump
Japan’s Trade Downturn Confirms Asia Electronics Problems

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Tariff Quote Watch: Tariff Discussions Subside as Brexit Worries Rise
Trump-Bolsanaro Summit Could Yield Rich Harvest for Wheat Exporters
Toyota Takes Advantage of USMCA, Aims to Avoid Section 232 Tariffs

Friday, March 15, 2019

Brazilian Coffee Perks Up, Starbucks Loses Its Taste
Healthcare Helps, Electronics Hinder India’s Trade Activity
Panjiva Daily: Brexit brink blown back; alliances matter more than competition

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Panjiva Daily: DSV diversifies, leads forwarders; 979 lines of Brexit tariff defense
Tariff Leniency Request Backlog Could Jump to 35 Months
Pemex Joint Venture Delay Could Exacerbate Mexico’s Oil Export Downturn
Brexit Watch: Brink Blown Back, Port Capacity Shouldn’t Be A Problem
CMA-CGM Secures Ceva Majority, Closer Coordination Has Already Started
Alliances Matter More Than Competition as Container Freight Activity Dips
Chinese Exporters Shoulder U.S. Tariff Burden With Further Price Cuts

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Malmstrom’s 6.1B euro Brexit threat; Lighthizer’s door to a steel deal
DSV Diversifies Shipping Volumes to Lead Forwarders in February
New York Looks to Cement Gains with Portland, Wilmington Barge Service
Brexit Watch: 979 Lines of Tariff Defense Include Apparel and Autos
BP’s New Fuels Carry Significant Costs for Shipping Lines
Adidas Predicts Supply Chain Challenges, Leans Harder on Vietnam
USMCA Watch: Late Ratification Could Lead to Autos Industry Tariff Bedlam

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Panjiva Daily: February’s U.S. trade surprises; winning the steel tariff relief race
USMCA Watch: Lighthizer’s Open Door to Steel Tariff Reform Could Unlock a Deal
Nissan Proves to Not Have Infiniti Patience for U.K. Production
Brexit Watch: Malmstrom’s 6.1 Billion Euro Threat Hits Autos, Apparel Hardest
Panama Canal Shrugs Off Trans-Pacific Shipping Slowdown
Everglades Dries Up as U.S. Port Activity Slows

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Slow and Steady Wins The Race for Steel Tariff Relief
Brazil Sour on Indian Sugar Subsidies After Shipments Slump
China and Tariffs Aren’t the Surprise in February’s U.S. Import Performance

Friday, March 08, 2019

Stevedores Win With Employment Growth As Ports Cure Congestion
Blame Consumers and Holidays for China’s Export Downturn

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Panjiva Daily: President Trump’s $17 billion China trade deal driver; tariff exemption failures
Tariff Quote Watch: Brown-Forman Jacks Up Cost Cutting to Offset Lower EU Sales
Ikea Builds Cabinet Imports as Pre-Emptive Dumping Case Arrives
Supply Chains Show The Power of Tariff Fear as December Imports Surge
Deutsche Post DHL Leads Forwarders in Prioritizing Profitability Over Growth
Panjiva Daily: The power of tariff fear; Deutsche Post DHL leaders forwarders’ 4Q
China’s Export Slump Partly Seasonal, Leaves U.S. a Trade War Winner
Tariff Quote Watch: Volvo May Not Hoist Flag for Polestar If Tariffs Are Wrong

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Tariff Quote Watch: Manitou Handles Burden From Duties as Profitability Rises
Tariff Quote Watch: Breville Avoids Getting Burned By Using Front-Loading
Canada’s Export Slowdown Completes Global Downturn Picture
Customs Duties and Early Warnings Show U.S. Import Growth Has Continued
Tariff Exemption Failure May Be The Least of BorgWarner, Denso’s Concerns
Panjiva Daily: Squeezing Sumitomo’s sponge; 60% of engineers talk tariff, Brexit risks
The $17 Billion, 4Q Reason For Trump To Reach a Trade Deal With China

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Malmstrom-Lighthizer Talks Have No Easy Answers, Especially For Cars
Hog and Wheat Farmers Lose, But China’s Not a Big Deal For Iowa as a Whole
Tariff Quote Watch: Rotork Joins 60% of Engineers Talking Tariff, Brexit Risks
Brexit Watch: Irish Pharma Risks Already Dissipating as Supply Chains Adapt
Jacking Up Jacksonville’s Handling Needs Major Investment, Big New Customers
Sumitomo’s Sponge Supplies Face Squeeze as National Security Case Launched

Monday, March 04, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s $8.4 billion agriculture ask; CMA-CGM calls for cost cutting
Panjiva Daily: Stormy February for container-lines; Orient Overseas cuts services
Daimler and Heineken May See Disruption from CMA-CGM’s Slipped Sailing
Orient Overseas’ Service Trim Says More About Competition Than Demand
U.S. Auto Sales Accelerate in Reverse, Imports Out of Favor
SQM Squeezes Lithium Market, Chinese Buyers Lose Out
Volkswagen’s Good News for Baltimore May Come At Houston’s Expense
Stormy February Leaves Container Profitability At November Lows

Sunday, March 03, 2019

CMA-CGM Draws on Cost Cutting as Well as Ceva For Future Growth
Trump’s $8.4 Billion Agricultural Ask Will Have to Wait for an Answer
Dumping Complaints Increase, Government Won’t Spare The Rod
Yellowtail Set to Run Dry as Wine Harvest Wilts

Friday, March 01, 2019

10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in February 2019
New York Clears Congestion, CH Robinson Powers Through
Panjiva Daily: Panalpina chooses profits over volumes; Lego rebuilds in North America
Trade Sentiment Warms in the U.S. While China Shivers

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Autos crash makes for record deficit; Chinese EVs tackle Tesla and tariffs
Rapid Rail Routes the Secret to CMA-CGM’s Service Enhancement
South Korea’s Trade Decline Gathers Pace, Indicates Asian Export Slowdown
23-Year Low in U.S. Oil Imports May Prove Fleeting
Canada’s Congestion Continues With Vancouver Facing Squeeze
Lego Rebuilds Its U.S. Business With Mexican Supply Chain Enhancements
Australian Exporters Pay The Price for Lack of Carrier Diversity
Panalpina Chooses Profits Over Volumes, Will Need to Choose a Suitor

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Corporate tariff worries become Brexit concerns; K+N has a tough end to 2018
Tariff Hopes No Use as China’s Business Trade Confidence Slumps to 10-Year Low
Rail Investment Set to Speed Santiago Produce Exports
LG Electronics Could Hop Back To South Korea After Washer Tariff Leniency
China’s EV Makers Have Tariffs as Well as Tesla and GM To Tackle
Posco and Ternium Trigger Mexican Steel Safeguarding Response
Mexico’s Trade Acceleration Supports AMLO’s Energy Policy, Reason To Pass USMCA
Autos Crash Leaves Year End U.S. Trade Deficit At Record High

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Hapag-Lloyd avoids China risks; Nissan gears up for ROOs; North Korea pressure delivered
Loads More Weapons Imports As Tighter U.S. Ownership Rules Beckon
Tariff Quote Watch: Terex Handles China Duties, Brexit a Bigger Challenge
Dole Gains Shipping Options as Norfolk, Va. Grows Its Fruit Business
K+N’s Tough End to 2018 May Need More Than a Cost Cutting Fix
Steel Mission Accomplished, But Tariff Armistice Unlikely To Be Declared Yet
Tariff Quote Watch: Brexit Is The New Tariff As 1-in-4 Firms Talk About Trade

Monday, February 25, 2019

Tariff Quote Watch: Kubota Kicks Up Pricing as Steel Costs Plough Into Profits
Panjiva Daily: Retaliation overshadows EU-U.S. talks; Venezuela’s food needs
New Route Brings New Opportunities for Afghanistan-India trade
Hapag-Lloyd Avoids China Risk, Can’t Dodge Fuel Cost Troubles
Record Inventory Surge Set To Continue As Europe’s Zig Matches China’s Zag
Tough End to 2018 For Global Trade On Worst Dip Since 2009
USMCA Watch: Canada May Not Get There With Steel and Aluminum Duties
North Korea Trade Pressure Delivered, Trump-Kim Summit Will Show Effectiveness
USMCA Watch: Nissan Gears Up For New ROOs, Could Shift Supply Chain Further

Sunday, February 24, 2019

EU’s Ready Retaliation For U.S. Auto Tariffs Bode Ill For Trade Talks Success
Blame Europe, Not The Trade War, For The Global Export Downturn
Venezuela’s Reliant on Brazilian Food While Luxury Goods Imports Stay Robust
Brexit and Autos Tariffs Not Enough To Shake Improving EU Export Confidence
Roku Revenue Rocks, Hopefully Doesn’t Roll With Tariffs

Friday, February 22, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Maersk’s uncertain outlook; Mexico’s inflated gas needs; global trade index slips
Tariff Quote Watch: Altra Shifts Duty Costs to Buyers, May Need to Tap Other Sources

Thursday, February 21, 2019

China Gives, China Will Take Away From Matson as Profitability Slips
Panjiva Daily: Tariff leniency leads to higher steel imports; Volkswagen’s worst case scenario
Tariff Quote Watch: La-Z-Boy Active in Addressing Duties With Surcharges
Tariff Quote Watch: Flowserve Streams Duty Hikes To Customers, Can Switch Supplies
Big Boats Keep Suez and Panama Growing As Trade Threats Loom
Global Trade Index Slipped in January, Yet To Slide
Ocean’s Better, Logistics Worse as Maersk Faces Uncertain Outlook
Inflated Natural Gas Imports Lead Mexico To Search For New Sources

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tampa’s Growth Set To Continue as CMA-CGM, Cosco Shipping Arrive
Panjiva Daily: Expeditors’ slowing growth; USMCA-inspired strikes; less exclusive exclusions
New Year, Same Problems For The Shipbuilding Industry
Tariff Quote Watch: Volkswagen’s Worse-Case Scenario Hinges on Trade Talks Outcome
Continued U.S. Trade Deficit Growth Likely Based on Maritime, Inflation Data
Tariff Quote Watch: Cooper Tire Bounces Back After Tariff-Linked Impairment
Tariff Quote Watch: Genuine Parts Faces Genuine Challenges as Tariff Threats Spread
Cries for Clemency From Metals Duties Being Answered, Driving Imports Upward

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Chipping away at U.S. China tensions; Honda heads back to Japan
Payless ShoeSource Steps Out of U.S. Retail, Imports Reliant on China
Ford’s Brazilian Truck Exit The Result of Long Term Demand Decline
Japan Provides Further Evidence for Slowing Electronics Supply Chains
Expeditors Faces Slowing Growth, Narrowing Margins
USMCA Watch: Matamoros Maquiladoras Provide a Taste of Labor Rights Disruptions
Vale and Ternium Deliver on EU’s Steel Safeguarding Fears
Exemptions Could Become Less Exclusive, Haven’t Helped Air Liquide

Monday, February 18, 2019

USMCA Watch: Mexico’s Metals Dispute More About Politics Than Economics
Shipping Rates Dip After Lunar New Year But Carriers Doing Better in 1Q So Far
USMCA Watch: Canada Delivers Steel Tariff Cuts for Mexico
The Price of The Deal – EPA, Not Brexit, Sends Honda Back to Japan
India Wields the Tariff Stick Against Pakistan as Total Imports Wane
East Coast Acceleration Points to Wide U.S. Trade Deficit in January

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Semis Only Small Segment of a Solution to U.S.-China Tensions
Nintendo Seeks To Level Up as Sony Leads Import Performance

Friday, February 15, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Panalpina’s Agility defense against DSV; bumps in the road to automotive tariff clarity
Tariff Quote Watch: Peak Tariff Worries May Have Passed for Industrial Supply Chains
Burden Sharing Evident as Import Price Deflation Gathers Pace

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Panalpina Looks to Agility for DSV Defense, No Sprint to Completion
Panjiva Daily: CH Robinson’s slowdown; Wilhelmsen’s regulatory thicket; Under Armour’s dented
Vancouver’s Vanishing Growth Could Be a Congestion Issue
Love’s Not On The Sea as Valentine’s Imports Drop
60 Days Delay The Way California’s Ports May See Renewed Growth
Five Bumps In The Road to Tariff Clarity for Automakers
MSC and Evergreen Lean on Spain and Taiwan to Outpace Their Peers
China’s Surprise Hides Disappointment For Phone, Chipmakers

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Panjiva Daily: SeaTac sets the pace; Diageo leads tequila’s rise; JAB’s big gulp of Brazilian coffee
Mexican Auto Exports’ Pickup Faces USMCA, Tariff Uncertainties
Under Armour Under the Weather As Imports, Inventories and Sales Decline
CH Robinson Suffers Asia Slowdown as Panalpina and Ceva Resist Temptation
Customs Costs Surge, Set to Subside as Imports Slide
China’s Export Reversal Reversed, U.S. Still Suffering
Wilhelmsen’s Core Car Customers Face Thicket of Regulatory Worries

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tequila’s Rise Led by Diageo, Becle avoids a Hangover With 4Q Growth
Panjiva Daily: U.S. imports from China freeze over; Brexit plans from Tata and DP World
Post-Brexit Deal Good for Swiss Medicines, Template for Norwegian Deal
Marfrig’s Japanese Beef Opportunity Faces EU and Canadian Competition
Tariff Quote Watch: ThyssenKrupp Lifts Fall on U.S. Duties on China Parts and Metals
JAB Holding Takes a Bigger Gulp of Brazilian Coffee
Maersk Deepens Consolidation Strategy With Broker Purchase
HMM Chips Away At Losses, Becoming More Aggressive in New Year
Canadian Comeback Sees SeaTac Best Its Peer Ports

Monday, February 11, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Latest battle in the trade war; Panalpina could help DSV; January import growth
Tariff Quote Watch: Tata Joins Honda and BMW With Brexit Downtime Plans
No Brexit Fear from DP World, Though Ports Aren’t The Problem
Brexit Supply Chain Building Apparent Once Fuel is Wiped Away
U.S. Import Growth From China Freezes Over As Appliance Shipments Drop

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Tariff Quote Watch: Volvo’s Very Well Timed Factory Opens as Tariffs Rise
Vale’s Woes Grow as Tubarão Pellet Plant Closed
Panama Canal Channeled Late Tariff-Related Growth in January
January Import Growth Slowing Down, Not Yet Going Down in the U.S.
Chinese Memory Modules Lose a Trade Battle, U.S. Still Losing the War

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Panalpina May Help DSV, Deal Won’t Change The Industry Significantly

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The Bad News is Not New News for President Trump’s Deficit Metric
Panjiva Daily: USMCA’s steel controversy; Vale’s dam limitations; EU-Japan agricultural trade model

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

EU-Japan Deal Unlocks Agricultural Potential, Could Be Model for U.S. Deal
USMCA Watch: Controversy Awaits as Structural Steel Imports Build Up
Quota Threats Have Yet to Prove a Deterrent To Uranium Shipments
Tight LA Warehousing May Slacken as Small Chinese Ports Suffer Slowdown
Maersk’s Barge Solution to Congestion May Be Needed Most by COSCO Shipping
Vale’s Brazilian Dam Limitations Manageable, Follows Rapid Export Growth
Panjiva Daily: State of the union in trade; Ceva’s sales slow; Nissan’s Infiniti patience

Monday, February 04, 2019

Toyota’s Imports Suggest Worse to Come as U.S. Auto Sales Hit Five Year Low
Thai Smog Measures Could Disrupt Samsung’s Supply Chain
Nissan Pulls X-Trail From U.K., Might Not Have Infiniti Patience for Brexit Uncertainty
Ceva’s Sales Slow, But CMA-CGM Cooperation Flies
The State of the Union in Trade – A Work in Progress
Panjiva Daily: Schindler lifts its imports; ONE struggles to step forward; Valero’s Venezuelan hole

Sunday, February 03, 2019

10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in January 2019
Schindler Lifts Its Imports Just As Tariff Leniency is Rejected
Valero’s Venezuelan Hole Could be Filled by Pemex
ONE Struggles to Take a Step Forward With China Downturn Ahead
Three Reasons for Caution After Container Lines’ Fast Start to 2019

Friday, February 01, 2019

Panjiva Daily: U.S.-China talks need more than a hill of beans; UPS may have missed out
Hindalco and Vedanta Undeterred by Tariffs as India Delays Retribution Again
American Export Confidence Dips To Lowest During Trump Administration
South Korea’s The Canary In The Coal Mine For Global Trade Slowdown

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Foxconn’s Wisconsin woes; Ingersoll-Rand’s tariff confidence; Toy sales slip
China’s Business Outlook for Trade Gets Better, But Is Still Bad
More Than A Hill of Beans Needed As China-U.S. Talks Continue
UPS May Have Missed Out from Late Season Shipping Surge
2019 Outlook: Decision Making In An Era of Uncertainty, Views from Across S&P Global

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Hogs and washers – the toll of tariffs; CH Robinson delivers; Beans’ perfect storm
Tariff Quote Watch: Ingersoll-Rand Ready For Tariff Hike in 2019
Baltimore Congestion Could Curtail Ikea, Starbucks Shipping
Hasbro May Pull Ahead of Mattel As U.S. Toy Sales Slip
Foxconn’s Competitive Worries in TV May Not Just Be a Wisconsin Issue
Polar Vortex Could Freeze UPM Kymmene, Honda Midwest Supply Chains

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Caterpillar’s risky tariff outlook; slow Mexican trade heralds U.S. export slump
Manila Congestion Could Cause Local Supply Chain Reorganization
CH Robinson Delivers, Takes An Upbeat But Risky Outlook
Tariff Quote Watch: Graco Expects Bumpy Ride, But Safe Passage Through Tariffs
Brazilian Beans’ Perfect Storm Could Swamp Louis Dreyfus, Bunge
Tariff Quote Watch: Hogs and Washers – Tariffs Take a Toll Across The Board
Worst Export Month Since 2009 For Savannah Confirms U.S. Export Crash

Monday, January 28, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Maersk relaxed about trade war; Tariffs suck for iRobot
Orient Overseas Goes For Volume Over Rates as China Drop Looms
Sweden’s Strikes Carry Cautionary Tale For Ports
Mitsui-OSK’s Readies Oakland for Growth as Japan Trade Deal Beckons
Tariff Quote Watch: Caterpillar Sees Tariffs Continuing to Crawl
Brexit and Cars to Blame For European Trade Sentiment Slowdown
Mexico Trade Slows, May Herald U.S. Export Slump

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Tariff Quote Watch: Investor AB Hopes Holdings’ Brexit, Tariff Risks Will Fall
Tariff Quote Watch: “Tariffs Suck” for iRobot’s Vacuums, Prices Rises Cut Demand

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Sluggish Suez Shipping Suggests Slower Global Trade
USMCA Watch: Mexican Healthcare The Latest Challenge to USMCA Passage
Tariff Quote Watch: Maersk Strikes Relaxed Tone About Trade War

Friday, January 25, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Cali’s fortunes hurt Trump’s favorite metric; Union Pacific’s Tennessee tension
Charleston’s Challenge Will Be China, Currently Europe
Global Trade Grew, Just, For a 34th Month in November

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Panjiva Daily: 30 month low for trade activity; Newark’s new problem; Subaru steers away
Food Supply Chains’ 44.7 Billion Pound Brexit Problem
Risen and Longi’s Indian Prospects May Darken With Another Tariff Round
Tariff Quote Watch: Ford Carries a Tariff Burden That Could Grow Heavier
Teachers’ Strike Could Disrupt Supply Chains for General Motors and Mazda
Union Pacific Faces Tennessee Tension as Chassis Run Low
Fever Tree Needs Hotter U.S. Gin Market For Growth To Continue
Cali’s December Fortunes Bode Ill For Trump’s Favorite Trade Metric

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Subaru May Steer Away From The U.S. If Tariffs Get Too High
Newark’s New Problem is Congestion, Clearance May Be Just a Matter of Time
Panjiva Daily: Retail tariff tracking; Stanley Black & Decker’s costs; Fender yet to be rocked
Singapore’s Port Gets Back To Growth Just as Asia Slows
Japan Makes Four As Asian Electronics Supply Chains Slump
Brighter End to The Worst Year In A Decade For Shipbuilding
Gun Importers Not Yet Ready To Load Up as Supreme Court Date Set
JBS and BRF Fall Foul of Chicken Import Rules in China and Saudi Arabia
Global Trade Activity Index Hits Lowest Since June 2016

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Vancouver Confronts Congestion With Major Redesign
Panjiva Daily: Deals ahead, stability behind for freight forwarders; Europe puts steel in its demands
No More California for California Cartage, Risks to Growth From China
Excess Inventory Risk as Consumer Durable Retailers Face Tariff Uncertainties
Tariff Quote Watch: Tariffs Just Another Form of Inflation for Stanley Black & Decker
Fender, Yet to Be Rocked by Tariffs, Still Bringing Manufacturing Back to U.S.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Deals and Trade War Ahead, Stability Behind for Freight Forwarders
Europe Puts Steel In Its Demands, May Scupper Talks for 2019
India Joins Asia’s Bilateral Trade Slowdown, Oil Not To Blame
Orient Overseas Prepares to Spend as Growth Outpaces Cosco Shipping’s Total
Tariff Quote Watch: Tariffs Chip Away at TSMC, Chinese Semiconductor Trade Slides

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Tariff Quote Watch: Fastenal’s 172 Day Tariff Journey Leads to Delayed Tariff Impact

Friday, January 18, 2019

Panjiva Daily: May holds the key to March; potential losers from Venezuela sanctions
Tariff Quote Watch: JB Hunt Missed Out on Tariff Boom, Will Face Crunch

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Panjiva Daily: DSV-Panalpina’s balance and opportunities; Ocean’s four cut services
Autos Slowdown Could Take an Axe to CMA-CGM’s ACSA Volumes
Indian Rice May Need More Export Subsidies To Stay On The Boil
Venezuela Sanctions Could Cause Problems for Chevron, Valero
Huawei Accelerates Equipment Imports As Investigation Looms
Brexit Opportunity for Intas and Aurobindo as Novo and Sanofi Warn on Supplies
May Holds The Key to March as Brexit Options Bifurcate

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Ocean’s Four Cut Services, Add Capacity To Stay Competitive With 2M
Panjiva Daily: Bad things come to those who wait; Fiat and Ford count the cost of tariffs
Tariff Quote Watch: Albecour Sees CETA as The Future After U.S. Tariffs Bite
Tariff Quote Watch: Guangzhou Auto Parks Car Plans, China Component Shipments Soar
DSV-Panalpina Will Be Balanced, Opportunities and White Knights May Be Limited
China Tariff Bargains, Canadian Fuel Leads to U.S. Price Deflation

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Blame Apple for China’s woes; no room for shipping complacency
Tariff Quote Watch: MSC Industrial Reaches Deal with Customers To Handle Tariffs
Tariff Quote Watch: Dell Relies on Pricing and Pivot to Tackle Tariffs
Port Houston Shouldn’t Have a Problem Even as China Leads Shipping Growth
Blame Apple, and Tariffs, for China’s Export Woes
No Room For Shipping Complacency Even if 4Q Marked Recovery
Peel Peels Maersk and MSC Away from Hutchison for U.K. to U.S. Service
Kansas City Southern Aims to Expand, Could Diversify, Mexico’s Rail Exports
Gymboree Faces Second Chapter 11 As Imports Fall Flat
Tariff Quote Watch: Fiat Chrysler and Ford Feel Cost and Uncertainty of Trump’s Policies
Bad Things Come To Those Who Wait; Tariff Appeal Denials Jeopardize Investment

Monday, January 14, 2019

DP World’s Chilean Purchase Driven by Cars
Panjiva Daily: China slips, trade with U.S. falls; Evergreen beats COSCO; Mexico’s gasoline losers
2019 Outlook: The View from Panjiva’s Co-Founder

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Mexican Pipeline Closures Bring Short- and Long-Term Pain for Tesoro, ExxonMobil
CAFTA-DR Likely Faces NAFTA’s Fate, Fruit and Clothes Pay the Price
China’s Exports Slip, But U.S. Still a $4.3 Billion Loser in Trade War

Friday, January 11, 2019

Panjiva Daily: ACES could be Trump’s autos tariff card; tough 2019 ahead for UPS
GM Lags Ford in Mexican Auto Export Performance
Bangladesh Strikes Raise Supply Chain Challenges for H&M
Evergreen Beats COSCO on U.S. Routes as ONE Turns a Corner

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Sourcing strategy survey results; lots said at China-U.S. talks but delivery is difficult
Train Takes The Strain To Reduce Congestion Risks At New York, New Jersey
COSCO Aims To Tackle COSCO, CMA-CGM and ONE With Hong Kong Port Alliance
2M Becomes 2.1M With ZIM, Could Become MMZ
ACES May Be Trump’s Card For Autos Tariff Solution
Tough 2019 Beckons for UPS, Ground Lost to CH Robinson
2019 Outlook: The Year Ahead for Global Supply Chains

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Black swan risks for 2019, Trudeau-Trump talks go nowhere and Sony’s tough choices
2018 Ends With a Whimper But Panama Canal Diversion Effect Remains
Air Freight Stalls as Seafreight Steams Onwards in November
Lots Said at U.S.-China Talks, But Delivery Easier Said Than Done
2019 Outlook – Industries: Survey Shows Trade Tensions Weigh on Sourcing Strategies
LA Leads Growth and Momentum as Ports End 2018 On a High
Honda, Jaguar Scale Back Imports as U.S. Auto Sales Grind To A Halt

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Panjiva Daily: 2019 outlook – Supply chains face tariff uncertainty now, must change later
Hapag-Lloyd Fire Expands List of Supply Chain Challenges in Early 2019
Tariff Quote Watch: Make-in-India Makes Samsung and Foxconn Reconsider Sourcing
2019 Outlook – Black Swans: Trade War May Be The Least Of Our Worries
Tariff Quote Watch: Sony Faces Tough China Choices if Tariffs Become Permanent
USMCA Watch: Trudeau-Trump Talks Go Nowhere as U.S. Aluminum Imports Climb

Monday, January 07, 2019

Panjiva Daily: 2019 outlook for logistics – getting back to basics
Ninth Year of Logistics Payroll Growth Leaves Dockworkers Behind
Transpacific Sentiment Mismatch May Reflect Differing Policy Outlooks
2019 Outlook – Industries: Supply chain change faces uncertainty now, necessity later
CES Watch: Samsung Grabs iTunes as TV Share is Lost to LG and Funai
2018 Ends With a Bang as China Tariff Worries Buoy U.S. Imports
USMCA Watch: Rubio Seeks To Dig Over Fruit Rules, May Earn AMLO’s Ire

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Steel Supply Chains Start 2019 With Distortions, More Likely to Follow
Shipping’s Lunar Holiday Cheer Rests in the Hands of Trade Negotiators

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Panjiva Daily: 2019 outlook for trade policy; Apple’s unsurprising crunch
Tariff Quote Watch: Vietnam May Gain from China if Toys’ Story Includes Tariff Chapter
Toyota and Nissan Exports Slump as Weak Sales Trump Regulatory Review
2019 Outlook – Logistics: Getting Back To Basics

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Panjiva Daily: Nestle, NSK win a reprieve; 706 ways to reflate China; 12 events you may have missed
Mazda, Honda May Have Lost Vehicles in Tragic Vessel Fire
Dates Set, Deals Planned – Events You May Have Missed Over The Holidays
Tariff Quote Watch: Apple’s Crunch Shouldn’t Be a Surprise
2019 Outlook – Global Policy: Golden Age Followed by Tarnished Deals
2019 Outlook – U.S. Policy: Two Disappointments, Two Delays and a High-Wire Act

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Nestle, NSK Win China Tariff Reprieve as Exemption Rate Reaches 78%
China Finds 706 Ways to Reflate the Economy Via Tariff Cuts

Friday, December 21, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Global Supply Chains in 2018 – What Happened and Why
2018 Review: Deals Done and Not Done – What We Got Wrong and Why

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Pre-Brexit whisky binge, Congested Californian ports and Navistar’s tariff steering
Worst Year Since Financial Crisis Looms for Shipbuilders, Fairer Sailing Ahead
Tariff Quote Watch: Steelcase Raises Prices, Tables Supply Shift For Now
Tariff Quote Watch: Shiloh Industries Makes a Virtue of U.S. Tariff Policies
Tariff Quote Watch: Herman Miller Will Err On The Side of Caution And Raise Prices
2018 Review: 12 Events That Shaped Global Supply Chains
2018 Review: Do Tariffs Work? Trump Plants Seeds But Has Yet to Harvest Success

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Panjiva Daily: TNT blows up Fedex, Maersk dominates U.S. shipping and hunters win a tariff exemption
Dell’s Dynamic, Lenovo Reboots as Laptop Tariff Threat Powers Down
Tariff Quote Watch: Worthington Drums Up Price Increases as Cylinder Costs Increase
Tariff Quote Watch: Lovesac Throws More Production To Vietnam
Tariff Quote Watch: Navistar Steers Around Steel Tariffs, May Hit The 232 Review
Tariff Quote Watch: Nidec Nixes Chinese Motors in Favor of Mexican Supplies
Congested California Faces New Year Squeeze
America’s Pre-Brexit Whisky Binge Sets Record For Imports

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Panjiva Daily: China’s reforms at 40, K+N could use a hand from Hapag-Lloyd and Baby Alive wins Xmas
Liners Still Doing Fine As Signs of Tariff Rush Slowdown Meet Oil’s Collapse
AMLO’s Oil Ambition Starts Production Versus Exports Earnings Race
Hunters Win From Tariff Exemptions, 80% of Requests Still Outstanding
Japan’s Export Slowdown Due To Industrial Supply Chain Activity, Not Tariffs
TNT’s Failings Blow Up Fedex’s Profitability
Uber Can’t Get Over Tariffs, Calls For E-Bike Exemption
Maersk and MSC Dominate U.S. Shipping as CMA-CGM Loses Power

Monday, December 17, 2018

Retailers Bet on Baby Alive and PlayStation to Win a Slow Toys Sales Season
Panjiva Daily: Trade war stakes still high, Pemex’s port problems and PVH trims Bangladesh buying
Singapore Slowdown Caused by Oil and Tariffs as Regional Trade Growth Slows
“Make in India” Working as Trade Growth Slips
China’s Reforms at 40 – Trade Growth Miracle Fades, Trade Policy Challenges Emerge
Six Ports Indicate 22nd Increase in Trade Deficit Lies Ahead
K+N Could Use Hapag-Lloyd’s Hand as Freight Forwarders’ Growth Slows

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Almond Retribution Delayed as India Holds Back Steel Tariff Reponse
Party Over in California as China Tariff War Takes Away The Punchbowl
China Helps BMW and Tesla, Doesn’t Trade Stakes in Change War

Friday, December 14, 2018

Panjiva Daily: 17 days of beans, Samsung’s Indian choice and the effect of discounting
Brighter Performance from Longi and Jinko With Solar Supply Chain Switch
PVH Trims Bangladesh Sourcing While H&M Weaves More Into Its Supply Chain
Pemex Port Problems Today May Become American Exporters’ Troubles Later

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Where LA Goes, New York May Follow as Chinese Imports Fade
South Korean Subsidies May Become a Part of Hyundai, GM Parts Supply Chains
Samsung Chooses India Over China as Tariffs Help Drive Supply Chain Choices
Oil and Chinese Discounting May Slash U.S. Import Growth to Two Year Low
17 Days of Beans, Temporary Car Tariff Cuts Are a Slow Start to 90 Days of Talks (Update)

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Blame Europe, not China for slower U.S. import growth; OPEC’s cut vs. U.S. oil exports
China Deal Could Help U.S. LNG Exporters Achieve Their Potential
Bean Deal May Support Traffic Growth Through The Panama Canal

Monday, December 10, 2018

Hindalco Wins, Hunter Douglas Loses in Case Aimed at Chinese Aluminum
OPEC Cut Addresses Only Part of U.S. Net Import Decline
Panjiva Daily: Flooring and phones show tariffs’ limits; Iran solution found for India’s oil needs
Tariff Quote Watch: Tiangong Rings Up Price Rises to Offset Higher Duties
Mangalore and Indian Oil Have New Mechanism to Mitigate Iran Sanctions
China Risk to Walmart, Amazon Traffic Overshadows Already Lackluster Norfolk
Tariff Quote Watch: GoPro Goes Out of China In Active Duty Decision
Blame Europe and Cars, Not China and Tariffs For November Slowdown

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Flooring and Phones Show Tariff Worries Can Be Counterproductive
Oil and Tariffs Slow Chinese Imports But U.S.-Bound Export Growth Remains Robust

Friday, December 07, 2018

Panjiva Daily: A $13 billion tariff loss, why the future of trade is open, and Brown-Forman jacks up prices
Tariff Quote Watch: Greif May Need to Give Chinese Bag Suppliers to Sack to Beat Tariffs
BMW Revs Up Plans for U.S. Engine Factory Before Tariffs Choke Trade
Pilots of Both Kinds Face Squeeze on Employment From Trade War and Automation

Thursday, December 06, 2018

U.S. Customs Lays Down The Law on Chinese Plywood Tariff Evasion
America’s $13 Billion Loss In The Latest Trade Battle With China
Tariff Quote Watch: Genesco Tries To Keep A Lid On Tariff Risk With Inventory Build
Tariff Quote Watch: Michaels Group Crafts A Multi-Pronged Tariff Strategy
Tariff Quote Watch: Brown-Forman Needs to Jack Up Prices to Cover EU Duties

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Panjiva Daily: 11,565 calls for help, 612 answers; Trade policy in the 116th Congress
Mondelez Bags Increased Imports as Brazilian Coffee Supplies Jump
Panjiva Discussions: The Future of Trade Is Open

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Volkswagen’s Mexican stick and ArcelorMittal’s steel deal opportunity
Volkswagen Could Wield Mexican Stick In Response to Trump’s Tariff Stick
Georgia’s Got Growth On Its Mind as Gainesville Gains Inland Port
Tariff Quote Watch: Natuzzi Cuts Costs to Tackle Tariffs, Industry Sat on Excess Imports
Tariff Quote Watch: Dell Dials Up Prices to Deflect Disc Drive Duties
Losers Outstrip Winners 2.4-to-1 as Tariff Exemptions Process Grinds On
Panjiva Discussions: U.S. Trade Policy in The 116th Congress

Monday, December 03, 2018

G20 Watch: 100 Jets May Speed U.S.-Japan Trade Deal as Abe Passes Deficit Test
USMCA Watch: Mexico Metals Deal Could Help Tenaris and ArcelorMittal
Panjiva Daily: Paying the price for peace between President Xi and President Trump
Suez Surges Ahead of Panama, Both May See Lower Volumes if Trade Truce Holds
Blame Consumers (Mostly), Not Trade War For Korea’s Export Slowdown (For Now)
Trade War Gives, Trade Peace May Take Away From the Shipping Sector
ISM Import Sentiment Slows, Could Fall Further On 90 Day Tariff Ceasefire
Empties at the Heart of Charleston’s Growth, China Tariff Delay May Weigh
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in November 2018
CMA-CGM and MSC’s Clear Link to Fuel Costs May Not Be Accepted by Customers
Dumping Complaints Quiet in November, Xi-Trump Deal May Keep The Volume Down

Sunday, December 02, 2018

G20 Watch: Tesla Is One Winner From The Trump-Xi Trade Truce
G20 Watch: Trump’s Pause Paid for By Xi’s Purchase Promise
Tariff Worries Lead Japan’s Automakers to Slow U.S. Exports Ahead of Abe-Trump Meet

Friday, November 30, 2018

Panjiva Daily: USMCA passage depends on Dems and OPEC; Mitsubishi’s “huge impact” from tariffs
Trade War Not The Only Worry For Chinese Exporters
USMCA Watch: Arisen in the fall to fall in the summer? Democrats and OPEC are key

Thursday, November 29, 2018

San Diego Hack a Reminder of Supply Chain Vulnerabilities
Panjiva Daily: G20 special – 6 items to watch from Xi-Trump to DPRK sanctions
Maersk Looks To Squeeze Competitors in Growing Fruit Trade Business
Tariff Quote Watch: Mitsubishi’s “Huge Impact” from Car Tariffs Means Price Hikes
HMM’s Ambitions a Worry for Peers, Not a Reason To Panic
Tariff Quote Watch: ONE Sees Three Outcomes For Trade War, Two Are Not Good

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tariff Quote Watch: Minimized Molecular Tourism the Key to DowDuPont Tariff Strategy
Panjiva Daily: CMA-CGM and ONE the worst of the bunch; Samsung and Honda drive Thai development
PdVSA Avoids Seizure of Citgo While Relying More on Valero as U.S. Oil Customer
Phone Demand May Bring Chips Down More Than Trade War
Volvo and GM Targeted By Lighthizer’s China Tariff Equalization Commitment
G20 Watch: The Xi-Trump Meet Is Only One of Six Major Issues to Watch
Record Autos Trade Deficit May Spur Trump Administration to Tariff Action

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Panjiva Daily: GM cuts as trade policy clears, why CMA-CGM fell behind and trade’s become less fair
Ski Gear Retailers Don’t Expect a Tariff Tumble
Divergent European Export Sentiment Can’t Hide Brexit Worries
Samsung and Honda Drive Thai Development As Port Investments Proceed
Losses Beat Tariffs For Chinese Steel Wire Makers’ Exports
CMA-CGM and ONE The Worst of The Bunch As Container-Line EBITDA Drops 16%
Mexican Trade Accelerates Ahead of AMLO’s Accession

Monday, November 26, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Hapag-Lloyd’s new course, Ceva might sever links and retailers’ inventory challenge
Ceva May Sever Links With Maersk and ONE in CMA-CGM Strategy Plan
The Difference a Year Makes as CMA-CGM Falls Behind Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd
USMCA Watch: General Motors’ Cuts Follow Clarity in Trump’s Trade Policies
Canada’s Port Activity Surges, Bested by U.S. West Coast
Migrant Caravan Brings Risks For Samsung and Toyota Supply Chains
Trade May Have Become Even More Unfair in October Using The Trump Metric

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Tariff Quote Watch: K+N Sees Stagnant First Quarter Once Stock Building Ends
Global Trade Growth Slowing, But Not Because of Tariff War

Friday, November 23, 2018

Porsche and Jaguar May Find Life Easier in China as Parallel Import Rules Planned
Oboz On The March Since Kathmandu Takeover

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Tariff Quote Watch: Tesla Swallows Tariff Shock While Prepping Shanghai Strategy
Tariff Quote Watch: Deere’s Yet To Dig Itself Out Of All Duty Risks
Tariff Quote Watch: Johnson Matthey’s Mitigation Challenge “Getting Bigger”
Target Misses The Bullseye as Inventories Surge Ahead of the Holidays
Tariff Quote Watch: BlueScope Loves Australian Steel Exemption
Hapag-Lloyd’s Course Has Room for Maneuver, Need for Speed and K+N Deal

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Tariff Quote Watch: Xerox and Haier Among SeaTac Users Exploring “New Strategies”
Panjiva Daily: ONE’s alliance-busting offering, Apple’s fewer phones and Mexican rails’ fortunes
Tariff Quote Watch: Urban Outfitters Stays Lean, Avoids Trade Disruption Risk
Tariff Quote Watch: Best Buy Makes Best Efforts To Avoid Import Duty Risks

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Black Friday’s pre-tariff bargains, Electrolux’s next price hike and Houston’s top spot
Boks’ Box Handling Heading Higher Again, Attracting New Liner Services
Worst Year in Four Beckons For American Defense Export Industry
10-Year Low in Shipyard Exports And Declining Orders Lead Japan to the WTO
Three Presidents Cast Doubt Over North American Rails’ Fortunes
Apple’s Fewer Phones, Bigger Numbers Issue is Not a New Phenomenon
ONE’s Three Carrier Offering Crosses Alliance Barriers, May Raise Antitrust Worries

Monday, November 19, 2018

Panjiva Daily: JC Penney slips after import slide, nothing but exemptions denial and ZIM’s less zippy
Trade War Contagion Absent as Japanese Export Growth Accelerates
Black Friday Shoppers Have President Trump to Thank for Pre-Tariff Bargains
Forget About The Trade War, China’s Memory Chip Verdict is About Surging Imports
Long Beach Buyer Will Need COSCO’s Business, China Risk Appetite
Hapag-Lloyd and MSC Fight to Rope The Top Spot in Houston
Tariff Quote Watch: Electrolux Readies Next Price Hike as Duty Risks Heat Up

Sunday, November 18, 2018

PlayStation Distraction Avoidance and Tariff Risk Drive Surging Console Imports
White House Industrial Strategy Raises Specter of Generic Drug Tariffs

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Nothing But Denial as NXP Adds to the China Exemption Tariff Request List
JC Penney’s Slip Follows Import Slide, China Not a Risk For Now
ZIM Less Zippy as 2M Cooperation Crimps Volume Growth
Soaring Imports May Lead Modi to Double Down on “Make in India” Tariffs

Friday, November 16, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Maersk and MSC grab market share and widespread “dumping” evident from inflation

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Panjiva Daily: CH Robinson conquers the quarter, Maersk flags a significant slowdown
Tariff Quote Watch: Sonos Sounds Out Its Suppliers For China Sourcing Changes
India’s Iranian Oil Rush Over as Modi and Pence Agree Crude Deal
$962 million Food Duty Cuts Foregone as EU and U.S. Focus on Scope Limits
Maersk and MSC Grab Market Share from ONE and COSCO Ahead of Tariffs’ Bite
Cali Container Growth Hits 8 Year High, Led by China
Widespread “Dumping”, Deficit Increase Evident From Trade Prices

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Ceva stumbles, K+N sinks its claws in and the road to a U.S.-Japan deal
LVMH Has Little To Fear From 15 Cents a Bottle Tariff Threat
Tariff Quote Watch: Samsonite Shifts Sourcing Away From China, Just in Case Tariffs Rise
Tariff Quote Watch: KGHM’s China Copper Trade Worries Could Hit BHP in Chile
Oil’s Crash Could Help Container-Lines, But Not Yet
CH Robinson Wins The 3PLs’ Third Quarter, Reinvests in Growth
Savannah’s Hot Import Growth Due To China, Could Rapidly Reverse
Maersk’s Tariff-Driven Acceleration Will Become a Significant Slowdown
No Easy Route To U.S.-Japan Deal With Car Complications, Beef Battle Ahead

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Hyundai and Daimler Rush as Trump Puts Autos Review Back in Drive
Panjiva Daily: Trump puts autos review back in drive, 7 tariff strategies and 2,152 more cries for help
Forging Stronger Links – Using Supply Chain Data in The Investing Process
ONE Is First in Norfolk, For Now, as China Volumes Decline
K+N Sinks Its Claws Deeper Into Terex, Pyramid May Be Toppled
JBS and Marfrig Set to Pay the Price for Bolsonaro’s Israel Policy
Ceva Profitability Slumps as Volume Growth Proves Expensive, Customer Fails

Monday, November 12, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s new trade war front and tariffs didn’t dent demand in October
J&J’s China-Local Strategy Shows Risks to American Drug Export Growth
2,152 More Cries for Help as Tariff Exemption Demands Widen
West Does Best as Trade War Bypasses Most Ports
Yang Ming’s Passive Approach Can’t Prevent Falling Profitability
Tariff Quote Watch: Seven Supply Chain Strategies Firms Are Using To Tackle Tariffs

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Target Misses Toy Target and Baby Alive Grows Bigger Than Fingerlings
Tariffs Fail To Dent Demand as America’s Consumers Buy Foreign
Tariff Quote Watch: Martinrea Emerging From a Perfect Storm, Squalls Still Ahead

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Volvo Values Tariff Risks, May Retool Supply Chain
China’s Loss is Oman’s Gain as Commerce Targets Aluminum Sheet
Tariff Quote Watch: Kodak’s Profit Snapped by Aluminum Duties, Film May Follow
Trump’s New Trade War Front – Labor, Bags and Sneakers

Friday, November 09, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Wallenius wobbles, Lenovo’s well served and BMW’s set to swerve

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Life after the midterm elections, Hapag-Lloyd holds station and Toyota’s tough choices
Hapag-Lloyd Holds as Peers Fold, Mostly Thanks to UASC
China Wins The October Trade War Round With America
Felixstowe’s Fail is Gateway’s Gain as Maersk and MSC Switch More Services
Panama Posts Slower Growth as West Coast Claims China Trade Growth
Roku On A Roll, Tariff Trouble Could Lie Ahead
Tariff Quote Watch: BMW Set to Swerve China Truck Tariffs With Local Production
Tariff Quote Watch: Lenovo Well Served By Tariffs, Laptop Duties Are a Risk
Wallenius’ Loses Drive as Fuel Costs Fill Up

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Global Soybean Swap As Tariffs Crush China’s U.S. Purchases
Tariff Quote Watch: Rockwell Rocks Its Supply Chain to Tackle Tariffs
Yaris Import Crash The First of Many Tough Choices for Toyota
Life After The Elections – Influence With Limited Impact
Panjiva Daily: Expeditors’ discipline, Trump’s minor metals tariff impact and global trade growth stalls
David’s Bridal May Face Supplier Divorce Ahead of Seasonal Import Peak

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Tariff Quote Watch: FMC Leans on Exemption Appeal to Kill Off Tariff Pests
Matson Safe From Tariff Risk, Still Faces Fuel Cost Problems
Tariff Quote Watch: Terex Digs Into Efficiency Plans To Offset Duty Costs
Tariff Quote Watch: Ralph Lauren Ready to Realign Supply Chain in Response to Tariffs
Expeditors’ Discipline Can’t Prevent a Slide in Profitability
30 Month Run of Global Trade Growth Slows To a Crawl

Monday, November 05, 2018

10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in October 2018
Trump’s Metals Duties Have Small Impact, Big Complications
Panjiva Daily: The $2.18 billion cost of retaliation, Xi’s import push and container-lines’ October gloom
Double-Edged Sword for 3PLs in Double-Rate Jobs Growth
Brazil’s Coffee Bounty Attracts Starbucks’ Buyers

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Gloomy October for Container Lines as Rates Slip
Xi’s Import Tariff Push May Hasten The Trade Singularity vs. America
The $2.18 Billion Cost of China’s Retaliation Against Trump’s Tariffs

Friday, November 02, 2018

China Currently “Winning” The Trade War as U.S. Deficit Hits 10-Year High
Panjiva Daily: 8,241 cries for help, GoPro gets ready to jump and Danone calls in Keurig
Dumping Petitions Down as American Tariff Policies Remain in Flux
Tariff Quote Watch: GoPro Ready to Jump If Pushed By Tariffs, Imports Already Falling
8,241 Cries for Help as Trump’s China Tariffs Bite, Exemption Process Slow

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Disappointing forwarders, Samsung’s GSP strategy washed up, trade vs. the midterms
Tariff Quote Watch: Panasonic May Have to Swallow Tesla Tariff Costs
Kim-Trump Summit Near At Hand, China Loosens Trade Shackles
South Korean Trade Roars Back to Growth With Barely a Whisper of Tariff Troubles
Nippon Express Makes 8 Out of 9 Disappointments from the 3PLs
Tariff Quote Watch: ACCO Brands Marks Prices Up, Lots More to Come
Evian’s Poor Performance Forces Danone to Call in Keurig Dr Pepper
Tariff Quote Watch: Worst May Be Passed for Xylem as Localization Brings Benefits
Two-year Low in American Export Sentiment Suggests Retaliation is Biting Business

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Panjiva Daily: CH Robinson keeps on trucking, COSCO holds the line and Cummins tackles tariffs
Brunswick Provides More Room for Hyundai and Daimler, Success Depends on Tariffs
Tariffs Take Toll on Chinese Sentiment, Export Outlook at Nov. 2015 Low
CH Robinson Keeps On Trucking as Margin Expansion Beats UPS and K+N
Tariff Quote Watch: Cummins Tackles Tariffs With Production Shift, Including India
Tariff Quote Watch: Timken Gets the Ball Rolling On Tariff Mitigation
Tariff Quote Watch: Steve Madden Kicks Off New Shoe and Bag Sourcing Strategy
Samsung’s GSP Strategy Washed Up by Trump’s Proclamation

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump needs a “great deal” from China, Cooper Tire rolls tariff costs into prices
Dr Reddy’s Ready for Growth As Imports Surge After Quiet Quarter
Tariff Quote Watch: Trade War Disrupts Infrastructure Spending as LNG Delays Decision
Corn Planting Earmarked to Offset Tariff-Afflicted Soybean Sales to China
Tariff Quote Watch: Fanuc Warns of Tariff Risks, Problem May Be Company-Specific
Tariff Quote Watch: Cooper Tire Rolls Tariffs Into Higher Prices
Midterm Elections: Opportunity Cost, Not Livelihoods Lost in North Dakota
Trump Needs “Great Deal” to Avert All-In China Tariff Move
COSCO Shipping Holds the Line on Rates But Sees Profitability Halved

Monday, October 29, 2018

Tariff Quote Watch: Tenneco’s Steel Loss, China Win From Trump’s Duties
Toyota’s Torrid September May Pale Next To Forthcoming Supply Chain Decisions
Panjiva Daily: Fiat-Chrysler commits to Mexico and PriceSmart reconsiders its supply chain
Brexit Brink’s Approach Drags European Sentiment to Lowest Since 2016
Tariff Quote Watch: Outokumpu Can’t Pass Through Tariffs, But Keeps on Shipping
Tariff Quote Watch: PriceSmart Shows Trump’s Tariffs Can Cause Regional Supply Chain Changes
USMCA Watch: Fiat-Chrysler Recommits to Mexico as Exports Reach a Record
Lek’s Gain is Merck’s Loss as Statin Costs Drop

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Price Pressure Ahead for America’s $73 Billion Drug Import Industry

Friday, October 26, 2018

Panjiva Daily: DSV’s not worried about trade war; the U.S. states paying the price for retaliation
Fine Words as WTO Fails to Progress Fine Paper Case
Global Trade Record Overshadowed, But Not Yet Hurt, By Tariffs
Tariff Quote Watch: Stanley Stuffs Channel For Higher Tariffs, Lower Rates Passed On
Tariff Quote Watch: Graco Hasn’t, But Will, Feel a Tariff Impact on Kids Car Seats
DSV Not Worried About Trade War as Sales Soar, But That Might Change
Energy Behind Mexico’s Long Trade Boom, Could Be Disrupted by AMLO
Tariff Quote Watch: Flextronics Finds Opportunity in India, Struggles to Execute

Thursday, October 25, 2018

U.S. Midterms: Victims of Retaliation Against President Trump’s Trade Policy
Panjiva Daily: CMA-CGM targets Ceva, UPS heads down and who cares about China trade?
LG Electronics Blames Protectionism, Imports Could Cool Further
Panalpina Disappoints, But Heads the Right Way
10 Year High in Trade Deficit Led By China, Could Embolden Trump

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

U.S. Midterms: Is Trade Working for The States and Who Cares About China?
Panjiva Daily: Trump’s path to early USMCA signing and the struggles of ONE and COSCO
Deadpool Saves the Day for Marvel as Movie Tie-Ins Drive Halloween Imports
Caterpillar Downplays Tariff Risks, Prefers Price Rises
Brazil Pursues China Through the WTO as Sugar Exports Turn Sour
Kent May Steer More Bike Production To America With Trade Case Ahead
USCMA Watch: Trump Offered Steel-for-Pork Swap For Early Deal Signing
UPS Margins Head Down on Fuel, China Tariff Risks The Next Headwind
ZIM Shipping Could Jack Up Jaxport, ONE Remains Number One
CMA-CGM Will Buy Ceva (Eventually), UPS and K+N May Have Concerns

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Hurricane Willa’s targets and 3PLs’ sliding profitability and Houston’s Walmart problem
Iran, Pakistan Help Take Up China’s Slack in America’s Soybean Exports
LG and Haier’s Washer Import Recovery Could Be Wrung Out By New Tariffs
3PLs Set For Sixth Straight Decline in Profitability as China-U.S. Tariffs Bite
Everyone Wins Except ONE, and COSCO as U.S. Container Volumes Surge
Kansas City Southern’s Oil Win Proves Problematic, AMLO May Become a Drag

Monday, October 22, 2018

Lithium Shakeup Ahead With Prospect of More China Sales for SQM, More U.S. For FMC
Hurricane Willa Threatens Pemex, Nissan Supply Chains Via Mazatlan
Marelli-Calsonic, a New Auto-Parts Leader, Faces Three Big Regulatory Risks
Panjiva Daily: Trump’s border threat and Honeywell’s harbinger of tariff troubles
Europe Ready for Beef Deal That America May Not Care About
Houston’s Growth May Have a Walmart Size Problem With China Tariffs
Cable Imports Cut as Duties Bite, New Dumping Case Begins
Tariff Quote Watch: Honeywell’s Harbinger of Tariff Troubles for Caterpillar and Deere
Shougang’s Strike Matters For Peru, But Not For China

Friday, October 19, 2018

Panjiva Daily: CH Robinson beats Expeditors while K+N shows growth is easier than profitability
Toy Supply Chains More About Who’R’Next Than Grabbing Growth
Reliance Can’t Rely on America as a Yarn Market as New Case Spins Up
Target and Home Depot Buck Savannah’s China Downshift to Build Holiday Stocks
Trump’s Border Threat Brings Supply Chain Choice for Johnson Controls, Caterpillar
Asia’s Storms Roil Toyota, Subaru Shipments to Seattle and Tacoma

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bigger Means Better for Panama as Canal Competition is Contained
Panjiva Daily: Tariff urgency leads to shipment surge and the Trump-Juncker process stumbles
Post-Florence Bounceback Possible in Norfolk as Imports Remain Resillient
Jebi May Have Jabbed Japan’s Export Record, Not Just The Trump-Xi Trade War
Risks to Trump’s Saudi Arms Orders Low With $20 Billion Approved, $2 Billion Delivered
Little Sign of Confidence as Shipbuilding Downturn Gathers Pace
CH Robinson Beats Expeditors But Runs the China Tariff Gauntlet
K+N Shows Growth Is Easy, Profitability Less So as Margins Hit 2014 Low

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

He-Said, She-Said Hinders Trump-Juncker Deal Process, But Autos Matter More
Panjiva Daily: 17 supply chain issues to watch in 4Q 2018, and beyond
CMA-CGM Spreads Eagle GO’s Wings Further After 34x Growth Success
Orient Overseas Bets on Resilient China Trade With New Houston Service
Tesla’s China Project Moves Up a Gear as China’s American EV Imports Slump
ONE Crushed in Cali as CMA-CGM Swoops In
Trump Tariff Urgency Drove September’s Shipment Surge

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

China Sells More, Buys Less From America, Raising Tariff Escalation Risk
ONE Love From Customers Still Returning As Outlook Worsens
AMLO’s $58 Billion Oil Commitment Raises Risks For Trump Relations
4Q18 Outlook – Logistics: Rates and Mates; Container-line Strategies To Watch
4Q18 Outlook – Global Policy: The Connectedness of Deals – Nine Negotiations to Watch

Monday, October 15, 2018

August Trade Battle Lost as U.S. Goods Deficit Hits Record on Bean and Car Slump

Thursday, October 04, 2018

4Q18 Outlook – U.S. Policy: President Trump’s To-Do List – Six Deals to Watch

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Panjiva Daily: USMCA fallout for Daimler, Nissan, ArcelorMittal and the apparel industry
USMCA Watch: Daimler and Nissan Face Prodigious Parts Problems Under New Rules
Ta Chen Finds That If Metals Tariffs Mean You Can’t Beat Them, Buy Them

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in September 2018
Panjiva Daily: China turns the screws and MSC’s hard work bears fruit for container rates
Korea Pours Cold Water on KORUS, Forthcoming Tariffs a Bigger Issue for Autos
Flextronics, Sterlite Helped as India Dials Down Equipment Tariffs
Hutchison Loses Out to DP World as Felixstowe Woes Bite Port Performance
USMCA Watch: Disruption Ahead as Fabric Buyers Weave a New Supplier Pattern
USMCA Watch: ArcelorMittal and Ternium Left Behind as Steel Tariffs Remain

Monday, October 01, 2018

China Turns The Tariff Screws on America, By Loosening Them On Others
Business Beliefs Bounce For Trade As American Policy Moves Beyond China
Panjiva Daily: USMCA is a win for Trump, EC is a threat for 2M and AD/CV is in the ascendant
Early Harvest Brings Early End to South Korea’s Trade Boom
Chinese Business Outlook Most Pessimistic For 32 Months
17 Month High For Antidumping Petitions Follow USMCA, China Certainty
Surgical Robots Could be An Early Success for Trump-Juncker Process
MSC’s Hard Work Kick-Started The Liners’ Fight Back, Several Rounds Left to Win
USMCA Watch: Trump Gets His Name But High Ceilings, Long Phase-ins Limit Impact

Friday, September 28, 2018

Honda Revs Up Exports, May Reverse as U.S. Regulatory Risk Dissipates
Panjiva Daily: $4.1 billion JUSTAfication for Trump-Abe deal and container-line collaboration
Future of Maersk and MSC’s Alliance May Be Doubtful as EC Reviews Exemptions

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s strategy JUSTAfied, Houston dodges duties and Nike’s safe from tariffs
Charleston Survives Florence and China, May Trip on Autos Review
Trump’s Latest Deal Not JUSTA Pipe Dream, But Not Easy To Win
Blame OPEC (and Others) For Continued American Trade Deficit Surge
Pemex Could Help Offset America’s China Oil Woes
Air Conditioner Tariffs Unlikely To Cool India’s Overheating Trade Deficit
Hapag-Lloyd and CMA-CGM Try Collaboration, Not Competition To Deal with Maersk
$4.1 Billion JUSTA Duty Opportunity Focused on Cars and Cows
Mexico’s Energy-Fueled Trade Surge Continues, U.S. Surplus Expansion Presents a Risk

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Panjiva Daily: CMA-CGM and Maersk’s sour pill, paying BMW’s price and Dole’s fruit tariff potential
Suez Feels Chill of Competition as Maersk Threads the Ice
Mercs Made in India To Help Daimler’s Diversification Strategy
Houston Dodges Tariff Bullets, Isn’t Immune From Increasingly Rapid Fire
Nike and Adidas Should Be Safe From Tariff Hikes Should Trump Just Do It

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Magna May Pay The Price for BMW’s China Tariff Woes
Panjiva Daily: Answering Trump’s $270 billion question, DSV’s Asia options and Savannah’s scale-up
Asia Beckons as DSV Looks Ahead to Next Round of Forwarder Consolidation
Record Global Trade in July Helped by Tariff Rush
Keg and Cable Makers Find Certainty, But Insufficient Leverage, From Trump’s Tariffs
Del Monte Rides Fresh Fruit Boom While Dole Has China Tariff Opportunity
In Juncker They Trust, in Ross They Fear – European Export Sentiment Diverges
CMA-CGM and Maersk Try Ensure They Don’t Swallow Sulfur’s Sour Pill
Trump-Kim Two May Drive Nuclear Deal But China’s $3 Billion Trade May Matter More

Monday, September 24, 2018

Becks Bashed This Oktoberfest as American Tastes Turn Mexican
APL’s Precision Yields Volume Growth, Plenty More Customers to Target
Novatek’s Brazilian Success Further Complicates Life for U.S. LNG Exporters
The $270 Billion Question – Trump’s Escalation Options Not As Wide As They Look
Savannah’s Scale-Up Needs Amazon and Home Depot To Switch Out of China

Friday, September 21, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Tacoma’s tariff troubles, Gulftainer’s big box plans and Brexit woes not just Mini
Gap Shouldn’t Sweat It – Winter Wear and Ski Gear Avoid Duties For Another Year
Care Needed in Assuming Beans’ Jump Means Trump Will Be Happy With EU

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Panjiva Daily: 3,732 ways to stimulate China, Maersk’s room for more and Amazon’s mattress quandary
Ikea May Tackle $30 Billion Furniture Tariff Spat With Price Rises
Li’s 3,732 Ways To Boost The Chinese Economy Via Tariff Cuts
Less Now, Less Tomorrow as Global Shipbuilding Conditions Slip
Trump Goes To Postal Rates in Next Attempt To Curb Chinese Exports
Brexit Deal Likelihood Fades, Much More Than a Mini Problem For Car Makers
Sony Banks on Retro Gaming Boost as Early Imports Indicate Higher Score in 2018
Gulftainer’s Big Box Plans Need Big Lots and Other Pennsylvanians to Succeed
Xerox and Jabil Hold Keys To Seattle’s Performance as Tariffs Weigh on Port Activity

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Maersk Reorg Helps Customers, Leaves Room For Deeper Liner Integration
Amazon and Zinus Face Mattress Challenge As Case Sprung After Import Bounce
Panjiva Daily: Xi’s retaliatory tariff “winners”, hopping vs. stockpiling and steel tariffs trump talks
Savannah’s Outsize China Exposure Puts Record Handling At Risk
Oakland’s Capacity Increase Comes as Tariff Challenges Rise and ONE’s Use Falls
Trump Needs to 3x LNG Sales to Europe To Offset China’s 10% Tariff

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump takes the gloves off, Fedex falls a fifth time and Hong Kong’s typhoon troubles
Fedex Falls For Fifth Time as Profitability Pays Competitive Price
The Gloves Are Off as Trump’s $200 Billion Arrives
Japan Shrugs Off Trade War With 21 Month Growth Streak But Risks Are Rising
Huawei and LNG “Winners” From Duty Cuts in Xi’s Trump Tariff Reaction
Tariffs Trump Global Talks As Steel Capacity Comes Back In Focus
Hopping May Follow Stockpiling as Supply Chains React to Trump’s $200 billion

Monday, September 17, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s 10%, Florence’s passage and “done” isn’t done for NAFTA
NAFTA Watch: Chapter 19 In Focus After Paper Imports Ground Down
Hawkeye Worth Watching As Japan Makes Weapons-for-Cars Offer To America
NAFTA Watch: “Done” Isn’t Done for Mexico If Canada Isn’t in USMC
Trump’s 10% Could Be Worst of Both Worlds – Uncertainty and Ineffectiveness
India’s “Non-Essential” Duty Doesn’t Deal With The Essential Problem
Typhoon Mangkhut To Be Followed By Tariffs As Challenges Facing Hong Kong

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Florence’s Passage May Hurt Caterpillar’s Customers, Supply Chain Secure

Friday, September 14, 2018

CMA-CGM Moves the Reefer Game On With Technology as Volumes Surge
Panjiva Daily: UPS’s grand plans, Hapag-Lloyd’s Cali boom and a difficult Taiwan-U.S. deal
Desired But Difficult Deal Between Taiwan and America Has Few Easy Wins
Happy Holidays for Decoration Importers Ahead, No Tariff Grinch Yet
Dark Past, Brighter Outlook For Solar Industry as Tariffs Become the New Normal
Tariffs Distorting U.S. Trade Price Inflation, Deficit Increase Still Probable

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Xi’s 4x more effective than Trump’s, COSCO’s pain and Apple’s hopes Xs marks the spot
Apple Hopes Xs Mark The Spot as U.S. Handset Imports Slide, Values Rise
GE and Siemens Mexican Operations Saved By Retained American Tariffs
India Not Interested in Full Trump Trade Deal, May Be Happy With More Energy
UPS’s Grand Plans Face Mundane Challenges
Trump’s Feels No Pressure as China Tariffs So Far Widen The Deficit
Evergreen Not Wilting in California as Hapag-Lloyd Shoots Higher

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Florence’s widening threats, Expeditors swamped by rivals and Tesla’s tariff challenge
American Weapons Imports Load Up Ahead of Regulatory Changes
Shrimp Opportunity For India as U.S. Regs Tighten, Chinese Tariffs Rise
Tesla and EVs Bear The Brunt of China’s First Round of Retaliation, More to Follow
Xi and Putin Have An Easy Trade Target, If Oil Cooperates
Deeper Durban Brings South African Opportunity, Service Diversity Needed
America Seeks Talks as Xi’s Tariffs Prove 4x as Effective as Trump’s
COSCO’s Container Carrying Cut by China Tariffs, 2M First For Growth

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Florence’s threats, peak port performance and finding Trump-Juncker opportunities
Philippines Trade Boom Supported By Steel, Not Helped By Slow FTA Progress
Vinacomin’s Coal Ambitions Unlikely To Be Fuelled by Indian Demand
General Motors Leads Mexican Autos Bounce, Strategy Review May Be Needed
Uranium Case Active For Longer as Russian and EU Exports Surge
Trump-Juncker “Early Harvest” More Likely To Be TBT+T Than TTIP-2
Hapag-Lloyd Flexes Brazilian Market Share Muscle To Increase Rates
Florence Threatens Norfolk, Impact May Be Limited By Slower Moving Supply Chains
Expeditors Swamped By Forwarder Competition as Tariff Effect Ripples Outwards

Monday, September 10, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump ponders as China hurries, Apple’s price warning and CMA-CGM’s sunny outlook
Hyundai Set To Power Up In India, Asian Target Markets Missing
Kia Takes Diversification Road To Mitigate NAFTA, Tariff Risks
Apple May Flex Pricing Power To Deal With Trump’s China Tariffs
CMA-CGM Suffers Sector’s Fate, Saadé Still Chipper as Container Profitability Improves
East-of-Panama Ports Smoke California as Canal Transits Rise, Tariffs Arrive
18 Months of Port Growth Helped by a Hurricane, Will Be Hindered by Tariffs
Florence Presents Goods Flow Challenges For Daimler, Gildan

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Trump Ponders Tariffs as China’s Exporters Hurry Up and Wait

Friday, September 07, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump ends peak season early, duties corrode steel and Shanghai’s unwelcome surprise
Rare ITC Case Brought as Strontium Imports Explode
Starbucks Heads To Italy, Brazil’s Share of Its Global Supply Chain May Perk Up
Cisco and Juniper’s $24 Billion Trump Problem Unlikely To Be Rerouted
Rail Near a Crossing, Sailors May Face a Sinking Employment Situation

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Maersk and MSC’s Service Suspension May Need Extending to Transpacific Lanes
Target Targets Toy Success By Bucking Import Trend
Panjiva Daily: Maersk and MSC’s service suspension, unlucky 13 for U.S. deficit and Target’s toy target
China’s Utility Equipment Providers Lead Export Drive to Syria
Duties Corrode Rather Than Melt Metals Imports
Peak of Peak Season Already Passed As Trump’s Tariffs Begin to Bite
Shanghai’s Unwelcome Surprise as Congestion Coincides with Tariff Proliferation

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Awaiting Trump’s $200 billion, Super-typhoon Jebi’s impact and Philaport’s labor risks
Unlucky 13% for China, NAFTA and EU as American Deficit Surges Ahead of Duties
Japan’s Worst Storm in 25 Years Raises Supply Chain Risks for Kubota and Sanyo
Storm Gordon’s Flash Floods Bring Risks to Dole, Hyundai Supply Chains
Lego Stacks Up Shipments as Demand Recovery Anticipated
NAFTA Watch: Canada’s Surplus Bounce Could Undermine Mood of Talks

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Philaport Faces Labor, But Not China, Risks For Peak Shipping Season
Panjiva Daily: $1.2 trillion in doubt for 25 days, CH Robinson’s warning and $995 billion of reviews
Xi’s Africa Initiatives Seek to Diversify Resource-Led Imports, Shake off “Debt Trap” Tag
Moving Cattle (Quotas) Around One Way to Deliver Trump-Juncker Promise
President Trump’s Policies Working As American Trade Sentiment Erodes
Exemptions May Be The Exception as Ruling on Trump’s $200 Billion Duty List Awaited
American Automakers Accelerate Inventory Build As Sales Slow, Duties Expected

Monday, September 03, 2018

10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in August 2018
$995 Billion of Reviews Overshadow ITC Work After A Busy August
CH Robinson Warns On Capacity as Liners’ Fortunes Appear to Improve
India May Be The Big Loser From a Splintered RCEP
Ford’s China SUV Plans Go Inactive Due To China Tariffs, Parts May Follow
NAFTA Watch: At Least 25 Days of Doubt for $1.2 Trillion of Trade, Midterms Matter More
KORUS A Step Closer as South Korea’s Trade Boom Completes Month 22

Friday, August 31, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Malmstrom offers a deal, Kerry storms ahead and ZIM feel the need for speed
26 Month Low in Chinese Import Sentiment Shows Cost of Widening Trade Battle

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Digging into NAFTA quotas, logistics growth slashed and the Empire’s mean conquering
(Poor) Business As Usual Reigns For Japan’s Automakers As U.S. Duties Loom
ZIM Feels The Need For Speed as CMA-CGM Shows Need for Premium Offerings
Citic May Need To Strike New Deals to Sell Its Wheels In Face of Steel Tariffs
CMA-CGM Joins the Felixstowe Exodus To Take Advantage of Indian Opportunity
Malmstrom Offers To Strike a Deal as Jaguar and Audi Race Tariffs
Kerry’s Profits Storm Ahead as China-U.S. Tariff Clouds Gather

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Deficit’s double trouble, Maersk takes customers to tasks and unintended s301 effects
Global Logistics Activity Growth Halves in July, Worse May Be Around the Corner
Record For Transits Doesn’t Mean Suez-Panama Canal Competition Is Over
Empire State Ports Conquer National Average, China A Bigger Risk Than Peers
Canadian Foresters Win, American Journalists Lost as Paper Case Thrown Out
Aston Martin Heads East As U.S. Shipments Decelerate, IPO Beckons
RCEP Conclusion “In Sight” But May Be Out of Reach
FMC Plans IPO As Lithium Export Values Soar, Chilean Risks Mount
NAFTA Watch: Quotas May Be a Worry For Nissan and GM Even After ROOs Agreed

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s MUSTA passed, China-U.S. prep fails and THE Alliance heads to Hamburg
Felixstowe’s Failings Leads Orient Overseas to Follow Maersk’s Lead, For Now
Mexico’s Trade Boom Generates Record Surplus vs. U.S., Raises USMTA Questions
March of the Robots Halted By Demand Not Duties
German Business Trusts in Trump While French Are Fatalistic
Maersk Takes Customers to Task as Brazilian Containerized Freight Demand Slips
Unintended Consequences of s301 Tariffs Include Crane Duties Failing to Reach Targets
Double Trouble in Trade as U.S. Deficit Expands, Autos Reach a 19 Month Peak

Monday, August 27, 2018

Korean Denuclearization Tied To Trade Tariffs as China’s DPRK Exports Rise
Global Trade Growth Below Average But a Reversal May Be Some Way Off
Korea in CPTPP Brings Mexican Opportunity, KORUS and NAFTA Triangulation Issues
NAFTA Watch: Trump’s MUSTA Passed, Cows-for-Cars Choice Ahead for Canada
ZIM Zapped By Fuel Costs as Volumes Charge Upwards
THE Alliance Doubles Bremen’s Woes, Helps Hamburg Reach Newark
Trump-Xi Summit Prep Ends In a Whole Lot of See-You-Later, Ports Pay The Price

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump-Xi summit prep begins, CMA-CGM’s typhoon flag and MSC’s Mexican move

Monday, August 20, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Maersk’s dip typical, Hapag-Lloyd and ONE’s craze for reefers and Perry’s $29 billion wave-off
Perry’s $29 Billion Wave-off Won’t Help Trump’s Energy and Trade Policies
PdVSA Checks One Problem Off The List, May Not Reverse U.S. Import Slump
Sodastream Got Busy, Looking a Little Less Fizzy as Pepsico Arrives
Rocky Road Ahead of Kent, Giant as Bicycle Duties Approach
Walmart to Makeup for Potential Tariff Losses With Cosmetics Supply Chain Changes
CMA-CGM Raises Typhoon Flag, May Be More Exposed Than Most
A $32 Billion Deal Now, $260 Billion Later as Trump-Xi Summit Prep Begins
MSC Capitalizes on Trucking Costs and Complexity for Mexican Maritime Growth

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Seattle Soars as American Ports Deliver 5% Growth Despite Widening Tariffs
Maersk’s 2Q Dip Typical For Liners, 3Q Recovery Far From Assured

Friday, August 17, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Delivering the Trump-Juncker promise, Maersk’s win and a sticky shipyard situation
Hapag-Lloyd, ONE Mad For Reefers as U.S. Traffic Hits a Record High
Houston’s Handling Hike Hints at Steel Tariff Failure
Steel Surplus Sloshing Into India May Drive Safeguarding Drive

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Trump-Juncker Follow-up Agenda – Set Ground Rules, Avoid Car Wars, Deliver Food
Panjiva Daily: Expeditors loses out ahead of tariffs, coal pays the steel price and SoCal not so good
Charleston Confirms East Coast Supremacy in July Traffic Growth
Japan’s Slowing Export Growth Can Be Blamed On, and Reversed By American Talks
Hapag-Lloyd, Indian Auto-parts Allow Norfolk to Grow Even as China’s Volumes Stagnate
Container-line Margins At Hanjin-Era Levels Unlikely to Correct Sickly Shipyard Situation
China Tariff Rush Bypasses Hong Kong as Traffic Falls For a Sixth Month
Maersk Wins, COSCO Loses as China Tariffs Have a Minimal Effect on Liners’ Volumes

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s trade war so far, Erdogan should target scrap not iPhones and HMM’s 12 for 13
Expeditors Loses to CH Robinson as China Tariff Implementation Approaches
Coal and Cars Pay the Price as Turkey Responds to Trump’s Metals Move
$7 Billion Oil Deal To Assure Sanctions Relief for India May Not Be Enough
India Flanges Squeezed Down Other Sales Pipes as America Implements Duties
SoCal Not So Good As Chinese Import Growth Lags Even As Duty Widening Beckons

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Erdogan Threatens American Electronics, Should Target Scrap and Cotton
Panjiva Daily: Deploying Trump’s Turkey tool, a back-to-school scorecard and Evergreen’s wilting
77 Month High in Trade Inflation Could Spur Another Round of American Tariffs
Make in India No Impediment to Trade Growth So Far, Drug Price Restrictions Could Be
HMM Sheds Volumes But Can’t Boost Earnings as Losses Hit 12 Out of 13 Quarters
Montreal Deals With Success While Rupert’s Capacity-Led Growth Boom Slows
Trump’s $600 Billion Trade War So Far in Seven Charts

Monday, August 13, 2018

Duties in The Pipeline As Indian Stainless Steel Imports Surge
Trump’s Turkey Tool Could Be 4x As Effective If Deployed Against China and Russia
Panjiva Daily: Trump’s tariff innovation, peak season’s roar and Motegi-Lighthizer’s missed chance
Evergreen Wilts, Yang Ming In The Red But Both Continue Quest for Volumes
Savannah’s 21 Month Growth Streak Faces Less Plain Sailing Ahead
Pumpkin Spice Fad Set To Heat Up As Imports Grow
Schoolwear, Not Hardware, Doing Best in Back-to-School Import Season

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Unsurprising Missed Opportunity From Motegi-Lighthizer Talks
Trump’s Tariff Innovation Targets Turkey, May Hit Thyssen and Mannesmann
NAFTA Watch: Business as Usual For VW and Honda as Regulatory Risk Swirls
Panama Slot Reallocation Bears Fruit as Suez Challenge Remains Stiff
Peak Shipping Season Roars As Bulk of Trump’s Tariffs Have Yet To Bite
Philippines’ Trade Growth a Game Of Two Halves, One Big Risk

Friday, August 10, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Expeditors leads the surge, America’s ports hit a record and “Make in India” tightens
“Make In India” Reaches Textiles, Doubling Duties and Jeopardizing RCEP
Pegatron Plans Production Shift, Not Price Hikes Ahead of Duties
Quick Fix Opportunity To Deliver LNG Win For Trump-Juncker Process
Hapag-Lloyd Slides But Geopolitical Risks Look Manageable

Thursday, August 09, 2018

BMW and Daimler Pay Price, Oil Escapes in China’s Latest Trump Tariff Retaliation
5.5x Bigger Worry Boosts China Trade as 3.9x Larger Problem Remains
Panjiva Daily: Maersk’s misery, logistics wins while BMW and Daimler lose in $16 billion tariff exchange
Philly Less Full As MSC Restructures Europe-LatAm Service
Wheel Case May Get Anti-dumping Petitions Rolling With $200 Billion List Clarity
Ikea Unpacks More Chinese Furniture in India Than America
Expeditors Leads Forwarders’ Revenue Surge, Competitive Restraint Needed Next
America’s Ports Hit a Record as Tariff Scramble Continues, Maersk Lifts New York

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Maersk and Orient Overseas Suffer Similar Problems, Differ on Outlook and Response
Logistics Industry Spared Trump’s Tariff Wroth as Containers Gain Exclusion

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Xi’s $60 Billion Riposte to Trump’s $200 Billion Hurts Lumberjacks and Miners

Friday, August 03, 2018

Panjiva Daily: AMLO follows Trump’s example, steel circumvention in focus and Liverpool’s woes
Circumvention Test Case Will Set Precedent For Steel 232 “Optimization”
Trade War Quote Watch: Two-Fifths of Firms Raise Prices, Just A Quarter Retool Supply Chains

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump ups the rates ante, CH Robinson’s China risks and container rates inch ahead
Decelerating Japanese Auto Exporters Await Motegi-Lighthizer Meet to Avoid Slump
Container Rates Inch Ahead as Fightback from 2Q Gets Underway
CH Robinson Does (Almost) All The Right Things But Faces China Tariff Risks
Volvo Faces XL Regulatory Risk as XC Sales Surge
Foreign Trucks Crush American Cars As Auto Sales Stagnate, Tariffs Awaited
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in July 2018
Long Haul Liners Not Loving Liverpool as Maersk’s Felixstowe Woes Head Northwest
AMLO Takes a (Single) Leaf From Trump’s Playbook With China
Brookstone Bankruptcy Follows Later-Than-Usual Holiday Shipping Season

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Panjiva Daily: DSV’s decision, Hapag-Lloyd’s Stuttgart warning and AD/CV petitioners’ pause
Apple’s Nice Device Price Rise Shows Potential For Tariff Resilience
Steve Madden Unconcerned About Tariffs Due To Common Supply Chain Strategy
Anticipation of Trump’s Next Move Leads AD Petitioners To Hang Fire
Upbeat Drum Beaten A Little Less Hard As American Trade Sentiment Moderates
Steel Saves South Korean Trade From Auto-Inspired Decline
Coordinated Assault on Trump’s Auto Tariffs May Not Be That Coordinated
Trump’s Rate Rise Targets Policy, Could Precipitate Supply Chain Changes
Matson Makes Merry in Logistics, Faces Same Fate as Peers in Liner Business

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trump’s EU Soybean Success Assured This Fall By Brazilian Seasonality
Panjiva Daily: ONE’s poor report card, Dow and Syngenta’s MTB opportunity and DSV’s new rail service
Hapag-Lloyd’s Stuttgart Warning Carries Risks For Daimler’s Supply Chain
America Takes Aim At India For Arms Sales As Red-Tape Attacked
Tyson Slices Outlook After Tariffs Butcher Pork Shipments To Mexico
China Turns Negative on Trade Outlook
DSV’s Decisions Sacrifice Volumes For Better Profits as Retention Ratio Rises
ONE’s First Report Card – Must Try Harder, Will Try Harder

Monday, July 30, 2018

Panjiva Daily: The $15 Billion duty debate, NAFTA’s Mexican trade problem and BRICS unbuilt
Dow and Syngenta Set For MTB Win, Presidential Passage Not Guaranteed
India’s Saudi Rice Relations Sour As Exports Reach a Rolling Boil
Siemens-Gamesa Not Yet Blown Over By Duties, Further Headwinds Possible
BMW Follows Tesla in China Price Rise as U.S. Auto Exports Head Into Reverse
BRICS Build Nothing New as China-India Axis Dominates Trade Flows
Peru’s Corn Case May Be The Canary In The Coal Mine for American Support Retaliation
DSV’s Spain-to-China Service Slices Shipping Schedule for Sanofi and BMW

Sunday, July 29, 2018

$15 Billion Duty Debate After Trump-Juncker Deal Will Still Need Autos Deal

Friday, July 27, 2018

European Export Sentiment Diverges, Trump-Juncker Deal Could Unify
China’s Shipyards Are Doing Better, But Still Not Doing Well
Ferrari Deliveries Can Accelerate With Italy-China Rail Service
Panjiva Daily: Who’s doing what due to tariffs, Trump’s success slips and CMA-CGM’s open-ended fuel charge
Big Rush to the Big Apple Helps COSCO Shipping and Evergreen Now, Will Hurt Later
NAFTA Watch: Mexico’s Slowing Trade Growth Bodes Ill For NAFTA Negotiations

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Auto Exports Skid, Leading Trump’s Trade Deficit Success Off Course in June
Panjiva Daily: Juncker & Trump’s $160 billion path, farmers’ $12 billion defense and UPS’s 8th decline
NYK’s Guidance Cut a Second Canary In The Bunker Fuel Mine
Trump and Juncker’s $160 Billion Path Starts With €37 Billion Bean-and-Gas Based Deal
Mattel’s Struggles Not New, Appears Unworried About Trump’s Tariff Threat
Fanuc Tariff Troubles Are Macroeconomic, Not Supply Chain Drive
CMA-CGM Makes Fuel Charge Permanent To Avoid Hapag-Lloyd and NYK’s Fate
$12 Billion of Protection from Protectionism as Beans and Pork Suffer For Trump’s Tariffs

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s offer vs. Juncker’s de-escalation, Ceva delivers and SeaTac’s rail pain
Last Hurrah For the Global Trade Party As Activity Growth Starts to Slow
Transformation vs. China Will Define UPS’s 2018 After 8th Straight Profitability Decline
American Maritime Trade Growth Accelerates Ahead of Trump’s Deficit-Limiting Tariffs

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s all-in China threat, shipyards’ decade low and Charleston’s double jeopardy
Brazilian Bean Bounce Set to Continue As Harvest Improves, China Demand Grows
Ceva Ties Growth and Profitability Together, China Tariff Challenge Lies Ahead
China Furnishes Savannah With An Opportunity To Avoid A Tariff Downturn, For Now
California’s Heatwave Problem Needs a Lemon-Entry Solution
Tariffs Shouldn’t Dim Solar Power Installations, Import Outlook Cloudier
Houston Heads Higher as Mexico and China Bring Diverging Trends
Rail Pain Pails Next to China Troubles For SeaTac’s Sustained Struggles

Monday, July 23, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Juncker’s deal for Trump, ZIM’s deal with 2M and Southwest’s new Mexican deal
China Takes the Shine Off Stainless Steel as Response to Safeguarding Epidemic
Bourbon’s Outlook Groggy as Duties Proliferate
Toyota Can Avoid Tariff Car Crash, Can Swerve Supply Chain Considerations
Rates Matter More Than Targets For Trump’s All-In China Commitment
Double Jeopardy For Charleston as China, Autos Tariffs Threaten Two Fifths of Traffic
Decade-Low in Shipyard Exports Show Lack of Confidence in Logistics Outlook

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Southwest Airlines Launches Into Soaring Mexican Airfreight Sector
Trump-Juncker Autos Tariffs Meeting Raises Risks for Beans, Needles and Routers

Friday, July 20, 2018

America Set to Hit Japan Harder Than China as Export Growth Stalls
Commerce Has Energy For Uranium Case as Russian Exports Charge Ahead
Seattle-Tacoma’s Recovery Likely Short-Lived as Virus Passes, Tariffs Awaited
Iran’s Loss in Japan Could Be America’s Gain as Oil Sanctions Bite
ZIM Deal With Maersk and MSC Has Fewer Strings Attached

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Panjiva Daily: K+N’s route to success, Mnuchin’s strategic twofer and COSCO’s cancellation
K+N and Panalpina Show There’s More Than One Way to Deliver

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Panalpina reaps the rewards, CMA-CGM WAXes lyrical and galvanizing the Senate
CMA-CGM WAXes Lyrical About Asia-to-Gulf Trade Opportunity
20 Months of Growth for Canadian Ports At Risk from the China-America Trade Spat
Mnuchin’s Sanctions Delay Offer Carries Twofer Policy Objective
COSCO Pays Price Before Tariffs Bite With Third TransPac Service Withdrawal
PIL and Maersk’s California’s Nightmare Shouldn’t Be Overstated

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Panjiva Daily: 2M’s bigger bet, light in the liners’ tunnel and Trump’s impact on back-to-school shipping
Panalpina Reaps the Reward For Slower Ocean Revenue Growth
Autos Retaliation Risk May Galvanize Senators To Act Against Trump’s Trade Powers
Suez Pile-up Comes as Transits Climb, Vessels Get Heavier
Metals Retaliation-Squared Risks Tariff Spiral For Surgeons and Engineers

Monday, July 16, 2018

Panjiva Daily: 2M reaps from the whirlwind, Maersk bets as others blink and big tech’s tariff worries
India’s 22 Month Trade Boom Faces Uncertain Future
Boeing’s Farnborough Experience May Be Marred by U.S.-China Tariff Spat
Kids Need To Pack Quickly for School as Trump’s Tariffs Wait At Summer’s End
NAFTA Watch: The End of July Can’t Come Soon Enough
Tapered Bearings Roll More Swiftly as Duties Overturned But s232 Beckons
Light In The Tunnel For Container-Lines’ Earnings, If You Squint
2M Takes Bigger Bet On North Europe to North America Volumes

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Oakland’s A-Grade Performance Not Just Dependent on China
Hapag-Lloyd Least Exposed as Norfolk Misses Out on China Duty Traffic Surge
Duties Bring Cost Concerns, Not Supply Chain Panic For Quanta and Foxconn
Maersk Bets Blink By MSC and THE Will Support Westbound Transpacific Rates
2M Reaps The Benefit of China’s Surge, Ocean May Pay The Price for Tariffs

Friday, July 13, 2018

Panjiva Daily: UPS loses out to OEC, Ceva’s contribution to CMA-CGM and Maersk’s Liverpool Shift
Hapag-Lloyd Recognizes Reality of Brazilian Competition With Peak Surcharge
Uniqlo Unconcerned About Tariffs, But Isn’t Acting That Way
Trump Tariff Rush Boosts China Trade, Steel Shows All Is Not Lost
Trade Inflation Supports Further Trump Deficit Success, But Volumes May Win Out

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Trump Will Call British Trade Deal Shots as May Needs to Protect Autos and Pharma
Panjiva Daily: $20 billion vs. $200 billion, Trump calls the British deal shots and Long Beach tariff terror
Home Depot and Ikea Shelves On The Rack As Two Steel Cases Overlap
Senate Agrees To Restrict Trump’s National Security Strategy, No Vehicle Yet
Soybean Slump Belies Brazil’s Seasonal Supplies to China
Maersk’s Felixstowe Shift Gives Grimaldi and Hapag-Lloyd an Opportunity
Ceva Could Contribute Container Volumes to CMA-CGM’s Profit Recovery Plan
Big Brown in the Red – UPS Declines While Orient Express Races Ahead of Tariffs

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cargo’s Up At New York While Long Beach Faces Terror of Tariffs
China’s Response To Trump Needs To Be $20 Billion, Not $200 Billion
Panjiva Daily: Unpacking $200 billion, Oakland’s battery charge and Trump’s Pfizer threat
Apparel and LCD Supply Chains Face Disruption Risk from Typhoon Maria
Batteries Charge Up Oakland’s Growth, Still Reliant on ONE Even as OOIL Expands
The $200 Billion Nuclear Option Is (Nearly) Ready – FAANGs and Consumers Start to Pay

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

CMA-Evergreen or Hapag-Yang Ming Better Options Than CGM-Lloyd
Fiesta Not Part of Mexico’s Auto Export Party as NAFTA, 232 Review Lay Ahead
Panjiva Daily: CMA-Hapag not the best deal option, Long Beach buyers and last chance deliveries
Last Chance Deliveries Boost U.S. Imports in June Ahead of Trump’s July Duties
Two-Fifths Of Falling Philippine Exports Exposed to U.S.-China Tariff Spat
Trump’s Pfizer Threat May Already Be Working Behind The Scenes

Monday, July 09, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s trade strategy wins, THE bites the bullet and Maersk adds Mexican rail routes
Trump’s Tariffs Trim, Don’t Yet Transform, Imports of Section 232 Metals
Tesla Price Hike Hits Chinese Car Buyers After Xi’s Retaliation Bites
Maersk’s Mexican Port Rail Route May Hinder Its Texan Liner Service
DP World, ICTSI Make Most Sense For COSCO’S Long Beach Departure
Trump Brings NATO To The Trade Deficit Party as Weapons Exports Soar
CMA-CGM Makes Most of Panama as Transits Rise on Tariff Rush, Lower Maintenance

Sunday, July 08, 2018

THE Alliance Bites The Bullet And Cuts Shanghai, LA Service

Friday, July 06, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Logistics M&A quietens, unpacking the first $68 billion and HamSu heads south
Samsung To Dial Up Lower Profits as U.S. Phone Imports Slide
Trump’s Trade Strategy Wins, With Qualifications
South Korean Chips May Be Second-Tier Victim in China-U.S. Trade Battle
Local Content Rules Come To Indian Solar Projects, Supports Longi’s New Factory
Logistics Jobs Surge Into Peak Season, Tariffs May Help Before They Hinder
Canada Faces Trade Challenges Even Before American 232 Reviews Bite

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Panjiva Daily: 10 global supply chain issues for 2H18, the EU’s tariff proposals and Evergreen’s reefers
Rockport Hikes Out of Bankruptcy As Imports Slow, Supply Chain Shifts
Protectionism’s Rise Set To Erode Global Trade Liberalization as U.S.-China Tariffs Arrive
Jaguar Land Rover’s Brexit Warning Arrives As British Auto Exports Already in Reverse
Hamburg Sud Heads South As Hapag-Lloyd Builds Brazilian Business Further
Mini-M&A by CMA-CGM and DP-DHL Typify Quiet Quarter for Logistics, Resurgence Due
Three Lessons For WTO Steel Challengers From a Canada-U.S. Paper Case

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Strikes Cut Soybean Opportunity for Brazilian Exports to China
Tariff Mood Music No Good For Moog As Manufacturing Move Considered
Seafreight Beats Air Again in May Before Tariffs Start to Take Their Toll
Trump’s Auto-Tariff Target May Not Be Changed by EU Proposal, Automakers Relaxed
2H18 Outlook: From $300 billion to the Midterms – 10 Global Supply Chain Issues to Watch

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Maersk Faces Felixstowe’s Transatlantic Challenges, Southampton Switch Possible
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in June 2018
Panjiva Daily: A $34 billion trade battle prelude, AMLO’s food price risk and AD/CV cases out of fashion
Antidumping Petitions Slump as American Industry Awaits Trump’s Tariff Actions
Guinness Hopes to Make Irish Eyes Smile As Constellation’s Mexican Brands Rules
Colombia’s Coffee Leadership May Slip as Starbucks Stockpiling Ends, Tariffs Bite
Evergreen Grows Reefers as Market Heats Up

Monday, July 02, 2018

Panjiva Daily: EU’s $300 billion challenge to Trump, Hapag-Lloyd’s cut and COSCO’s nearly done deal
It’s Yuan vs. Duties as China Sets Scene for American Tariff War Impact
Korea Better Without Boats But End of Asian Export Boom May Be Nigh
Europe’s $300 Billion Warning to Trump Could Hit Autos, Doctors and Wildcatters
COSCO Shipping’s Orient Overseas Bid Approved, Now The Difficult Work Starts
Late Explosion Shoots Independence Day Fireworks To Record High
Perplexed, Not Panicked, American Manager Sentiment Could Turn Quickly
AMLO May Go Food Shopping as Mexican Retaliation Raises Retail Risks
July 6 Just a $34 Billion Prelude To Sustained Trump vs. Xi Tariff Battle

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Pemex Needs New Oil Mouths to Feed as Paraiso Port Expansion Prepared
Hapag-Lloyd Cuts as Rate Rises Prove a Better Quarter Isn’t Good Enough

Friday, June 29, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trudeau-Trump spat gets real, Venezuela oil sanctions return and $14 billion of waste
North Korea Gets More From China as U.S. Talks Continue
Toyota Cuts Exports, Warns of Duties as Japan’s Big Seven Automakers’ Growth Slows
Sharp Cuts Share Deal as Trump’s Tariffs Trim Chinese Exports
Trudeau-Trump Trade Troubles Get Real As Canadian Retaliation Lands
Fast Train To China Increasingly Popular With Poles as BRI Benefits Begin

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Panjiva Daily: AMLO looms over NAFTA, Trump’s trade deficit success and Wan Hai’s ambitions
H&M’s Struggles Self-Inflicted – At Least Tariffs Aren’t a Problem
China Beefs Up Meat Supply with British Options Ahead of U.S. Duties
MSC and Maersk Drive New York To Near-Record Volumes, China Could Spoil the Party
Vancouver to Vanquish Constrained Growth With New Investment
Osram’s Prospects Dim as Automotive Lighting Tariffs Guide the Way
Valero and Trafigura Stock Up as Pompeo Ponders Venezuela Oil Sanctions
America’s $14 Billion Waste Problem Needs Indian Home as Thailand Bans Plastics

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Grimaldi’s scrubber optimism, Trump’s Colombian ambition and soybean politics return
Homebuilders Pay The Price (Again) For U.S. Duties, This Time It’s Soil Pipes
JSW Unworried About Trump’s Tariffs As Domestic Demand Picks Up The Slack
Canada’s Metals Safeguard May Hit America Hardest
Soybean Politics Back on The Menu As China Cuts Duties, India Could Win
Grimaldi Optimistic About Scrubbers as ACL Market Share Holds Station
Trump’s Trade Deficit Success Faces Retaliatory Duty Test
NAFTA Watch: Mexico’s Trade Boom Depends On NAFTA, Which Depends on AMLO
Wan Hai Wants Higher Market Share, Could Be More Ambitious

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Harley’s tariff jump, Kansas City’s Mexican long-haul and chassis unite regional rivals
RCEP Deal Potential Improves on Xi-Modi Agreement, “Make in India” Still a Challenge
German Export Sentiment Wanes as Automakers Prepare For the Worst
Kansas City Southern Has An Eye To The Long Haul With Nuevo Laredo Terminal
HP and Dell’s Dilemma – Early Back-to-School or Preemptive Panic?
Trump’s Colombian Ambition May Be Sated With Jets and Cars
LaZBoy Awake to Tariff Risks, Imports Surging For Now

Monday, June 25, 2018

Hapag-Lloyd and CMA-CGM Delivery Surge Can’t Save Virginia From Decline
Panjiva Daily: Biting FAANGs, Yang Ming’s Worries and Car Wars’ Next Episode
Hyundai and GM Rely on Paik’s Persuasiveness Ahead of Section 232 Review
Canada Considers a Barrier Against American Wallboard
Volvo’s Evolving Supply Chain Can’t Prevent Tariff Risks
Car Wars Likely To Have Several Episodes as Trump Threatens 20% Duties
27 Likely To Become 28 As Protectionism Has Yet To Bite Global Trade Growth
Harley Hates Tariff Effect, Supply Chain Retooling Will Need Capacity Hike
Chassis Pool Opportunity Unifies Regional Rivals

Sunday, June 24, 2018

FAANGs May Be Bitten By Trump’s Proposed Tariffs

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Panjiva Daily: MSC’s Eagle grounded, Daimler’s triple tariff threat and bearing up in the face of duties
Singapore’s Second Slip Comes Ahead of Risks To Transit Hub Status
China Faces Another Grilling as Steel Racking Exports Are Investigated
Daimler Facing Triple Whammy With China-U.S. Tariff War, NAFTA On The Road Ahead
Tariffs The Least of Hong Kong’s Worries as Port Volumes Slide
Yang Ming’s Tariff Battle Concerns Time Limited, Could Still Crimp Volumes

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Year of Living Miserably For Seattle and Tacoma Could Be Exacerbated by Tariffs
Panjiva Daily: Fedex’s tariff risks, bans and blankets are options for China and India’s nutty retaliation
No Respite For Shipyards as Chinese Domestic Orders Are Withdrawn
Cork’s New Terminal Provides Post-Brexit Global Shipping Opportunity
Fedex Profitability Fell in 4Q, Faces Tariff Risks to Recovery Outlook
MSC’s Eagle Grounded as West Coast Growth Slows, Trade War Beckons
National Security Review May Have More Bearing on Imports Than Commerce Case

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bans and Blankets Provide China With Ammunition To Tackle Trump’s $250 Billion
India Goes (Elsewhere For) Nuts In Retaliation for America’s Metals Duties
Panjiva Daily: Finding Trump’s next $200 billion, Wilhelmsen’s tariff challenge and the Italy problem
America’s Unsurprising Aluminum Decision Cuts Chinese Supplies But Not Others’
Wallenius Wilhelmsen and COSCO Shipping Face Spillover from China-U.S. Trade War
Europe’s Italian Trade Problem May Spill Into Mexico Trade Negotiations
India Oil May Provide Respite to American Crude Producers as China Weighs Duties
Texas Gets Bigger As Hapag-Lloyd Leads Houston’s Port Handling Growth
Maersk Dances Ahead of CMA-CGM in Charleston as European Routes Turn Choppy

Monday, June 18, 2018

Panjiva Daily: TVs off for Trump’s tariff war as China shows energy and drive
Construction Costs Grow, Imports Felled as Lumber Caucus Emerges
Osaka Earthquake Carries Risks for Marubeni, Nakanishi Supply Chains
Hapag-Lloyd Hikes to Profit From Evergreen Exit, Faces CMA-CGM Competition
Maersk’s Reefer Shift to China Comes as Duties Arrive, Demand Recovers
21 Months Of Indian Trade Growth Helped By Oil, Not Yet Hindered by Tariffs
Japan’s Trade Surge Shrugs Off American Metals Duties, May Be Tripped By Autos
Three Filters For Trump’s $200 billion Retaliation Against Retaliation
China Has Energy and Drive For a Trade War With Trump

Friday, June 15, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Four issues in Trump’s China tariffs, and early auto review and Cali’s crummy month
NAFTA Watch: No Dates For Talks Should Be No Problem And Could Be Helpful
Midterm Optics, China Targeting May Drive Early Completion of Autos Security Review
Four Issues to Watch While Waiting For Trump’s China Tariffs
Televisions Off, Chips Thrown In – Trump’s China Tariffs In Three Charts

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Liners’ antitrust risks, Orient’s deal deadline and Maersk’s new Canada service
NYK Set To Capture Accelerating Car Carrier Demand With Europe-Brazil Service
Container-Lines’ Antitrust Exemption at Risk as Consolidation Continues
Maersk Looks To Surf Rising Tide of China-Canada Traffic With New Service
Protectionist Actions Come Home To Roost As Import Inflation Hits Six Year High
Cali’s Worst Month Since September 2016 Comes as China Duties Loom
Trump’s Cheap Drug Objective Needs Domestic Focus As Imports Get Ever Cheaper
Savannah’s 19 Month Growth Streak Faces China Duty Risks

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Panjiva Daily: MSC rationalizes as ONE struggles, DPRK detente vs. defense and U.S-China tariff stakes
Mylan and Cipla Get Regulatory Help As China Draws On Indian Medicines
Mexican Pork Diversification May Prove A Rasher Strategy Than Paying Duties
Battle Royale Set For Holiday Videogame Sales as Nintendo Wanes, Xbox Scores
Plenty at Stake in China-U.S. Beef Debate Ahead of Tariff Conflict
Citgo, Valero Face U.S. Oil Supply Challenge Despite America’s Gushing Oil Exports
Suez Surge Shows Impact of Trump’s Metals Duties, Resilience vs. Conflict
Dover’s Woes a Sign of What’s To Come as British Port Traffic Reverses
Orient Overseas Surges Ahead as COSCO Deal Deadline Approaches
General Motors’ Mexican Export Success Hides Sales Issues, Regulatory Risks

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cheniere and Dominion Are Potential Hostages In The s301 Tariff Battle
Xi-Rouhani Cooperation Maintains Oil Flows As American Sanctions Arrive
Damco’s China Rail Move Helps Maersk Fend Off Forwarder Threat To Ocean Volumes
Cheap Chinese Washers Protect Consumers from Duties As Samsung Roars Back
Defense Industry May Be A Victim of Trump’s Metals Duties and DPRK Detente
MSC Calls For Rationalization as U.S. Containers Hit Record, ONE Struggles
Panjiva Daily: Expeditors hurries in May, Maersk’s defensive rail move and ABB’s unappetizing options

Monday, June 11, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Coal-for-nukes, the next Trudeau-Trump trade battle and Newark-NY’s lead
Xi-Modi $100 billion Target Achievable, Shows SCO Could Go Further
Ikea’s American Growth Surge Doesn’t Prevent Planning For Tariff Risk and India
NAFTA Watch: G7 Failure Raises Curtain on Next Trudeau-Trump Trade Battle
Coal-for-Nukes Deal The Best Outcome From Trump-Kim Summit
Kerry Goes Early, But Maybe Too Soon, With China-Turkey Rail Service
China Set To Seek More Imports From CEEC, EU Membership An Issue
Expeditors and Orient Express Hurry in May, Face China Tariff Brake Later
ABB Has Few Options To Transform Its Business After Trump’s Steel Tariff Shock

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Newark-New York The Growth Leader As Port Volumes Surge

Friday, June 08, 2018

Panjiva Daily: UPS goes small, ONE goes late and American imports from Europe go large
Brazil’s Farmers to Count Fewer Chicken Exports as China Hatches New Tariffs
May’s Metals Plea Borne of Less Exposure, Impact of Less Relevance
New UPS Routes Come As Less-Than-Container Loads Prove Less Than Thrilling
Fraught China-U.S. Relations Not Helped By Surging Surplus in May
India-Iran Trade Talks Could Boost Cars and Drugs, If Sanctions Can Be Addressed
Philippine Export Woes Centered on Japan Now, China Later

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Corker’s pop at Trump, deficit rise #14 and east coast strikes averted
Japan’s Pork Farmers Might Not Link With U.S. Consumers Despite Rule Change
Pay Deal Cuts Peak Season Dispute Risk, Port Automation Yet To Be Addressed
Panama’s Record Beset By Commodity Volatility, Lackluster Diversions
ONE Not First on Fuel, Aiming To Make Up For Lost Time
Renewables Not Replaceable (At The Price) As Section 201 Tariffs Bite
Euro-panic About Tariffs May Have Driven 7% Surge in Seaborne Imports in May

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Tyson punched by Trump’s tariffs, COSCO’s copper concerns and Vietnam’s plastic pain
Chinese Wheel Exports Will Roll On As National Security Review Takes Priority
India Set To Produce Lithium-Ion Batteries as Imports Charge Upwards
Vedanta’s Copper Court Case Could Disrupt Glencore, Doha Cables Supply Chains
Jack and Harley Have As Much To Gain as Thyssen and SSAB In EU-U.S. Steel Detente
American Coffee Exports Less Perky After Canada Reacts To Trump’s Metals Tariffs
Brown-Forman Stocks The Cabinet To Preempt Metal Duties Retaliation
Good News Isn’t Always Good News As Canada’s Trade Activity Growth Streak Extends
Deficit Rise #14 Shows Trump’s On The Right Track In Tackling China and Europe
Corker’s Pop At Trump’s 232 Ability Aims To Avoid Auto Supply Chain Disruption

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Life from 1449 cuts, COSCO’s part to play and chips face chop in China
SCO Talks To Focus on Security, May Be Distracted by “Make in India”
Summit May Focus on Renewed China Steel Growth But Local Actions More Likely
Memory Chips Face Chop as China Mixes Antitrust and Trade Policy Objectives
Vietnam’s Plastic Pain May Be India’s Gain as Waste Streams Divert From China
COSCO’s Peruvian Port Represents a $2 Billion Bet on Copper
JBS and Tyson Pay The Mexican Price for Trump’s Metals Duties
COSCO May Need To Take More From The Team as Hyundai MM Supports Shipyards

Monday, June 04, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Making a stick from a carrot, antitrust rate risks rise and trade optimism slips
Mexican Farmers May Be Squashed by America’s Tomato Ruling
NAFTA Watch: Canada Opens Another Front in Agricultural Trade Battle
WTO Steel Appeal Real as Canada, EU and Japan Follow Solar Power Strategy
China Makes Stick Out of Carrot As Ross-Liu Talks Fail To Reach A Deal
MSC’s Fuel, Hapag-Lloyd’s Handling Surcharges Help Rates as Antitrust Risks Rise
Auto Sales Slow, Imports May Recover After Trump’s Surprise Car Case
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in May 2018
Life From 1449 Cuts As Chinese Tariff Reductions Target Cakes and Shoes

Sunday, June 03, 2018

America’s Trade Optimism Fades as Trump’s Tariff Tactics Bear Fruit
55 Month Logistics Payrolls Growth Streak Faces Tariff War Kickoff Risk

Friday, June 01, 2018

Panjiva Daily: $23 billion of friendly fire targets, Kerry’s South African strategy and fading self-help
South Korea’s 19 Month Trade Surge Carries Risk of Another KORUS Review
Self-Help Goes Out of Fashion as Trade Petitions are Displaced by Trump’s Policy

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Xi wants cheap fridges, not Trump’s happiness and Hapag’s not-fuel surcharge
India Sugar Exporters Caned As Prices Fall, Brazilians Win
Chinese Managers Brush Off Protectionist Risks
Cheaper Fridges Rather Than Trump’s Happiness The Motivation for Xi’s Duty Cuts
Evergreen Chops Europe-U.S. Service, Can Focus on More Profitable Lanes
Maruti-Suzuki Looks to Toyota to Rev Up Indian Export Sales
Toyota Zooms, Suzuki Slows as Japan’s Automakers See Duties Down The Road
Kerry Follows DP-DHL In Regional Forwarder Consolidation, Faces Auto Review Risk
The $23 Billion of Exports That Will Pay The Price For Trump’s Metals Move

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump rattles the saber, Electrolux suffers buyers’ remorse and steel fireworks are ready
BMW May Be Forced To Follow Toyota’s Example to Keep Chinese Battery Plant Charged
Ozzie Miners May Pay Price for China’s Trade Deal With America
Brazilian Truckers’ Strike Disrupts Meat and Metals Supply Chains
Steel Fireworks Readied as Europe and America Reach June 1 Deadline
Panasonic May Simplify Tesla’s Supply Chain As Cobalt Demand Grows, Pricing Slows
Gush of Oil, Consumer Slowdown Can’t Prevent 19th Rise in U.S. Goods Deficit
Hapag-Lloyd’s Rate Rise Isn’t a “Fuel Surcharge” So Shouldn’t Derail Market Share Grab
Fragile 25 Month Sea- and Airfreight Growth Streak Faces Reality of Tariffs

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Toyota vs. Trump, CMA-CGM vs. bunker fuel and Hyundai MM vs. the Atlantic
Transatlantic Trade Troubles Takes Toll on German Export Optimism
Toyota Has Most to Lose If Trump’s Auto Probe Disrupts Engine Supplies
Mexican Metal Export Surge Caps a Year of Trade Growth
Trump’s Pre-Ross Visit Saber Rattling Could Put Brakes on Chinese Muffler Exports
Maersk to CMA-CGM Switch Made No Difference as Electrolux Rails Against Rate Rises

Monday, May 28, 2018

CMA-CGM’s Halved Profitability Needs Bunker Surcharge And More Besides

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hyundai MM’s Unsurprising Withdrawal From The Atlantic

Friday, May 25, 2018

Panjiva Daily: UPS rides the rails, ZIM illustrates Maersk’s problem and auto-parts hit a record
Gothenburg Pays The Price For Labor Unrest as Grimaldi Leaves
Foxconn May Find Defense Dollars More Compelling Than TV Tariff Risks
Mexico’s Avocado-and-Banana Gambit in China Has NAFTA Policy Benefit
Maersk Follows MSC as ZIM Demonstrates The Bunker Fuel Problem
Transshipment Not Really The Point As India Dials Up Fewer Phones
26 Months Of Global Trade Growth Delivered, At Least One More Possible

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s 3 auto options, Maersk’s new service and Xi-Merkel talks
Merkel-Xi Talks Likely More About Tackling Trump Than Getting Together
Sinopec Faces Tough Supply Chain Choices From China’s Oil Promise to America
Tanks Form The Next Front In America’s Assault On Chinese Steel Exports
President Trump’s Three Options For Autos – Security, Safeguarding or Credit
Containerized Export Surge May Bring First U.S. Deficit Drop Since September 2016
Kim-Trump Summit May Be Dead, But DPRK-China Trade Lives
Record Auto-Parts Imports Will Attract National Security Review’s Attention
Pork and Pills Key To UPS’s New Germany-Hong Kong Route Growth

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Maersk’s Med-Montreal Set To Fulfill A Promise As Yet Unrealized
Panjiva Daily: Panalpina and DP-DHL develop their networks while Russia and Turkey won’t chicken out
Deutsche Post DHL’s Colombian Deal Shows Smaller is Better and Necessary
Caterpillar Digs Deeply Into Global Supply Chain To Meet American Growth Needs
Russia and Turkey Refuse To Chicken Out of Tariff Battle With America
Honda and Amperex Face Supply Chain as Well as Technology and Design Challenges
Wine’s China Opportunity Could Offset Transatlantic Policy Rift Risk

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Panjiva Daily: MSC’s last resort, China’s auto tariff cut and Savannah’s 2M target
Ikea Plays It Cool As Surging Furniture Industry Frets About Trump’s Tariffs
China Car Cost Cut Helps European As Well As American Relations
Three Reasons Why Maduro Is Safe From Trump’s Big Oil Stick
ABB Keeps Stride With China’s March of the Robots
Suez Set To Face Pain From The Train At Home and Abroad
Trump’s 10% Metals Offer Likely To Be Dashed Against Malmstrom’s Rock-Solid Stance
Panalpina’s Mexican Airfreight Move Comes as Querétaro Traffic Takes Off

Monday, May 21, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Peace breaks out, prospects for TTIP 2.0 and Puget Sound punched
LNG Export Inflation Won’t Stop It Being A Political Football
Shipyards’ April Slowdown a Hiccup Not A Slump
Puget Sound Punched by Canada as Trade War Risk Averted
2M Should Be Savannah’s Target To Keep Growth Advantage Over Charleston
Charleston May Struggle to Dance Around Slowing Traffic Growth After Bumper April
MSC Hits the Emergency Fuel Button, Just in Time For Peak Season

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Car Parts and Metals Duties Can’t Hold Japan Back, Tariff War Might
Peace Won (For Now) With Repeat of Beans-and-Gas Deal Between China and U.S.
TTIP 2.0 or Just Another Beans-and-Autos Deal?

Friday, May 18, 2018

Panjiva Daily: 3PLs beat liners, COSCO’s post-deal options and Venezuela’s parlous food trade
White Goods, Not Pink Pigs, Drive American Review of Thai GSP Status
NAFTA Watch: Three Options for Next Steps
China’s Sorghum Case Cancellation Good For Chinese and American Agriculture
American Manufacturers Get Drawn Over the Coals As Steel Tube Case Closes

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Bunker busts Maersk, chips ahoy for China and fat chance for skinny NAFTA
Bunker Busts Maersk’s Margins As 1Q Profit Leaves Steep Hill To Climb in 2018
Best Buy Better Buy TVs Quicker as U.S. Duty Leniency Unlikely
NAFTA Watch: Fat Chance For a Skinny Deal, Termination More Likely
EU Sets Fourth “Final” Deadline For Trump’s Metals Duties, Raises Stakes
Too Much of a Good Thing? COSCO Shipping’s Post Merger Market Share Options
Venezuela Heads Hungry To The Polls
3PLs Beat Box Handlers as Container-Lines Struggle With Fuel Costs

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Ceva-spirational growth, MSC helps Houston and tariffs loom over Singer
“Make In India” Slows, But Doesn’t End, a 20 Month Trade Growth Streak
Tianqi’s Lithium Urgency Spurred By Korean Lead, Soaring Prices
Boeing’s Pain May Be BMW’s Pain as WTO Aerospace Disputes Trundle On
Zhejiang Pharma’s Loss May Be Amneal’s Gain As Trump’s Pharma Tariffs Approach
Singapore Slips on Oil, Threat from Indonesia-U.S. Direct Services Looms
Hong Kong Ports Already Struggling Ahead of China-America Tariff Battle
China Wants To Buy What America Can’t Yet Sell to Settle Tariff Spat
The 45 Billion Yen Price of Abe-Trump Talks’ Failure

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Panjiva Daily: President Trump’s drive by, beans means deals and Canada’s metals MAD
Korea Saves Oakland As Cali Port Activity Indicates Deficit Will Fall
Rocky Road Ahead for Rockport Suppliers as Financial Needs Weigh
Hyundai MM Addresses Profitability Issues With Busan Port Stake
NAFTA Watch: Canada’s Metals MAD May Allow A Final, Final, Final Deadline
COSCO Shipping Deploys Self-Help in Hong Kong as China Volumes Resurgent
Singer Sewing and Brother Face Supply Chain Risks as Tariffs Loom
HP Inc’s Reliance on Tech Front, Compal Raises China Duty Worries
Houston, Has No Problems as Mexico, MSC Support Growth Hike In April
Ceva Currently Panalpin-alike, Wants to Claw Its Way to K+N Profitability

Monday, May 14, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Hapag-Lloyd’s lessons, ONE’s mishap and NAFTA’s dairy decision
Japanese Beef Tariffs May Hurt Relations After Abe and Trump Meet
Fewer Flanges at The Last Minute as Chinese Pipe Collars Choked Off
Manzanillo Tunnel Could Revitalize Rail Just In Time for NAFTA Disruptions
Mitsui-OSK’s New Port Brings Vietnamese Opportunities to ONE
Beans Means Deals as ZTE May Be Traded for China-U.S. Detente
Daimler, BMW Have Options Should Trump Drive Through 20% Duties
Hapag-Lloyd’s Competitive, Merger Disciplines a Lesson for ONE

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Virginia’s Modest Decline Includes ONE’s Maiden Month Mishap
Trump’s Drug Policy Aims To Export U.S. Payer Model Even as Trade Prices Fall
NAFTA Watch: Dairy Decision Needed to Get Moo-ving By May 17

Friday, May 11, 2018

Panjiva Daily: ONE’s poor start, two strategies for one Trump threat and 3X+ hopes for RCEP
War on Drug Prices May Focus on Oncology After Imports Hit Record
Yang Ming’s Alliance Better Than Nothing, May Not Be Enough
77 Month High in Export Price Inflation Carries Seeds of Deficit Cut (Finally)
Threat of a Trade Case Enough to Slash Russian Uranium Exports to America

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Panjiva Daily: UPS and Expeditors get conservative, Harleys accelerate and Conoco takes on PdVSA
PdVSA’s Caribbean Withdrawal May Help ConocoPhillips in the U.S.
Harleys Accelerate as Ross and Malmström Struggle to Reach a Steel Deal
Smucker, Starbucks Have Tough Choices as Brazilian Coffee Sours
Trump’s Tariff Demands Bring One Threat, Two Options for Transpac Supply Chains
Rapid Growth Can Be Seen As ITC Investigates Steel Wheels
ONE’s Poor Start Worked to Maersk, CMA-CGM’s Advantage
3X+ May Be Way Ahead for RCEP, India Remains the Challenge

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Iran sanctions’ impact, Expeditors shows discipline and ports face slowing growth
Philippine Export Slowdown a Sign of Future U.S.-China Trade War Risks
India Set To Draw Blinds on Chinese Solar Exports, Which Are Already in Decline
American Pig Outbound Shipments Down as China Tightens Inspection Rules
Maersk and MSC Lose Out In Brazil, But That May Not Be A Bad Thing
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Faces German Auto Threat After Losing Hyundai Volumes
UPS, Expeditors More Conservative as Orient Express Grabs Dwindling China Volumes
War on Drug Prices May Focus on Oncology After Imports Hit Record

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Fuel for the U.S-China fire and the limited effect of President Trump’s metals tariffs
Latest China Data Pours Fuel on U.S. Trade Dispute Fire
Brazilian Auto Exports Surge to New Record on Rising Demand for Renault and GM
Ports Face Slowing Growth, COSCO Saves Long Beach as New York Slides
Panama Has a Problem Adding Slots Won’t Change
Vestas, Siemens-Gamesa May Be Helped by Trump Tariffs on Wind Power Gear
China Trade With North Korea Starts to Recover Ahead of Kim-Trump Meeting
Iran Sanctions May Hurt Soybean Farmers, Italians and Container-Lines
Deutsche and Expeditors Show Discipline Enhances Earnings

Monday, May 07, 2018

Panjiva Daily: The magnificent 7’s failings, risky times for container lines and the return of 2016
American Gun Buying Surge Ahead as Background Checks, Imports Rise
Steel Staple Case Fails to Contain Chinese Exporters
General Motors Leads Surging Mexican Auto Exports, VW Less Exposed to NAFTA
Longi and Trina Hang On in America After Solar Trade Mission Accomplished
Worries and Exemptions Limit the Effectiveness of President Trump’s Metals Tariffs
First Sign of China Crisis Impact on U.S. Imports Seen in April
COSCO, Mitsui-OSK Show Container-Lines’ 5 Quarter Margin Streak May Struggle in 2018

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Turkish Weapons Ban Matters Little for U.S. Arms Industry Helped by Trump’s Approvals
Global Trade Makes Like It’s 2016 After Air and Sea Volumes Slowed in March
Why Trump’s Magnificent Seven Struggled in 4 Charts

Friday, May 04, 2018

Panjiva Daily: XPO smashes sales and crushes profitability, Oakland’s cool and America’s 13th time unlucky
Oakland Expands Cool Handling as Reefer Traffic Heats Up
Wookie Struggling to Win After Toys’R’Us Failure
Avocados Twice The Size of Tequila as Cinco de Mayo Boom Continues
China Looks To Crush American Scrap Aluminum Exports
Old Economy Logistics Jobs Stagnate as U.S. Employment Growth Disappoints

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Panjiva Daily: CH Robinson pays the price, Skou’s subsidy critique and tying down ROOs
NAFTA Watch: ROOs Keep Jumping Around, Not Yet Tied Down
Rusal Wins Sanctions Reprieve As U.S. Imports Spike
Protectionist Pessimism, not Panic, Settling Over Global Trade Expectations
British Ports Face Brexit Uncertainty As Volumes Slide
CH Robinson Pays Price For Competing as Forwarder Margins Hit Four Year Low
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in April 2018
Argentine Rush Rewarded With Higher Metals Quotas Than Korea
XPO Smashes Sales Estimates, Suffers Forwarders’ Profitability Problems
Nintendo’s Fortunes May Switch As Patent Suit, Falling Imports Loom
NAFTA Watch: Canada’s Auto Woes Cut Chance for Compromise
13th Straight Rise In America’s Deficit Overshadows China, NAFTA Negotiations

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Skou’s Subsidy Critique Supported By Sliding Rates Even as Bunker Fuel Soars

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump kicks the can, DSV’s good disappointment and Yang Ming’s Canadian voyage
DSV’s Discipline Disappointing For Revenues, Great For Profits
China Dangles Drug Carrot While Keeping Duty Stick in Reserve for America
South Korean Trade Limps to 18th Increase as KORUS, Metals Duties Loom
Trade Petitions Pick Up Though Most Filers Are Awaiting Metals and China Decisions

Monday, April 30, 2018

Panjiva Daily: NAFTA’s lustrum limits, COSCO’s Long Beach price and metals exemptions expectations
Global Trade Growth Hits Highest Since 2011 on Annualized Basis, Outlook Uncertain
Beef-for-Steel Swap Could Bring EU and America Back From Brink of Tariff Spat
Mexico Delivers Deals as the EU Triangulates Against Trump
NAFTA Watch: Lustrum Limits The Least of Its Problems After 18th U.S. Deficit Rise
Fanuc Flags Regulatory Risk as Rise of Its Machines Falters
Yang Ming Rings Up Growth For Rupert as SeaTac’s Suffering Continues
Sugar Relations Turn Sour As Brazil Calls for India Subsidy Cut While Price Dissolves
Trump Kicks Metals Duty Can Down The Road, EU Conflict Looms

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Puma’s Trump Tariff Reaction May Kick Shoe Production to Vietnam

Monday, April 23, 2018

COSCO Shipping Will Have To Leave Long Beach Without Leaving It

Friday, April 20, 2018

Self-Initiated Case Initiates Problem For Aluminum Buyers
Sanyo and Nippon Steel Weren’t Expecting A Metals Deal from Abe and Trump

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Panjiva Daily: China helps Tesla, Charleston loses to Savannah and JB Hunt shows forwarder risks
Honda Changes Gear, Rather Than Revving Up, in Brazil As Growth Remains Slow
Kitchen Costs Set to Rise As America Investigates Chinese Quartz Exports
Hong Kong’s Slowdown Faces Gentle American Tariff Headwinds
Japan’s Trade Slows, May Decelerate Further As Trump Nixes CPTPP, Again
Shipbuilders’ Strong 1Q For Orders Not Yet Reflected in Exports, Consolidation Unlikely

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Three trade topics for Mar-a-Lago, defense review for Trump and Cali’s party may be over
Volvo and BMW May Lose If Trump Strikes Steel Deal With The EU
Norsk Hydro’s Aluminum Woes Face Second-Tier Japanese Supplier Risk in Brazil
Hapag-Lloyd Seeks Transpacific Rate Rise as Global Routes Hit October 2016 Low
COSCO Shipping’s Port Handling Growth Slows Ahead of Protectionist Risks
China Helps Tesla, Hurts American Farmers With Classic Carrot and Stick
JB Hunt Does Better Than Expected, But Forwarders’ Trend Still Downward
Charleston’s EU Loss to Savannah May Turn To Advantage As Trump’s Tariffs Beckon

Monday, April 16, 2018

American Farmers’ Chance to Pig Out to Argentina After Metals Deal
Panjiva Daily: Serving America’s CPTPP interests, Toyota’s engine challenge and ONE’s big problem
NAFTA Watch: Toyota and Daimler Face Tough Engine Choices Under Tiered ROOs
India May Need to Get Hip To Tariff Reductions To Retain GSP Status With America
American Interest in CPTPP May Be Better Served by Vietnam FTA
California’s Ports Have Little Outbound Traffic Support To Match China Duty Threats
Defense Review Will Give Trump Tough Choices on China Rare Earth, LED Supplies
Three Trade Topics for Abe and Trump to Discuss – CPTPP, Steel and Cars

Sunday, April 15, 2018

ONE Big Problem to Sort Out After Apparent Upheaval Started in March

Friday, April 13, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Container-lines’ 1Q winners, 3 things to watch in Peru and China’s trade slowdown
Weapons Export Approvals Surge Under Trump, But Shipments Yet to Improve
Mattress Suppliers Won’t Sleep Easy As Imports Fall, Tariffs Loom
Maersk Wins in Virginia as Port’s March Surge Closes Quiet Quarter
China Trade Slowdown Doesn’t Change Trade Surplus Politics
Disney Will Want To Know The Odds of Solo Film Merchandise Success
Sempra Invests In Mexico’s Fuel Export Future as Its Present Struggles
Hawaiian Volume Growth For CMA-CGM Will Need More Than Just Frequency

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Panjiva Daily: UPS and DSV take it easy, no sign of China-U.S. de-escalation and judging metals duties
Mechanical Tube Case Doesn’t Close Pipeline, Raises Costs For Buyers
Battle for SQM’s Lithium Heats Up as Chilean Exports Expand
Rare Earths About To Become Less Rare, Breaking China’s Export Stranglehold
No Sign of De-Escalation From China as Trump Prepares Farm Support
Oakland’s Weak March Caps Better Quarter, Evergreen Loses to CMA-CGM
17th Month of Import Price Inflation Could Continue With Metals, China Tariffs
Three Trade Issues to Watch at Summit of Americas – CAFTA-DR, CPTPP and Venezuela
COSCO and Orient Lead Liners’ 1Q Growth Despite Deal Doubts

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Finding Xi’s next tariff cuts, LA’s slow March and Hyundai MM’s fleet doubling
Marfrig Expands in America Just as Brazilian Beef Stampede Begins
NAFTA Watch: Mexican Engines May Lose Power In Rules of Origin Shift
Canada’s Lumberjacks Are Not OK As WTO Launches Softwood Dispute
Mobile Looks to Attract Automobiles as RoRo Port Interest Rises
Xi’s Next Carrot-and-Stick Tariff Cuts Could Come in Motorbikes and Cotton
Trump Metals Tariffs Nibbled Imports In March, Could Bite in May
UPS and DSV Take It Easy in 1Q As Forwarder Competition Remains Fierce

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Xi’s automotive carrot and stick, U.S. imports’ first slip in a year and Russian sanctions’ impact
Sixty Days of Uncertainty for the Television Market as Trump’s Tariffs Loom
NAFTA Watch: 80% Chance of Passage May Drive Further Surge in Mexican Auto Exports
Xi’s Bo’ao Speech Shows Liberalization Carrot Follows Tariff Stick
Hyundai MM Set To Double The Fleet, But At Whose Expense?
LA Has Slow March With Evergreen and Maersk As New York Leads 1Q Performance
Rusal Sanctions Remove Need for Most Aluminum Duties Against Russia

Monday, April 09, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Shipping’s exposure to Trump’s tariffs, 83 days left for NAFTA and new DPRK sanctions
NAFTA Watch: 83 Days Left To Deal, Cars In The Driving Seat
Philadelphia Double-Up Proceeds, Needs Hapag-Lloyd and CMA-CGM to Succeed
Xi’s Tough Love for Kim Cuts Trade By Two Thirds in February
Container-Lines 5.6x More Exposed to Trump Than Xi in Pacific Trade Spat
Yildirim’s Investment May Bring CMA-CGM, Make Gulfport Less Banana Exposed
Neopanamax Prioritization, Less Maintenance Positions Panama For Recovery
Ceva’s IPO Hopes Lean on Profitable Competition Strategy
Tariff and Confidence Driven Slip in Trade Coming as Imports Have First Fall In a Year

Friday, April 06, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Identifying Trump’s next $100 billion, a soybean shortage and an Olympic deficit
Biodiesel Import Demand Grows After Argentina and Indonesia Chased Away
Severstal Yet To Sever Steel Supplies As It Loses Court Appeal
Trump’s Next $100 billion – Phones, T-Shirts or Polymers?
Cauliflower Exports Build Up a Head of Steam
CMA-CGM Aims for Trans-Atlantic Competitive Space as Eagle Is Launched
Logistics Jobs Growth Beats Economy, Lags Air and Sea Freight Volumes

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Four facts about China’s tariff retaliation and Mexico’s steel whack-a-mole
23 Month Run of Global Cargo Growth Faces Protectionist Hurdle
Starbucks Goes Guatemalan as Global Coffee Prices Slide
China Customs’ Coal Cut May Be Back as Fujian Restricts Shipments
No Surprise in No WTO Deal For U.S.-China Washing Machine Case
Blame China, Europe and the Olympics for America’s Blowout Deficit
Shortage of Soybeans May Draw Teeth From China Tariff Threat
Car Sales Recovery May Be Short Lived as South Korean, German Imports Slump
Canada’s Trade Growth Masks Auto Problem That NAFTA Might Fix

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Panjiva Daily: 5 facts about Trump’s China tariffs and a slow moving FMC review
Evergreen and COSCO Buck New York’s Declining Asia Traffic
JinkoSolar Jinks To Florida as Section 201 Duties Bite
Five Facts About Trump’s New China Tariffs – Watch Out for Blowback
Mexico Will Have to Whack-a-Steel-Mole as U.S. Duties Begin to Bite
Four Facts About China’s $53 Billion Trump Tariff Retaliation

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Panjiva Daily: China’s first retaliatory step, rate discipline doubts and unhappy Norfolk truckers
Busier March for Dumping Case Filings May Mark Start of “Post 301” Era
Discipline Doubts As 1Q Container Rates Fall vs. Last Year
Americans More Worried About Trade War Than Chinese As Trade Sentiment Diverges
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in March 2018
Self-Initiated Aluminum Case Could Lead to Self-Inflicted Injury as Decision Delayed
Slow Moving FMC Review Could Change Port Fees, Philly and NOLA Worth Watching

Monday, April 02, 2018

Lowest South Korean Surplus Since 2012 Unlikely to Change Trump’s Mind on KORUS

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Hapag-Lloyd’s high hopes, Kerry’s sliding profitability and KORUS pharma vs. farmers
Sun May Be Setting On Corona’s Growth as Mexican Export Expansion Slows
Adore Me Imports Experience Rapid Growth in Brief History
Toyota and Mitsubishi Lead Bad News Growth Surge For Japanese Auto Exports
Norfolk’s Trucking Folk Unhappy as Import Growth Drives Congestion
New Glycine Case Needed As Old Orders on China Fail The Acid Test

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Russia challenges Trump’s tariff legitimacy while China heads to the WTO
American Goods Deficit Hits 10 Year High as Tariff Impacts Awaited
Volkswagen Goes Clean as Shipments Surge, Trump Looms
Kerry Logistics’ Profits Hit a Nadir As Apex Volumes Peak
Pharma, Not Farmers, Helped Complete The KORUS Deal
H&M Faces Sudden Slowdown in Fast Fashion as Inventories Increase
Sinokor and Heung-A Take First Step On a Much-Needed Path to Korean Consolidation
Hapag-Lloyd Has High Hopes, Others May Be The Problem

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Art of the KORUS deal, EU targets Trump but may hit Xi, and ZIM faces harsh Savannah
Europe Past Peak Optimism As Tariff Worries Weigh on Business Sentiment
Mexico Crushed Under China’s Wheels as Accuride Launches Trade Complaint
China Heads To The WTO As Metals Exports to America Start To Wane
India Trims LCD Panel Duties as TV Imports Set On a Growth Path
Kansas City Southern Feels GILTI Pain, Awaits NAFTA Gain
Russia Bearish on Trump’s Metal Tariff Legitimacy
Mexico’s 10 Month Trade Boom Awaits NAFTA Decisions
Silt Today, Tariffs Tomorrow Form Challenges For Port Houston

Monday, March 26, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Thin end of the retaliatory wedge, server and phone risks and Mexican steel fall-out
The Art of The KORUS Deal – Steel Exemption for Autos Access
ZIM and CMA-CGM Face Harsh Savannah Outlook If China Trade Falls
EU Metals Review Aimed At Trump, May Hit Xi
Indian Drug Trade Cure Is Also Its Illness As China Talks Continue
Montreal’s Short Term Congestion Pain Will Need Long Term Automation Investment
Phenol Case Marks a Move Upstream, Parallel To Trade Negotiations
Hyundai Truck Plans Face NAFTA, Not KORUS Risks

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mexico Faces Fall-Out From U.S. Duties on Chinese Steel Exports
Silicon Metal Case Brings No Duties, But Hurts Aluminum and Chip Makers
Servers and Phone Switches Are China’s Biggest Risks From Trump’s New Tariffs
Boeing May Find Comac Is A Much Bigger Problem Than Bombardier Ever Was
$644 million Is The Thin End of China’s Retaliatory Wedge – Jets, Chips and Beans Next

Friday, March 23, 2018

SeaTac’s Reversal Respite May Prove Fleeting as China Tariffs Loom
23rd Month Of Chinese Container Growth Faces Seasonal, Tariff Driven Slowdown
24 Months of Global Trade Growth May Finally Crest On Holiday Slowdown, Tariff War
President Trump Targets China – Utilities, Airlines and Callers May Pay The Price
Panjiva Daily: Trump’s tariff targets, Charleston’s not dancing and Heung-A hangs on

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Heung-A Hangs On, Restructuring and Partnership Options To Be Considered
ZIM’s Discipline Doesn’t Translate To Profits as Port Costs Rise
Charleston Not Dancing Any More as CMA-CGM and Maersk Traffic Slows
Panjiva Daily: Steel exemptions widen, Deere digs at tariffs, and Trump’s China tariff risk for apparel
Best Buy Says Buy-Buy to Huawei, Which Might Not Care
Uncompetitive Mexican Rail Activity Slackens as NAFTA Opportunity Beckons

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s Taiwan gambit, COSCO and SM Line’s deal and Fedex’s disappointment
Booming Saudi-U.S. Arms Trade As Exports More-Than-Double
Steel Consumers Beaten By Wire Rod Investigation While Flanges Still Fly
More Out Than In As Lighthizer Hints At EU, South Korea Metals Tariff Exemption
Chinese Tilapia May Pay The Price For Ross’s Hatred For The “Fish Deficit”
Deere’s Dig At Tariffs Misses Risk That Tractor Orders Get Pulled
Trump’s Tariffs Only One Fifth Of The Problem For China’s Apparel Makers
LG Chem Charges Up China Exports as VW Deal Beckons

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Quiet KORUS, Venezuela’s blockchain blocked and Xi-Merkel steel detente
Blockchain Block Less Effective Than Oil Embargo If Trump Wants to Pressure Maduro
Mario’s Next Boss Level Features President Trump’s Tariffs
Fedex Profitability Decline Bodes Ill For Forwarders’ First Quarter
Retaliation-Proof Almonds Increasingly Milking The Indian Market
Japanese Shipyards Lag South Korea’s, Needs ONE To Start Spending
COSCO / SM Line Asia Deal Could Lead to Trans-Pacific Specialization
Trump’s Taiwan Gambit Has Auto and Oil Opportunity, China Relations Risk

Monday, March 19, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Europe’s wider battlefront with Trump, APL pays off and Honam’s lessons
EU Widens Front for Tariff Battle With Trump Over Steel and Aluminum
Hong Kong Slowdown May Herald Way Ahead for China’s Ports
Good News for Shipyards’ Orders May Turn To Disappointment for Shippers
APL Pays Off for CMA-CGM in Trans-Pac Volumes, Better Profitability
India Rattles A WTO Steel Saber That It Can’t Afford To Swing
DP World’s Global Expansion Heads To Peru’s Cosmos, Where Growth Is Lacking
Knight-Swift Deal Adds to Slow Consolidation of Trucking Ahead of NAFTA Opportunity
Xi-Merkel Steel Detente Could Cut Chance for EU Exemption from Trump’s Tariffs
Quiet KORUS Cuts Risks for Hyundai MM as ONE, CMA-CGM and Kim Loom
Japan’s Trade Boom Starts to Fade
Brazil’s Food Exports in Another Flap as Chicken Exports Drop

Friday, March 16, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Solar tariffs (almost) work, Trump’s first WTO challenge and another deficit rise ahead
Dongkuk Steels Itself For Tough Negotiations With Customers
Aluminum Foil Case Partly Successful, Consumer Costs Rise 30%
Stolt-Nielsen Addresses “Soft” With Focus
Maersk Tragedy Drives Stowage Shift, CMA-CGM and MSC Lead U.S. Inbound Routes

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Jameson’s Is The New Guinness This St. Patrick’s Day
Panjiva Daily: Cali’s container boom, Kim and the KORUS conflict and Trudeau’s tariff troubles
Cobalt Deal May Help U.S. Offset China’s DRC-Reliant Import Lead
Taskrabbit Better Hop To It As IKEA Import Activity Accelerates, Tariffs Loom
DSV Ready for New NAFTA ROOs With New Facilities, Surging Mexican Growth
Canada’s Groundwood Paper Grinds Europeans Out of U.S. Market
Trudeau’s Metal Tariffs Aimed At Avoiding 232-Gateway Status, Exports Already Rising
Strongest Import Signal In Five Years Indicates Yet Another Deficit Hike
Trump’s First WTO Challenge Could Raise Costs for JC Penney and PVH
Solar and Washer Tariffs Perform (Almost, But Not Entirely) As Expected
Big Boats Help Singapore Container Surge Hit 15 Year Record

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Three Risks for Trump’s $60 billion tariff gambit and Orient Overseas’ Last Hurrah
Volkswagen’s EV Push Will Need NAFTA-Inspired Body Panel Supply Chain Shift
Adidas Boom Set To Continue, China Tariffs Shouldn’t Be A Worry
Three Big Risks from President Trump’s Long Awaited China Tech Tariffs
Cali’s Continued Container Boom Faces Peril of President Trump’s China Tariffs
Kim, Steel and Solar in the KORUS Pot, But Cars Will Driven The Outcome

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Panjiva Daily: CH Robinson lets rip, South Korea’s CPTPP leverage and the $100 billion question
Tesla Magnet Choice Increases China Reliance, Brings Risks
Soybean Saber May Be An Ineffective Weapon in China’s Battle With American Tariffs
Qualcomm’s New White Knight Could Apply Tariffs Too
Special Relationship Won’t Mean A Special Deal For British Steel
Lithium Power Powers Ahead as New Government Arrives, Exports Surge
Hapag-LLoyd and CMA-CGM May Have Puerto Rican Opportunity From Jones Act Pass
Orient Overseas’ Last Hurrah Is Loud as Hapag-Lloyd Hangs Back
Suez Bulker Rate Cut Shows Canals Face Trump Tariff Risks Too

Monday, March 12, 2018

South Korea’s T-50 Jet Sale to USAF Could Founder on Trade Policy Demands
Panjiva Daily: Turnbull’s deal with Trump, last gasp for port growth and CPTPP’s complex passage
Norfolk’s Broad Export Problems Not Helped by ONE Big Slowdown
Turnbull Shows Heads-of-State and Weapons The Best Route to 232 Tariff Exemptions
Complex Problems of CPTPP Passage Pale Next To NAFTA’s Auto Mess For Mexico
CPTPP Could Give South Korea Leverage With China and America
The $100 billion (Partial) Answer – Chips, Cars, Comms and Chemicals
Lesson Learned for UPS as CH Robinson Lets Rip and DSV Settles Down

Friday, March 09, 2018

Musk’s China Call Comes As Exports Flag, Section 301 Tariffs Loom
Panjiva Daily: Trump’s security choices, America’s import super-cycle and Deutsche Post’s discipline
Forwarders’ Hopes Supported by 9% Global Logistics Growth in January
Panama Honeymoon Over As Transits Drop, Diversions Plateau
Logistics Employment Surge Helps Dockers, Warehouse Growth Slowing
Ports Win On China Holiday, May Lose To Trump’s Tariffs

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Panalpina’s way ahead, the steel tariff shuffle and China’s trade boom
GM’s Silverado Leads Mexican Auto Export Surge, Audi Less Exposed to NAFTA Risks
Bags Of Work To Do As Vietnamese Sack Shipments Surge
Panalpina Beats Expectations, But Still Has Far To Travel
No Signs Of American Import Super-Cycle Slowing, Yet
Thai Tariff Plan Show Knock-On Risks from U.S. Steel Intervention
Builders’ Lumber Cost Woes a Lesson For Steel and Aluminum Duties
President Trump’s Bold Metals Tariffs Will Show Who His Security Friends Are
Deutsche Post Shows Discipline That Forwarders Need To Learn For 2018

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Panjiva Daily: CMA-CGM speed vs. COSCO scale, EU’s tariff levers and OECD overshadowed
OECD Steel Forum Overshadowed By Others’ Actions
China-America Trade War Could Leave Alaskan Fish In The Cold
Cost Build-up The Price of Slumping Rebar Imports, Demonstrating s232 Risks
CMA-CGM Hopes Speed Beats COSCO’s Scale On Shanghai-LA Routes
111 Month High For U.S. Deficit, Olympics To Push It Further as Trump Ponders China
China Trade Boom Leaves Record U.S. Surplus That Cars and Oil Could Cut
Foot Locker Runs Down Imports, Tariffs May Stamp On Shoes
If NAFTA’s Free Of Metals Tariffs, Who Will Pay?

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Panjiva Daily: NAFTA clock ticks, the $29 billion energy swing and China’s too-big-to-succeed deal
Rail Fix The Price of Success As Wilmington Recovers From Hanjin Service Loss
Whiskey and Maize Are Europe’s Biggest Levers To Tackle Trump’s Tariffs
Lego Overbuilds Inventories, 2018 Recovery Starts Slowly

Monday, March 05, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Europe vs. Trump, a $1500 auto tax and bouncing box rates
America a New Target After Singapore Sucks in Chinese Gasoline
Rupert’s Rapid Rise Continues Canada’s Container Climb
Box Rate Bounce Ends, But Beats Bulker and Tanker Troubles
Xcoal, Blackhawk Could Pay Brazilian Coal Cost For Trump’s Metal Tariffs
Apple’s Airpod Follow-Up Faces Tough Market, Tariff Risks
EAEU Wheels Out Its First Case Against China
Imports Flood The Pipeline As Antidumping Meets National Security Duties
NAFTA Watch: Timing Is All As Round 8 May Be The Last, For Now
NAFTA Watch: Mutual Self-Interest in Energy Chapter Locking in $29 Billion Gas Swing
$1.1 Trillion Deal In China Government Sights, May Be Too Big To Succeed

Sunday, March 04, 2018

BMW, Tata Face $1500 Cost for Each 5% “Tax on Their Cars” By Trump

Friday, March 02, 2018

Panjiva Daily: Trump’s $9 billion tariff action, the ITC’s quiet month, and the KORUS crash ahead
Silicon Metal Dumped, Buyers Face 13% Cost Hike
General Motors Saves South Korea as Other Options Limited
Europe To Tackle Trump Tariffs With Safeguarding – Bolts, Pipes and Plates May Pay
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in February 2018

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Panjiva Daily: K+N joins its peers, Hapag-Lloyd best-in-class and Malmstrom needs the WTO
COSCO Shipping Increases Bet On China’s Surging Oil Product Exports
Quiet Month for ITC Petition Precedes Metal and China Tariff Storms
Imported Truck Record Arrives As Supply Chains Face Protectionist Risks
American Coffee Purchases Perk Up As Tea Drained
Tax Reform Enthusiasm May Hit Tariff Reality as U.S. Import Outlook Hits 11 Year High
Exemption Details Will Bedevil Trump’s $9 billion Metals Action
KORUS Crash Likely Undiverted By Five Year Low in Korea-U.S. Trade Surplus

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

China Beats Thai BPA Back, Mitsui and Mitsubishi Have The Bottle To Keep Buying
Fishy Timing, Big Opportunity in Vietnam’s Catfish WTO Case
Malmstrom’s Metal “Countermeasures” May Need WTO Support To Be Effective
Toyota and Mazda Lead Japanese Export Drive, Shippers’ Sea Battle Continues
Rough Start For Trade Outlook As The Year Of The Dog Begins
Hapag-Lloyd Hits a High, Has Room To Be More Aggressive
K+N Joins Peers With Great Revenues, Disappointing Profitability
Panjiva Daily: CMA-CGM’s need for speed, Ryder’s Mexican rides and China’s been foiled

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

China Keeps Chicken Out as Agricultural Trade Tensions Simmer
2008 High For U.S. Deficit Due To Capital Goods and Oil, Could Trigger Trump
China Foiled, Russia and Brazil Gain While Consumers Lose from Aluminum Case
Ryder Raises Rides for U.S.-Mexico Auto-Parts As NAFTA Uncertainty Looms
MMA Fight Between China and Japan Goes To A New Level
CMA-CGM Relies on Need For Speed in Asia-Americas Service as Volumes Slow
Huawei’s 5G Ambitions Begin as 4G Lurches Back To Life
Mexican Business Investment Leads To Largest Deficit On Record
U.S. Wants Better Log Logging From Peru, Chinese Flooring Demand Matters More
Panjiva Daily: Charleston’s music stops, the next national security review and Mitsubishi’s copper race

Monday, February 26, 2018

Qatar Gas Better Than Hoped, Faces Circumstances Beyond Its Control
Beantown’s Been Better as MSC Traffic Drops, Hapag-Lloyd Arrives
Trampolines Are For Exercise, Not Fun While Toys Might Become Political
Ownership-Secured EV Supply Chain Race Accelerates As Mitsubishi Goes for Copper
Conductors and Filters Could Be The Next Front in National Security Trade Reviews
Court Progress Could Take Shine Off Trump’s Solar Decision
Music Stops for Charleston as Volumes Fall Despite Hapag-Lloyd’s Big Ship Deliveries
Panjiva Daily: Sanctions and surpluses, Mexico’s leverage and China’s pollution problem

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Arcelor and Thyssen’s Brazilian Mills Should Steel Themselves For Disappointment
Mexican Metals Leverage Could Foil s232 Review, Spill Over Into NAFTA Talks
Cracks Appear in Europe’s Export Boom As German and British Sentiment Slips
Mercosur-Canada Deal Will Have a Big, Agricultural Hill to Climb

Saturday, February 24, 2018

DPRK Shipping Sanctions Matter Less Than a 3.4x Leap in China’s Trade Surplus

Friday, February 23, 2018

BAIC Cooks Up A Mexican Factory After Initial Export Success
Six Year High For Global Trade Growth Set To Continue, For Now
Chinese Container’s Stellar Start to 2018 May Just Be A Calendar Catch
Tangshan Pollution Limits Have Outsize Steel Export Impact, s232 Will Matter More
Panjiva Daily: Agri-vation for NAFTA, SeaTac’s tough 2018 and Matson slips as liners soar

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Biodiesel Lesson For America’s “Friends” In Solar and Steel Cases
Hand Truck Deliveries Prove Legitimate in Europe, U.S. Should Consider a Case
Commerce Doesn’t Have to Stretch To See Merit in Rubber Band Case
Indian Solvent Case Doesn’t Solve Import Problem, Chinese Supplies Set Record
NAFTA Watch: Agri-vation, Metal Mayhem to Join Origin-al Problems as Round 7 Looms
Matson Slips as Container-Lines Soar, Jones Act May Prove a Hinderance
SeaTac’s Tough 2018 Start May Get Tougher as Shippers Consolidate
Panjiva Daily: K+N confident on containers, Hanwha’s haymaker and Mexican rail blockades

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hanwha Q-Cells Made Hay While The Sun Shined, Dawn Up To WTO
Apple Looks For Cobalt as Chinese Imports Climb 3.4x
Quanta Phone Network Exports Surge Ahead of Mobile World Congress
K+N Takes Confident Stance on Container-Lines, Cuts Exposure to Hapag-Lloyd
Rail Blockades Hurt Mexican Auto Supply Chains, Could Be Worse Under NAFTA 2.0
Hoegh Up, Wallenius Down In U.S. Car Carrier Share as EC Applies Fines
Panjiva Daily: Maersk’s eastern option, metals retaliation risks and Savannah’s slowdown

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Strong Jets, Disciplined Ships Lead Expeditors To Beat Its Peers
ONE Will Be Number One in Savannah, Though Regional Growth Is Slowing
Ethanol Tariffs in Europe No Block to Surging U.S. Exports
PNG LNG Quandary for Exxon and Total As Chinese Imports Soar
American Bolts and Plates Could Pay The Price For Chinese s232 Retaliation
Maersk Could Look East For Its Next Deal, But Faces Pricey Options
Panjiva Daily: Trump’s metal opportunity in 5 charts, UPS down in Virginia and Sanyo’s solar surge

Monday, February 19, 2018

Japan Has China To Thank for Export Boom, U.S. Relations Still a Problem
ITC Unplugs SA and Ukraine Wire Rod Exports, But 232 Complications Await
COSCO May Be Called on To Echo Hyundai MM as China’s Shipyards Exports Slump
“Fast Toys” May Be Difficult To Achieve With Seaborne Shipping Reliance
5 Things You Need To Know About President Trump’s Metal Opportunity
Sanyo Joined The Solar Surge Ahead of Japan Filing a Section 201 Appeal

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Inflating Inflation, Depressed Port Data Indicates Another Deficit Surge Lies Ahead
UPS Down in Virginia, Exports Have Worst Month Since 2009

Friday, February 16, 2018

Post-Carnival Brazilian Bean Party Could Get Rowdier if China Blocks America
Chinese Evasion May Be The Least Of The Hardwood Plywood Industry’s Problems
Panjiva Daily: GSP-Lite for Trump, Trudeau in India and CH Robinson Crushes Expeditors in Cali

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Odfjell Not The Odd One Out As Tanker 4Q Disappointments, 2018 Hopes, Continue
Resurgent January for Containers Doesn’t Mean China’s Dog Will Leap
Consumers Lose as Soil Pipe Fitting Costs Rise Due To Import Case
Apple Ponders Supplier Switch as Chinese Memory Chip Imports Hit a Record
HIT Shows The Way With Automation, Challenges are Labor and Capacity Need
Constellation and Heineken Benefit From Mexican Beer Boom, Face NAFTA Risks
Trudeau’s India Trade Trip May Slip On Peas and Other Tariffs
“Make in India” Preemption Drives Trade Deficit to 2013 High
COSCO and CH Robinson Crush MSC and Expeditors in Slower Cali Container Market
GSP-Lite May Be The Way Ahead for President Trump, Eventually

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

LOOP Set To Turn Oil Flows Around As Energy Independence Beckons
“Make In India” May Drive Ford and Fiat To Local Parts Production
South Korea Prods the Eagle Once More With Steel, Power WTO Case
Dell Set To Buck a Dull American PC Market That Saw Falling Imports in January
Asian Geopolitics Drives Trump’s Curious Calm on Vietnamese Trade
Venezuela’s Pain is Britain’s Gain as U.S. Oil Purchases Start To Shift
Belt and Road Rail Surge Supported by Cars, One Third Growth Expected in 2018
Food Fight May Spread to Corn and Rice as Well As Beans and Sorghum

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

MISC Continues Tanker Revenue Disappointments, Writedowns Indicate Slow Recovery
Hyundai MM Continues To Invest Even As Sales Drop, Profits Fall
Ribbon Case Not A Big Deal, But Tied Into Worsening China-U.S. Relations
The Steel Pipe That Might Break The Chinese Trade Camel’s Back
No More Soft Toys, But Plenty of Chocolate for Valentine’s and Easter
Singapore Slips On Oil, Gets Carried Away By Containers
NAFTA Watch: Hawks Gather In The Northern Forests
Land of Nod Wide Awake Even As Night Falls For Its Stores
CMA-CGM, COSCO and Maersk Show 3 Stages of Mergers’ Effect on Competition

Monday, February 12, 2018

10 Billion Yuan Deal Helps Guangxi Exports, Pacific International’s Shipping Growth
Cheniere Signs Petrochina Ahead Of China-U.S. Trade Battle
Scotch Whisky Pours Into China, But Irish and Mexican Competitors Loom in America
Drug Import Costs Already Falling As Trump’s Advisors Call For Trade Policy Solution
Brazilian Shipping Needs More Than Day-to-Day Competition to Be Competitive
K+N Steps Back as Kerry and Orient Express Grab Booming U.S. Market

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Improving CEVA’s IPO Beckons, But Deal With a Competitor Possible Too
South Africa’s Shipping Surge Still Has Few Liner Choices

Friday, February 09, 2018

NAFTA Watch: Mexico Concedes Need For Auto ROO Change, Industry Not Yet Worried
China Fruit Boom Leaves Out Europe But Tastes, Not Logistics, May Be To Blame
EU Duties Drill Into Chinese CORE Steel Exports
Remington Set To Unload Finance While Weapons Imports, Checks Decline
Panama’s Transit Drop, Smaller Diversion Effect Marks Slow Start to 2018

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Is THE-Plus The Answer To Tackle Maersk in Brazil?
American Imports Start 2018 With an 8% Bang, Tariff Barrage Yet To Be Seen
Hasbro Has Less Force After Importing Too Much Too Soon
Malaysia May Get a Hand from Indonesian Palm Oil Rules
Washers Finish Cycle, Solar Panels Fade in January as Trump’s Tariffs Bite
Maersk Mostly Avoids Competition Trap, Container-Line Discipline Still Needed
East Coast Ports’ Flying Start in 2018 Faces Automation Risk Later in Year
DSV Delivers, XPO Gives to Get But Consolidation Is The Question

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

NAFTA Watch: Trudeau Should Visit Tennessee Not Cali on Campaign Tour
Make in India Blowback May Be Televised as Sony, Samsung Cut Back Panel Imports
China Kicks Out Indian Pesticide Precursor, Which Heads to America Instead
Apple’s X Effect Suggests Strong Start to 2018 Smartphone Shipments
Virginia Starts Capacity Lift, ONE and COSCO May Challenge Hapag for Supremacy
China Import Surge Can’t Stop Surplus With U.S. Hitting Another Battle-Baiting Record
Tesla May Follow Toyota in Going Straight to The Source for Lithium
Late Call For Phones May Just Be Pre-Tariff Dash In India
Soybean Entree May Follow Sorghum Starter as China Ponders Food Trade Fight

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Acer Spin-offs Expose Tough PC and Display Business, China Tariff Risks
India Seeks To Crush Chickpea Imports, Australia Has Most to Lose
Longi Takes Shorter Route to Access Indian Solar Power Market
Canada’s Record Imports Won’t Stop Another Round of NAFTA Stats Arguments
China Joins South Korea and Taiwan in Washer, Solar Complaint as Imports Fall
House Heparin Supply Chain Worries Confirmed by U.S. Import Drop, China Export Surge
Solar Glass Case Fits “Make In India”, Should Be Aimed At China, Not Malaysia
Housekeeping HamSu Cuts Jacksonville Service as Venezuela Wanes
Record Deficit Gives President Trump Reason to Act, Against China

Monday, February 05, 2018

Nissan’s Growing Popularity in China Shown By Imports, Absorbed Locally
A Curious Comeback as Bon-Ton Reaches Chapter 11
Tillerson Returns to Venezuela Oil Threats, Which May Prove Ineffective
Nehru’s New Terminal May Be Undermined by Modi’s New Tariffs
China Tightens North Korea Sanctions, $1.6 billion Surplus Financing A Question
Coke and Coors Could Pay for Post-Crash Trump Trade Action
PONY Trots to 2017 Record, COSCO Catching Hapag-Lloyd, Which Caught Maersk

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Sorghum May Be Stuck With China-U.S. Trade Relations Pain
Baltimore Competition for MSC May Heat Up as New Cranes Arrive
NAFTA May Chew Through K+N’s Chattanooga Service Rationale
Rupert Shows Montreal That Even Grand Capacity Plans Can Be Rapidly Used Up

Friday, February 02, 2018

BMW, Daimler May Need to Cut Prices as Chinese Independent Retailers Get Boost
Sinopec’s VLCC Shift As Chinese Fuel Exports Reach Record Levels
Honda Higher, Daimler Down as U.S. Imported Auto Sales Inch Ahead
Few Jobs On The Water as Truckers Trundle on and Couriers Accelerate

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Coffee Trade Perks Up At Year End of 2017, Mexican Producers Face Risks in 2017
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in January 2018
EU Blocks Iron Imports as Chinese Suppliers Cast About for New Customers
Jaitley Seeks To Grow Indian Exports Beyond Iranian Rice, American Shrimps
Fast Start to Dumping Petitions in 2018 as New Cases Come Down the Pipe
Boxes Beat Bulkers as Oil Rally Drags Fuel Costs, But Not Tankers, Higher
Taiwan Joins South Korea in WTO Complaint, Reasoning Not Clear
KORUS Busy, Going Nowhere as Korean Trade Surplus Hits 2011 Low
UPS Overcooks During the Holidays, Watch Out for Competition in 2018
Unsynchronized Expectations Put Global Trade Growth At Risk

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Boston Pays The Price for MSC’s Rapid Route Realignment
Aston Martin Seeks Add-Vantage in China
K-Line and NYK Provide Disappointing Start to Container-Line Earnings Season
First Call for Last Orders in Global Trade Growth?
Prospects for Dog Year in Exports as Chinese Expectations Turn Negative
Stolt Nielsen Cautious For Future, Doing OK For Now
Maersk’s Service Redesign Could Transform South American Trade, Market Share
Could Israel and Panama Fall Foul Of Trump’s “Fix Bad Trade Deals” Pledge?
British Beef, Cars and Ports May Provide Routes to Closer China Trade Ties
CH Robinson Bests Nippon Express For Revenues, Both Deliver on Margins

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

MSC Overhauls Hapag-Lloyd as Houston Heads Higher
Maersk May Slim Its Port-folio Further, COSCO Shipping an Active Buyer
Nissan’s Tough End to 2017 Could Become a Difficult 2018 as NAFTA Rules Change
More Energy, Cheaper Drugs and Better Deals Factor In Trump’s State of Trade
Finding Trump’s Next Appliance Targets – Fridges, Stoves and Vacuum Cleaners
NAFTA Watch: Die Another Day After Appointment Made, Auto Compromise Missed

Monday, January 29, 2018

Chinese Scrap Limits Hurt Cardenas, Take Gloss Off Mexican Ports’ Stellar 2017
NAFTA Watch: R&D Weighting and Not Waiting for Elections Could Save NAFTA
Life Support for Medical Devices Brings “Make in India” To $18 Billion
Waste Industry’s $22 Billion Problem as China Restricts Scrap Imports
Another Chinese Cast Iron Case in The Pipeline
Proof of Optimism Needed as ONE Kicks Off Liners’ 4Q Reports
President Trump’s State of the Union in Trade Is…

Sunday, January 28, 2018

French Trade Sentiment Hits Pre-Crisis High as Brexit Talks Progress
CMA-CGM Buys Brazilian Ports, Has to Tackle Maersk and MSC’s Carrier Share

Friday, January 26, 2018

Sunpower Hopes to Torch Trump’s Tariffs
$71 Billion Reasons for President Trump To Accelerate Tariff Implementation
Unmoored Mines Could Accelerate Panama and Rail Shift Risk For Suez Canal
Record Mexican Energy Imports May Not Defuse NAFTA Tensions
Boeing Beaten By Bombardier, But May Get Salve of Canadian F/18 Order

Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Record for Global Trade as Annualized Growth Hits Six Year High
America Takes Made-in-Russia to the WTO, Beans and Drills Could Benefit
West Ain’t Best as COSCO Comes to Dominate Pacific Coast Shipping
CIT CORE Ruling Shows It Ain’t Over Even When It’s Over
Turning Tankers Hoped For as Euronav Delivers Positive Surprise
Make-in-India Tariffs Could Spoil Modi’s ASEAN Charm Offensive

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Shipbuilders Reach $75 Billion in 2017, South Korea Leads by May Falter in 2018
Destabilized Stabilization Agreement Toppled, Opens Door for Competition and Deals
Cali’s 19 Million TEU Year Led by Ever-Expanding COSCO Shipping
Gas-OPEC of Little Interest for U.S. Gas Exports, Chinese Politics a Growing Risk
Höegh Has Heightened Ambitions For Car Carriage, West Coast Calls Needed
UPS, Maersk and Chinese Toy Suppliers Most Exposed to Toys’R’Us Restructuring
Bombardier Tariff Offtake Will Need Dispute Panel Solution as Politics Loom
Japan’s CPTPP Gains Could Lose to Mexico’s NAFTA Pains

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Trudeau’s Primary Trade Focus In India – Be Less Primary Goods Focussed
Rail Could Be The Way for North American Supply Chains as Trucking Worries Weigh
Teekay Calls For Cash, Profit Recovery Conditions Yet To Be Seen
Washer Wars! Korea Seeks $711 Million in WTO Remedies And Ponders 201 Complaint
Australian Wines Pour Into China, Facing Competition from France
Bacardi Tops Up With Tequila as Patron Catches Up with Cuervo
Modi Ready to Power Up Protectionism, Utilities May Pay the Price

Monday, January 22, 2018

No Easy Options for President Trump in Executing The Aluminum 232 Case
Philly Could Be Running Near Empty as Oil Imports Slowed Before Chapter 11 Filing
Savannah Beat Charleston in 2017 As Hapag-Lloyd and MSC Lead Volumes
201 Down, 6 To Go as President Trump Takes His First 2018 Trade Actions
Hospitals Build Their Own Supply Chains Even As Most Drug Costs Fall
Iraq’s Drought Pain Provides New Market Opportunity for American Grain
Panjiva Discussions: Global Trade Policy Outlook for 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

CPTPP Focus on Canada Misses NAFTA Conflict, Mexican Needs
New Orleans New Terminal Will Need Renewed Growth, 2M Cooperation
Stampede Started, Drive Needed as Japan-U.S. Trade Talks Continue
Nintendo Relies on Cardboard To Renew Switch Growth as Xbox Expansion Returns
NAFTA Watch: Autos Matter Most for Success, Automakers Don’t Appear Worried Yet
5 Policy Controversies Flowing Into One Pipeline Investigation

Friday, January 19, 2018

Seattle’s Grungy Year Ends With a Small Export Expansion

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hapag-Lloyd’s 2018 “Started Well”, Discipline on Pricing and Cost Cutting Needed
NAFTA Watch: Railroads Warn Termination Could “Haunt Trump Politically”
SM Line Needs New Friends for Trans-Pacific Aspirations
Star Wars Sales Lose Force, Solo Will Require Two Freighter Runs
Trump at 1: 26 Trade Actions But The Deficit Keeps Rising
JB Hunt Starts Freight 4Q With Margin Disappointment, Competition Worries Remain
One China Compliance Complicates Taiwan’s Food Export Growth
CMA-CGM, COSCO Win the Battle for Charleston as 2M Loses Ground
TV Tariffs May Be Leverage for U.S. To Bring Vietnam to the Negotiating Table

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Trump’s “Not Sustainable” Call to Xi Could Lead to Action on Metals, Plastics
South Africa Clears ONE, Big Pink Now Has Rationalization Work To Do
Alcoa’s Supply Optimism Doesn’t Preclude Protectionism In 2018
Lucky 13 For Russia’s Commodity Boom That Faces Steel Tariff Roulette
King Coal’s Reign Returning as Export Orders Start To Flow
The Opportunity For President Trump To Go Nuclear on Trade

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

AT&T Faces No Huawei Option for Phone Equipment as China Falls Out Of Favor
Toyota Goes Mining to Beat Chinese Auto Competitors to New Lithium Sources
Venezuela Starves Even As Oil Exports Are Worth Over 35x Food Imports
Americans Can Pig Out On Mexican Pork as USDA Lifts Import Restriction
American Farmers Worry About Russian Wheat – Mexican Buyers Are The Bigger Risk
Gothenburg’s Slump Raises a Red Flag for Port-o-Mation Strategies

Monday, January 15, 2018

Oil Record Will Only Become An Export Record With Trade Policy Patience
America Wants Relaxed Japanese Rules to Continue Beef’s Export Stampede
Lego Set for Growth With Tencent as Imports Build To A Record
India’s Trade Oil Fuelled Export Growth Offsets Sickly Pharma Performance
COSCO Shows China Port Activity Remains Robust, Rail The Next Challenge
Steel Sanctions Could Complicate KORUS Conversations

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Container Rates Start 2018 With A Bang, 8% Fizzle Will Be Later This Year
Evergreen Goes Large(r), May Need to Scrap To Maintain Profitability

Friday, January 12, 2018

South African Box Handling Rises 6% in 2017, CFTA Could Bring More in 2018
Korea Shipping Resolution Needed As Hyundai MM – SM Line Relations In Doubt
China’s Trade Boom Slows, But Export Growth May Still Draw American Protectionism
Ikea May Need to Assemble A Different Supply Chain If Trump Acts on China Tariffs
Unsurprising Aluminum Decision Is Already Drawing In Higher Sheet Imports

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cemex Helps Tampico Upturn as Steel Weighs on Altamira and Cardenas
Macron’s China Trip Provides Points of Principle, Few Deals for Airbus or Areva
NAFTA Watch: Magna International, Already Struggling, Faces a “Lose-Lose-Lose”
Panama Canal Outpaced Suez in 2017, More to Come in 2018 as Rail Threat Looms
Supply Chain Skill Matters More Than Detroit Show Flash for Electric Vehicle Success
Trump Won’t Take It To the Wire On Steel Action, But Could Take It To Steel Wire
NAFTA Watch: Red Lines and Red Herrings as Trump Leaves Door to Delay Open
Hapag-Lloyd Leads Virginia’s New Handling Record in 2017
Steamships Need Tie-ups as MSC, Maersk Lose Share to CMA-CGM, Hapag-Lloyd

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

CES 2018: Lenovo Needs to Miix It Up As U.S. Imports Lag Dell, HP Inc
Toyota and Mazda Head to Alabama, Cutting NAFTA Risk and Imports (Eventually)
Groundwood Paper Grinds to a Halt as Commerce Decides on Small Part of Case
NAFTA Watch: Mexico Isn’t Going Soft on ROOs, Just Recognizing The Rise of EVs
Global Freight Surges Ahead in November as Tailwinds Help Sea and Air Carriers
NAFTA Watch: Did Canada Just Blow Up NAFTA With a Self-Defeating Technicality?
Forwarder Consolidation Still Needed After Record 2017 Volumes
American Imports Set To Finish 2017 With Another Increase as Prices Rise

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

CES 2018: TV Supply Chain Stretched by Larger, Later Sets
CES 2018: Samsung Diversifies as Chip Shipments Surge
Mexican Trucks’ Wonder Year Faces NAFTA Niggles in 2018
Nippon Express Joins K+N and Hyundai MM on the China Rail Bandwagon
CES 2018: Kodak’s Blockchain Move a New Solution to an Old Problem
Houston Leads as U.S. Port Handling Delivers Record 27 Million TEUs in 2017

Monday, January 08, 2018

NAFTA Watch: Could Canada Be Better Off Out Than In?
70 Month Deficit Record Raises Questions for Trump: If Not Now Then When? If Not China Then Who?
Macron’s China Wins Could Include Deals for Airbus, Peugeot and Railfreight
Trump May Call for Whole-of-Government Push As Military Jet Exports Hit 2012 Low
“Ship Later” Strategies At Work as Seaborne Imports Rise 4% in 2017
CES 2018: Huawei Needs a Different Way Into The U.S. as AT&T Balks
Colombia Aims to Retain a Peace Dividend Flattered by Weak Oil and Coffee Competitors
Flanges Fly as Case is Delayed Ahead of Trump Action on Steel
GoPro Gone as Discounts Needed, Supply Chain Data Showed Early Woes
Coffee Industry’s Dark Time May Be About to Perk Up
Hyundai, Samsung Limit U.S. Room for Maneuver in KORUS Update Talks

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Tighter Sanctions Not Yet Biting Into China’s $1.5 billion Surplus With North Korea
2018 Outlook: The View from Panjiva’s CEO
2018 Outlook: 8 Issues to Watch in Global Supply Chains
K+N Looks East, Would Compete with Panalpina and DSV For Deals

Friday, January 05, 2018

Record Month for Chinese Phones and Servers Faces Spectre, Meltdown Risk
Ports The New Home of Jobs Growth as Trucking, Couriers Slow
2018 Outlook: 5 Black Swan Risks for Global Supply Chains
CES 2018: TV and Smart Speaker Exports Surge as Connected Home Languishes

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Hyundai Hurries as U.S. Auto Sales Slow Ahead of KORUS Talks
Seeds of Trump’s Tax Reform to Bear Fruit of Rising Deficit as Import Sentiment Soars
Indian Sugar Tariffs Bring Sour Taste to RCEP, BTIA Talks
10% Jump in American Car Sales in South Korea Unlikely to Relieve KORUS Pressure
Lack of Fear Factor, Import Data Suggest U.S. Gun Sales May Continue to Drop in 2018
KORUS Today, Pain Tomorrow as Korean Trade Surplus Remains High Despite Falling
2018 Outlook: Disruption Matters From Blockchain to Port-o-Mation and Cybersecurity
American LNG Opportunity in India Wanes as GAIL Pulls Vessel Plans

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

India May Join America in Restricting Solar To Help Domestic Industry
RCEP May Be a Better Target Than TPP For Post-Brexit Britain
Chinese Chemicals Producers Unlikely to Dye Because of India Trade Case
Trump’s Pakistan Actions May Eventually Impact Adidas and Walmart
Cold Snap Increases Attraction of U.S. to International Oil, Domestic LNG Suppliers
Trade Boom Set To Continue As Chinese Sentiment Reaches Highest Since 2012
Trump May Renew GSP, India Could Miss Out
Space Supply Chain Isn’t Just Rocket Science For Orbital ATK and SpaceX
2018 Outlook: Discipline and Mergers Needed to Ensure Shipping Profits Recover

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Container-Lines Had A Tough 4Q After Rates End Down For The Year
2018 Outlook: Watch Out for More Consolidation in Logistics
2018 Outlook: Three Marine Modal Battles to Watch

Monday, January 01, 2018

2018 Outlook: President Trump’s Seven Options For Action

Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Outlook: NAFTA – January or Bust
Unfestive Ribbon Case Wraps Up 2017 Surge in Trade Petition
Groundwood Case Grinds to a Halt, Avoiding NAFTA Nastiness
Butanol Case is Business as Normal Rather Than A Trade War Signal
2018 Outlook: The Alphabet of Global Trade Deals

Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Review: What We Got Wrong, And Why
2017 Review: Industrial Supply Chains in 12 Most Read Research Reports

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 Review: Logistics in 12 Most Read Research Reports

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Review: U.S. Trade Politics in 12 Most Read Research Reports

Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 Could Be The Brightest Year Since 2011 For Trade, 2018 Looking Cloudier

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Kazakh Customs Fix Needed To Unleash China Rail Trade Potential
Bombardier Jet Case Continues On Its Path, Plenty More Flying Time To Come
Tough Times for Tankers Push Euronav And Gener8 Together
Trade Action Stations Ahead as Ports Data Indicates 14th Deficit Rise on Horizon
2018: The Year of Good Intentions as Yoga Outpaces Running
Optimistic End to Sweden’s Logistics Year After Strike and Vodka Hangover
UN Sanctions Need to Address the $1.4 billion North Korea Trade Finance Question
Americans Raising More Glasses These Holidays, Tequila The Winner
Tighter Bean Rules May Be China’s New Year Message For Trump

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Houston’s Humming, Tougher Trump Could Change the Tune
Hyundai MM Goes Large(r), May Need Closer Alliance Deals as Well as Vessels
Trump’s Critical Mineral Order May Need “Hard Buy” As Well As Domestic Mining
Thailand’s Trade Tear Hits 16th Month, Regulatory Risks Ahead
Bon-Ton’s Financial Fail Follows Sudden Surge in Imports
Nintendo Sets a Higher Score, May Not Have Cleared the Final Level
Spotting The Sweet Opportunities to Drive Sales From China’s Tariff Cut Commitment

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Maersk Hangs Back in Brazilian Boom Month As MSC Grabs Share
85 Miles and 37% Apart, Charleston Beats Savannah for New China Traffic
Greenyard’s Dole Bid Isn’t Bananas But May Be About Diversification, Not Growth
SeaTac Proves Far From Sound After Further Loss of Share to Canada
Ocean Alliance Adds Bigger Boats to Deal With Success, Further Development Needed
Phones Looking Less Smart After Trade Slumps, Apple Phases iPhone

Monday, December 18, 2017

COSCO Shanghai and Hong Kong Show Limits of Asia’s Trade Bounty
NAFTA Watch: Round 5.5 Wrapped Up in ROOs
THE Alliance Inches Ahead in First Year, Adds New Routes for Second
Worst Month In A Decade For Shipbuilders Doesn’t Mean Bad Times Ahead
Japan’s Ending The Year With A Bang, More Noise To Follow
Trump Already Has Global Trade Tactics To Go With His National Security Strategy
Has Lego wrapped up The Holidays from Mexico?
India Prepares to Expand in Solar, Import Duties Are Possible

Sunday, December 17, 2017

KORUS Conversations Ready To Start, Autos The Only Word That Matters
Container Rates Pass Negative Benchmark as Transpacific Routes Prove Far From Stable
First Shot in 2018’s Trade War? China Cuts Metal Export Tariffs Before U.S. 232 Decision

Friday, December 15, 2017

India Brings Old Fashioned Protectionism To Encourage New Technology Manufacturing
Tax Weight Lifting from Indian Exports, Apparel Still Struggling

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hyundai MM Finds Rail the Best Way to Europe, Tackling K+N and Ceva
NAFTA Watch: State Governors Step Up, Michigan Has Much to Lose
Could Croatia Pay The Price For Netanyahu’s Teva Request?
An Unwelcome Trade Gift Awaits Trump as Import Inflation Indicates Deficit Gain
Deal Needed, But Unlikely Soon, To Keep Britain Great in China
China-South Korea Deal Could Help THAAD-Hit Malaysian Cocoa Farmers
Chinese Shipbuilding Off The Bottom, Tough 2018 Ahead
Hapag-Lloyd May Need California Edge To Beat MSC in Mexican Market
Last Chance for Last Jedi Missed As Merchandise Imports Slump

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Will Ross Preempt KORUS With A Self-Initiated Autos Investigation?
WTO Watch: EU and Japan Hand Trump a Stick to Beat China With
Surging Activity Doesn’t Mean Cali’s Healthy as Fires Rage
Singapore Soars While Becoming More Reliant on Pacific Basin Routes
WTO Watch: The Unintended Consequences of a Missed Opportunity
Maersk Leaves Ineffective TSA, Future May Be Limited Anyway
India The New Prize for American LNG as Cheniere’s Corpus Christi Awaited

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Boks’ Box Boom Over, MSC and Maersk Most Exposed
EU Excise Worries May Make Trade Aspect of Tax Reform More Attractive to Trump
Charming Charlie’s Troubles Visible Since February in Supply Data
Shanghai Handling Record Leads Chinese Container Surge, Though Rate Is Slowing
WTO Watch: India vs. America Matches Food Security vs. Trade Policy
Yang Ming’s Express Service Seeks to Build Share in $22 Billion Lane
Panjiva Discussions: NAFTA – Deal, or No Deal? Webinar and Q&A
Trump’s Energy Independence Hope Grows Closer as American Oil Exports Triple

Monday, December 11, 2017

Stevedores’ Payrolls Return to Growth While Warehouses Beat Bikes
Expeditors’ Cuts Volumes as Tax-Reform Driven Competition Looms
Oakland Felled as Port as Export Handling Drops 10%
Autonomous Port May Not Alleviate Shanghai’s Congestion Woes
Apple Needs A Little Help From Its Frenemies To Secure Indian Parts Duty Deferral
Maersk Lags in U.S. Share, Joins COSCO and ONE In Facing Post-Deal Challenge

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Maersk’s Pressure Pockets, Positive Fundamentals Come As Container-Rates Droop
Lackluster Exports Nearly Break Virginia’s 9 Month Growth Run
Evergreen May Shoot Ahead as Taiwan’s Trade Activity Surges
Panama Continues Battle with Suez as Southeast U.S. Diversions Rise

Friday, December 08, 2017

Ford Shifts Supply Chain Once More as Mexican Exports Lag General Motors
Brexit Steps Ahead, EU Internal Position on New Trade Deal The Big Hurdle Now
China’s Trade Surge Brings Surplus vs. America to Record-Breaking $274 billion
Toy Supply Chains Face Failing Toys’R’Us, Mattel-Hasbro Deal and Lackluster Imports

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Nova Scotia Fishes For $2.1 billion China Opportunity
Steel Cheating Decision Made After Switch Visible For 26 Months
South Korea Goes Into Bat For Hanwha Q-Cells As Solar Tariffs Loom
Softwood Spat Done in U.S., But Not Over as Rot Starts To Set Into Exports
Long Beach Goes Further For Longer as U.S. Port Handling Surges 8% Higher
WTO Watch: WTO Doesn’t Need To Make Global Trade Great Again, It Already Is

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

SQM Ponders Lithium Projects as American Battery Buyers Lose Out
NAFTA Watch: Mexico’s “50-50” View Reflects Hawkish-Yet-Optimistic Stance
Samsung Heavy’s New Capital May Be Good For No-One In Shipping
Thailand Undermines RCEP Before It Even Begins, Nissan May Pay The Price
The Great U.S-Canada Dogfight Takes Another Barrel Roll
NAFTA Watch: The State of Play and The Future of Negotiations in 11 Charts
Apparel Unfolding, Protectionist Absence Drive 6% Seaborne Import Growth

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Hapag-Lloyd and K+N’s CO2 Commitment May Mean Hard Capacity Choices
NAFTA Watch: Canada’s Trade Recovery Belies Autos Slump, Hawkish Response Likely
Toyota Toys With U.S. Market As Auto Sales Outlook Dims
Xiaomi IPO Could Support Indian Strategy Shown By Its 195% Export Growth
Deficit Surge Raises Need For Urgency In Trump Trade Policy Action

Monday, December 04, 2017

Samsung Displays Vietnamese Growth Potential
Descending Airfreight Lags Box-Shipping’s Growth For a Second Month
Tankers Tank Once More as Rates Defy OPEC-Inspired Oil Surge
NAFTA Watch: Red Lines or Blood Trails? Canada’s Sticking Points
Xi-Trudeau Failure May Be a Matter of FTA Philosophy, Not Negotiation
CAT Looks To Extend 120% Overseas Auto Battery Sales Growth With New Factory
10 Most Read Panjiva Research Reports in November 2017
Holiday Cheers, Not Sneers, as Supply Chain Efficiency Means Decorations Arrive Late
Less Hard Luck for Hardwood as ITC Doesn’t Back-Date Duties

Sunday, December 03, 2017

South Korean Trade Growth Returns, KORUS Talks Not Back Yet
Global Trade Growth Looks Secure Even as U.S. Managers Become Less Positive
Small Sodium Case May Be Last of Year, or First of a New Rush
Dark End to The Year In Prospect for Container-Lines

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Busan Export Drop Leads Korean Port Activity to Lowest Growth Since February
Battery Battering Risk for Tesla as Potash Considers SQM Options
Container Freight in Rude Health as Global Port Growth Hits 18th Straight Increase
Houston Goes Large With One Fifth Jump in Container Handling
Small Sentiment Gain Suggests Chinese Export Boom Not, Quite, Over Yet
Hapag’s Target More Ambitious Than Maersk’s as Transformative Deals Progress
Fewer Shots in the Americano as Global Coffee Trade Dries Up
Trudeau Should Get Away From The Basics With China
Mexican Powers Up as Electricity Trade Reaches a Balance

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Yang Ming Offering Brings Maritime Sector 2017 Capital Raise to $7.1 billion
Tool Chests’ Open and Shut Case Not Quite Closed